Pivot Doors are becoming the most desirable entry door, enhancing the value of high end homes.

The most cost-effective way to make a pivot door is with patented Sing panels. They are fully insulated with urethane, patented Sing core grid makes it stronger than steel pound for pound, and come with a fifty year non-warp warranty with our professional Sing panels. They are also very lightweight, which can save you hundreds in hardware costs alone, as well as save you on shipping costs, labor, and making installation safer. See also: Wide Doors for Hinge or Pivot Door Hardware

Large modern pivot doors with man door lightweight high strength Seattle center

Very large extreme edge pivot doors with man door

These are the best true-flat, high precision pivot doors available.

These pivot door panels come standard with frame of 1.5″ wood stiles and 3″ rails, also included 4″ x 12″ wood lock blocks 30” on-center (OC) from bottom.

Standard surface = Luan plywood, upgrade to marine plywood add $100.

You can then lay up whatever skin material you wish: wood stave, steel, stainless steel, FRP or HPL on the surface of Sing pivot door panel or even cut a light opening to satisfy the design of your clients.

The professional Sing pivot door standard panel measures 4 ft x 8 ft x 2.5″ and is untrimmed.

Retail price of pivot doors made with Sing Core pivot door panels often range from $5,000.00 to $10,0000.

Custom oversize pivot doors featuring Sing Core door panels can oftentimes reach $30,000, depending on the skin and finish.

See some of the pivot doors made of patented Sing panel: Pivot Door Gallery

No-fail Pivot Doors

The nature of pivot doors – especially oversized large pivot doors – leads to increased maintenance costs due to warping. When you think of pivot doors warping, you first thought is to think that the door warps along the longest length from top to bottom; it is even more common side to side. Any warp will not only compromise the seal of the door but it will also prevent the door from securing and latching properly. Only Sing pivot doors can be guaranteed not to fail.

Advantages of Professional Sing Pivot Door Panels

ProfessionalSing pivot door panels are the only Eco-friendly lightweight, high strength pivot door blanks that can be guaranteed not to warp or structurally fail for 50 years.


Made in the USA professional Sing pivot door panels are manufactured using less natural resources (natural wood), recycled rigid foam and formaldehyde-free adhesives. The manufacturing process uses less energy to produce that creates little or no waste.

Lightweight Hardware

The lightweight nature of a professional Sing pivot door blank means saving thousands of dollars in labor, transportation and installation as well as the heavy duty hardware that would be necessary for a heavier door. For instance, a standard 8 ft. door would weigh-in at 720 lbs. compared to lightweight Sing Core’s 120 lbs. reducing the cost of the hardware significantly. In fact, Sing pivot doors are so light, you could use standard hinges, if you wanted to, without fail.

Traditional Pivot Door Panel
Sing Core Professional Panel
Height: 8 ft
Height: 8 ft

720 lbs


120 lbs


High Strength and Non-warp

No other Eco-friendly lightweight pivot door core is so strong nor can compare to Sing Core’s structure strength of 660 PSI. The unique attributes of Sing professional pivot door panels is that they are specially designed with patent pending technology allowing them to be non-warping and structurally guaranteed for 50 years.

Sing Core Patented Torsion Box Panels

We do not sell finished pivot doors, we only supply the Sing pivot door panel for door manufacturers to build the best pivot door.

For overseas transactions there are administrative fees and minimum order restrictions.