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Sliding Partition Doors

Sliding partition doors are an excellent way to efficiently maximize the use of space, dividing space into multiple areas, or opening the space for full access to the entire area. Sliding partition doors consist of any combination of sliding walls and doors operating as sliding hanging room dividers.

To get the greatest detail and efficacy from your sliding partition doors it is advisable to use a sliding door model that is lightweight, heavily insulated for sound dampening and climate control, and so rigid so as not to warp, twist, bend, or otherwise fail.

Eco friendly Sing Core is the perfect sliding door substrate to create sliding partition doors which offers such features that can feature any available flat building material offering the flexibility and design characteristics to adapt to any space from industrial to ultra-elegance.

This is what contemporary architects and designers are investigating and discovering daily to offer their clients spectacular visualizations of large sliding door room dividers spanning floor to ceiling and wall to wall in style with elegance.

For modern door engineers, these sound deadening lightweight room dividers which are stronger than steel pound for pound make it much easier to accommodate in terms of shoring up the structure to support them, framing, and finding or designing the right hardware to operate such a work of art, and installation is a breeze.

As you see here, a succession of sliding partition doors can easily be hung to instantly transform one area into two adjoining spaces, while increasing separation by utilizing patented and patent-pending technologies to deliver sound proofing and unparalleled warp-resistance to keep your partition walls perfectly straight for 50 years.

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

Only sliding partition doors with Sing Core inside can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for fifty years. President and Inventor Peter Sing and his True Flat Team design each sliding partition door substrate to match the exterior surface material, the length, width, and thickness of the room dividers, as well as the application and location of the wall partitions.

This is to say that you your sliding room dividers could be designed in any way, using any available surface material, and be of any size, up to 40 ft. or more, and still be guaranteed not to warp or fail.

Sing says he builds his sustainable sliding doors to last for centuries, so guaranteeing them for 50 years is not an issue, and no other company can make such a claim on a lightweight, high strength, environmentally friendly door.

The largest door manufacturers in the world, and the most exclusive government, science, and military installations depend on Sing’s ability to deliver the goods on what was previously not possible at any cost. Even they admit, “There is no other way to do it.”

The Sing Core approach to sliding partition doors may not be for everyone, but for the most demanding jobs insisting on the best high precision (Sing’s core boasts +/- .006 in. tolerances) and high performance (ease of installation, perfectly straight, and extremely low maintenance over time) the most exclusive contemporary architects, designers, engineers, and project managers are insisting on having Sing Core inside their sliding room dividers.

Thanks to Sing’s core your sliding door room diver could be of any size and virtually never fail.

That’s why you can find Sing Core anywhere from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everywhere in between.

Unique Design Features

Now that you have access to the revolutionary new building material you can let your architectural ideas soar to new creative heights. You can include any lite cut outs for glass openings wherever you want, in any shape or size for that extra signature pizzazz.

You could essentially have a series of sliding French doors to make up your room dividers, if you so imagined, or any other configuration.

Let your creative juices flow.

Let Sing Core help bring your creative visualizations to life, whether your project includes sliding hanging room dividers or portable partitions of any size.

Submit a Price Quote today and let us help you out with all the details. Together we can make this happen.

Sliding Partition Doors Images

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Steel Sliding Doors

Steel sliding doors are a specialty of Sing Core’s utilization of patented and patent pending alternative steel manufacturing methods which empower architects, designers, and engineers to product the highest precision steel sliding doors that are lightweight, yet stronger than solid steel pound for pound.

Especially when combining steel & glass sliding doors, or creating large glass sliders, or steel sliding French doors. Thanks to inventor Peter Sing’s steel manufacturing methods extremely large sliding glass doors are no problem for steel sliding doors made with Sing Core inside.

This is a far more effective way to create steel top hung sliding doors of enormous size, even as large steel sliding doors specifically designed for the aviation industry, such as large hangar doors for aircraft. The light weight, extraordinary dimensional stability, and ultra-high precision (+/= .006 in. tolerance) cannot be matched by any other sustainable metal manufacturing method.

Regular use of large exterior steel sliding doors present problems over time, which are normally associated with the overall size and weight of the exterior steel doors which adds to the wear and tear of both the steel sliding door hardware, and the structure to which it is attached.

This same revolutionary technology is what makes steel patio doors with Sing Core inside so increasingly popular with high-end contemporary architects, modern designers, and elite metal fabricators across the United States as all sing’s sliding steel patio doors and steel sliding doors of any kind are proudly made in the USA, using locally sourced materials. So, if you’re looking for that steel sliding patio door that is unlike any of those other steel sliding patio doors, then you’ve come to the right place.

Steel barn doors are also top hung steel doors which are popular both indoors and outdoors. Contemporary interior designers and architects are specifying interior steel barn doors in various formats, such as stainless-steel barn doors, hot rolled steel barn doors, cold rolled steel barn doors, galvanized steel barn doors, and even diamond plate steel barn doors. Whether you’re in search of the best stainless steel sliding barn door or any other of the many types of steel sliding barn doors, your wish is our command.

