Professor William Mackay Miller, 2012

-Teacher, Scoutmaster, Veteran, Friend.

Professor William Miller was a very kind and brilliant man. In his 88 years, he served as a radio decoder in China in WWII, received his PHD in Civil Engineering from WSU, taught at UW for 32 years as a professor of civil engineering. He was a great parent, scoutmaster, lecturer, and friend. In his spare time and in retirement he spent his time in his extensive wood and metal shop creating many treasures.

He made many friends and long-lasting relationships, including being a Scoutmaster for Bill Gates. But none were as special as his relationship with Peter Sing and his SingCore inventions. William provided excellent advice and was a great educator to Peter. William was shocked of the strength and lightweight qualities. After performing test on SingCore Beams, he was blown away at its shear strength and structure support with use of renewable fibers. Peter and him because very close family friends in the years to follow.








William was loved and is missed by all of his family, friends and previous students.

Thank you William.