You want them. They’re so impressive. They’re nearly impossible to get or have custom-built, and those extra wide exterior doors look magnificent when they are expertly designed and installed, only to disappoint at the following change of weather, because those extra wide exterior doors are likely to fail not long after installation.

What are you going to do?

If you find a custom millwork who is brave enough to build your extra wide exterior doors, it is certain they will have you sign a waiver of exclusion from any standard warranty they might offer on any of their other work on your project (which is normally a year). This is common for any unconventionally wide doors.

As all experienced millworks and custom door manufacturers know, a wide door is going to present problems for door warp. It’s simply the nature of the building materials which will move according to changes in the environment. Especially for extra wide external doors because one side faces the interior and the other faces the elements. This is a certain recipe for failure.

When the temperature is different on either side of the door, it will move. When it rains, or sunlight falls directly on the door, change in barometric pressure, just about any change will cause the door to move.

This is accepted as a standard in any type of door. In fact the AWI standard for a regular-sized door is to allow up to ¼” movement for any door up to 7 ft. tall and 3-and-a-half ft. wide to be considered “normal.” All door hardware is constructed to allow for this variance.

Once you exceeds the height and width of what is considered “normal” the differences are increased exponentially, and it doesn’t take much to have your wide doors become inoperable as they warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail due to movement which will naturally occur.

That is, unless your extra wide exterior doors have Sing Core inside.

Lightweight High Strength Sing Core

Inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patented-pending wide door building technologies allow the biggest and best door manufacturers in the world to produce large doors of enormous size which can be covered by Sing’s

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

If you are a premiere door manufacturer dealing with high profile clientele, you really want to deliver the goods when it comes to that one-of-a-kind extra wide front door. You don’t have to disappoint your customer because now you can offer Sing’s 50-year Warp-free Guarantee, which guarantees that your door will not warp-, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for fifty years.

No need to be afraid about that extra wide entry door in your latest door schedule because you can now offer a full 50-year guarantee for any extra wide door built with Sing Core inside.

Endless Design Possibilities

Sing Core empowers contemporary architects and designers to create doors of impressive proportions in any available wood species, door skin material, glass texture, size or shape. You are now set free to create any modern extra wide front door without hesitation or fear of failure, thanks to the true Flat Team at Sing Core.

You are not limited to any design style, number, shape, or style of lite cutouts for custom glass inserts, or surface material, for Sing Core is a predominant supplier of the best large wood, aluminum, brass, fiberglass, glass, HPL, and steel exterior, interior, storm and patio doors in the United States, and Sing Core products are proudly sourced and made in the USA.

The possibilities are endless as you team up with Sing Core to build your next large custom extra wide contemporary front door, and don’t be surprised when you discover that for the most part standard extra wide exterior doors are pivot doors and sliding doors which though they could be made of any flat building material, feature either beautiful natural wood grains or fiberglass and steel as extra wide entry doors.

What will your next door for extra wide openings look like, will you consider wide front doors used double wide front doors, or a pair of French doors to add that special appearance to any extra-wide doorway.

Remember, you can have any size or shape of lite cutout for your custom glass inserts, to create your best extra wide exterior doors for you or your upscale clientele.