Steel building sliding doors are very substantial providing safety and security for the invaluable contents of the most secure large metal buildings. In this instance industrial steel sliding doors provide added concerns of the steel sliding door engineers tasked with designing insulated large sliding doors which offer both sound deadening and climate control characteristics, which Sing’s core provides with integrity and style. This is creating a higher demand for acoustic steel sliding doors to meet the specific qualities often sought in sliding acoustic steel doors, and then some.

Whether in the hospitality industry of in hospitals, Sing’s bi-parting stainless steel sliding doors are fully customizable as each and every steel door is a one of a kind work of art designed and built as the perfectly sustainable steel sliding double door. And the only door of its kind which comes backed by Sing’s unparalleled,

50-year Guarantee

Regardless of your metal building system, Sing Core can provide you with the right custom steel sliding doors which meet the performance requirements of the most demanding commercial, agricultural, or industrial steel sliding door’s specifications.

It’s easy to say, “We’ve seen it all,” such as hydraulic doors of various sizes, types, and styles of any possible stainless-steel sliding door which is perfectly matched for the most discriminating commercial sliding door systems, no matter how large or complex.

Photos of Steel Sliding Doors

Steel Sliding Door Images


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Temporary Wall Panels

Temporary wall panels are an excellent way to take charge and become the master of your space of any size, or any environment. If you have large open spaces, these can easily be redesigned or divided in separate spaces quickly and easily using insulated Sing temporary wall panels.

For obvious reasons, inventor Peter Sing’s temporary wall panels are found mostly in the Greater New York area and are used primarily as insulated room dividers. Space is a premium commodity in this part of the country and Sing Core helps make the best use of available space.

Temporary wall panels can be a little tricky, so if you’re not the owner of the property, you need to be sure to check with the owner to see if it’s okay to erect wall dividers in your space, also there may be local building codes that may prevent you from using a room separator.

For those who are creative enough to exploit a loophole, while there may be local code restrictions for room partitions, or hanging room dividers, furniture is unrestricted. Many people are using Sing temporary wall panels as the backside of a bookcase by installing bookshelves on one side of the temporary wall panels. Now you have a bookcase, which is a piece of furniture which sits on the floor, and is not considered a wall, as long as it is not anchored to the ceiling.

That’s how you find Sing temporary wall panels installed in many buildings in the New York area providing more privacy and maximized use of available space as a DIY room divider bookcase built by the avid do-it-yourselfer, though some companies who specialize in New York room dividers, use Sing Core inside their temporary walls.

And if you have the bandwidth, in terms of excess wall space on either side of your opening, sliding room dividers, are an excellent way to open a full space and separate it into divisible space instantly. The sliding room dividers are always in place as the wall slides open or close on demand, perfect for a permanent installation. You see these in retail and entertainment space establishments around the New York area.

As portable room dividers, the most popular configuration in office settings in and around New York state appears to be hanging room dividers, where room dividers are hung side by side from commonly used and easily obtainable barn door hardware. Because temporary wall panels with Sing Core inside are so lightweight in comparison to other solid door core doors. The entire door, even outfitted with barn door hardware, can easily set in place or removed altogether by one person.

When not in use, they can be stored out of the way, to the side, or off-site. Then easily snapped into place and slidden back and forth to your heart’s content.

Then there are folding room dividers which consist of bi fold doors which are hinged together and fold atop each other to one side.

For years, Sing Core has been at the top of the top in the field of doors of magnitude, especially Pivot Doors, Sliding Doors, Pocket Doors, and Metal Doors of enormous size. Now you can have this same high-ranking technology inside your temporary wall panels, not just in New York, where we are very popular, but even in your hometown.

We serve the world with the only Eco-friendly insulated, lightweight, and high strength solutions built to last centuries without fail, but can be guaranteed for 50 years.

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Architectural Sliding Doors and Walls

JB Duke Hotel Doors Perfect Straight Light Weight Super HIgh StrengthNothing says “professional” like the unique quality of Sing Core’s patented custom architectural sliding doors and walls. When other manufacturers see our product, they wish they could provide the highest quality in terms of lightness, strength, and straightness that we deliver. Unfortunately for them, we must humbly say, our product is the better of the two.

Designed for High Budget Projects

By design, our panels work best for high budget projects that need something exceptional for their project. Our panels comes unfinished and potentially untrimmed, with the custom skin variety of your choice, ready for finishing and hardware.

Sometimes customers ask us, “should I use this panel in high-end 10+ million dollar house projects?” Our answer is yes!

When it comes to architectural doors of any variety, including sliding, pivot, carriage, moveable wall, hinge, or anything else.

Modern Solutions for Sliding Doors with Volume Based Pricing

With commitment to clean design, premium materials, and high quality craftsmanship in every architectural sliding door panel we manufacture to your specification.

Featuring monumental panels, the Sing Core door system allows for stackable or pocketed configurations with a practically unlimited numbers of panels.  With almost unlimited frame material choices, Sing Core samples complement any architectural style helping you meet the design goals and performance criteria of your project.

