Beautiful Entertainment Center Built using Sing Core

Sing Core panels make amazing doors, but can also be used for numerous other purposes. Sometimes our panels are used to make doors, movable dividers, or furniture. In this instance, the homeowner used Sing Core for a custom, very unique entertainment center.

The Project

The customer’s project was a very intriguing request: a Sing Core panel to mount on rollers, like a sliding door, but with the intention to cover up a large TV when closed, then slide open to reveal the TV behind it. While Sing Core has made many different sliding doors to fit many different needs and designs, we’d never done so for an entertainment center like this.

The covering panel is 80 inches wide, 56.75 inches tall, and 1.75 inches thick. This would normally be an incredibly heavy piece, but with Sing Core’s patented honeycomb core it remains light and easy to use. In addition, the customer wanted to apply their own finish layer and skin to the panel, which meant the panel had to be delivered in perfect condition and ready to accept finishing work. In order to properly accept a skin layer, the panel needs to be incredibly flat and non-warped. If the panel ever does warp, not only could the skin fall off of it, but many other complications could arise. For example, the hardware used to mount the piece could fail, causing it to fall and injure someone or damage the TV behind it. When dealing with large and flat panels such as this, you really want to avoid warping, and by using Sing Core you can take that worry and toss it away.

The cover rolls along a top rail to reveal the TV hidden behind, and can then return using the same system. The nearby shelves slot in between wood boards and are backlit, adding to the incredible feel of the entertainment center. This classy addition to the room is truly one of a kind, and certain to start a conversation with anyone who sees it.

Sing Core Furniture

Sing Core panels have been used to make a wide variety of furniture pieces, including tables, desks, beds, and more. Using our product as your building material for furniture grants the standard Sing Core benefits, making the piece incredibly strong, long lasting, and lightweight. Normally building a sturdy bunk bed would make it difficult to move and assemble, given the heavy and bulky lumber needed. By using Sing Core panels, you significantly reduce the end weight of the furniture, while still keeping it sturdy and strong.

Sing Core furniture can be seen in many different applications and places. The Seattle Center for Architecture and Design uses desks and tables made from Sing Core, and those particular units have been around for over 7 years now. Several companies use displays made from Sing Core panels at trade show booths, as well as for other selling venues. We even use Sing Core furniture in our own offices!

If you’re thinking about building a custom piece of furniture or a beautiful entertainment center such as this, consider using Sing Core for guaranteed quality and only the best results.