Sing Core offers our clients a range of options and materials for every type of high volume, medium volume, or low volume project. Along with our excellent customer service, we can guarantee your projects success.

Custom Size Patio Doors

We make doors of any size based on your specification. Architects, millworks, and contractors of all varieties can benefit from our flexible manufacturing methodology that excels where others fail and exceeds where others cannot!

Successful Client Relationships Begin with Mutual Satisfaction

In business, just like life, both parties must be happy after the interaction. That is why Sing Core operates under the philosophy of fair exchange. This is what we call “fair.”

To make sure you are left smiling after we are done, we offer an unprecedented and unparalleled 50-year structural guarantee on every professional level panel that we make. That way you and your clients have no fears of the future with our product. Should the unthinkable happen, we will replace your panel no questions asked once proved unworkable.

Find the Right Fit For Your Next Project

Sing Core knows that high end products required a wide variety of materials to be successful, and we have you covered. No matter whether you need:

  • Wood Stave: oak, alder, cedar, mahogany, teak, pine, fir, or anything else you can imagine
  • Wood Veneer: oak, alder, cedar, mahogany, teak, pine, fir, or anything else you can imagine
  • Metal: Cold Rolled Steel, Hot Rolled Steel, Aluminum, Copper, or anything else you can imagine
  • Formica: any color, glossy, matte, marker board, chalk board, or other

Find the Sing Core Panel that Best Meets Your Needs

Ordering with Sing Core is simple: just provide us with length, width, thickness, skin material, blocking requirements for you door, shipping destination, project budget, project timeline, and contact information. Then we get back to you quickly with a fair price on custom panels to meet you specifications. See our new C Series line of Affordable Barn Door and Sliding Closet Doors.

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Horizontal Sliding Wall Systems

Horizontal Sliding Walls (HSW) are by far the best way to divide any two adjoining spaces. In a minute you can have one or more well defined spaces and in the next, one-large open expansive space. Well-known among the architectural, engineering, and design industries HSWs can pose problems, especially for the larger horizontal sliding wall systems.

The premiere solution for dealing with any large spanning opening, sliding wall panels are the primary ingredient in effective horizontal and folding sliding wall systems.

In high end HSW Horizontal Sliding Wall Systems and FSW Folding Sliding Wall Systems, the most discerning clientele seeks more than just another way to either block a gaping hole or divide a large space into one or more sensibly usable areas.

This new generation of high-end user wants more than just a visual blockade. They want lightweight, multi-panel systems can span across a vast expanse while delivering added safety and security without having to worry about warping sliders.

Besides containment, they also desire climate control and sound deadening qualities which may not be offered by an off-the-rack horizontal sliding wall system.

Horizontal sliding walls can offer the end user many options and benefits when selecting sliding walls and sliding doors as components in the overall system. A custom horizontal sliding wall is an innovative development in approaching a multi-panel door system that can top hung from the ceiling or frame and/or can slide atop a single channel track which can be recessed into the floor.

Other options include movable wall systems with stacking wall panels in folding sliding systems, and can be architecturally specified in pocket door, sliding wall, and sliding bypass formats, resulting in horizontal sliding wall solutions that make your life easier than before.

Clients want a sliding door or wall system that is both offers convenience and automation in their movable wall systems. Due to the expansive options offered by using a horizontal sliding wall substrate, like Sing Core, sliding wall systems can be horizontal and folding sliding wall systems using this new generation of sliding wall panels.

Basically, a well-designed hand-crafted horizontal sliding wall and sliding door system can feature nearly a limitless number of configurations, and with the aid of Sing Core, your horizontal sliding walls can be of huge and enormous size (up to 50 ft tall or wide) without having to be concerned about difficulty of transport, installation, or failure over time.

Of the most demanding clientele including scientific, industrial, and military applications, soundproof wall systems, blast resistant horizontal sliding walls, or used as a horizontal sliding fire door system.

The spectrum of jobs where you find a Sing Core horizontal sliding wall (HSW) system range from sliding walls residential to United States military and space programs, like NASA, and everywhere in-between in high-end commercial or industrial sliding wall applications.

Your design can be brought to life using Sing’s Horizontal Sliding Units which are are custom-built to meet or exceed your end-user’s custom expectations.

Patented Sing Core is featured inside all Sing Horizontal Sliding Wall Systems which comprise multiple panel door systems that are lightweight, stronger than steel pound for pound and can be guaranteed not to warp for 50 years.

You can expect the highest customer satisfaction from your Sing reinforced HSWs in full floor to ceiling sliding panels. Depending on the operation and conditions of your ultimate project, the sliding doors can be custom-designed to be stored in shallow recessed pockets in walls to be fully concealed within a host cavity when open or not in use.

Sing also offers modular walls systems which can be assembled and disassembled on the fly at a fraction of the time necessary to build traditional drywall barricades.

Horizontal sliding wall systems are light enough to be operated by hand even if very large HSWs or can be automatically operable walls of individual panels which slide easily with the push of a button.