The modern pivot door is expanding the possibilities and stretching the imagination of architects and designers around the world. Modern pivot doors are not the heavy or clunky big pivoting doors that require regular maintenance just to keep them functional, like those of days gone by. No, the modern pivot door is lightweight, fully insulated, and can be guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.

modern pivot door

Sleek, modern entryways may feature large wood pivot doors as front doors that are not only hugely functional but eco-friendly and sustainable for a better world. In the past, large wood pivot hung entry doors used in exterior and interior applications were difficult to create, install, manage, and maintain over time, but not if your modern pivot door has Sing Core inside.

Sing Core offers a variety of strength, flexibility, and value to the architectural pivot door industry that cannot be achieved otherwise. The biggest and best professional pivot door companies, millworks, and high sophisticated hand-crafted custom pivot door artisans say,

“There’s just no other way to do it.”

By “do it,” they mean that you just cannot make a large modern pivot door and keep is straight and true without starting with Sing Core as the foundation of all your modern pivot doors.

If you want exterior wood doors that pivot that are fail-free pivot front doors with flawless service records that are guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years, then you are best advised to make sure that Sing Core is in your modern pivot door specification.

Looking for Sing Core

Many people discover Sing Core when they are scouring the vast array of resources that exist in our modern-day digital age searching for inspiration for modern pivot doors and they set out to buy a modern pivot door with Sing Core inside. It doesn’t take long for them to figure out that getting such a door is easier said than done.

While the world’s best modern pivot doors do have Sing Core inside, Sing Core does not make modern pivot doors. Sing Core does work with the professional pivot door companies, manufacturers, and artisans, providing them with the material to make these large modern entryways happen. Allowing architects and architectural door designers to spread their wings, while Sing Core brings their modern pivot door dreams to life and helps them soar.


Inventor, Peter Sing, uses his expertise including his unique patented and patent-pending modern pivot door technologies to create the fully lightweight, fully insulated, warp-free substrate that makes these best modern custom front entry doors possible.

How does Sing do it?

Sing’s patented solution starts with a reinforced, fully insulated, vertical grain torsion box premium modern door core, then adds any variety of additional anti-warp technologies based on the size of the pivot door, the structure, the structure’s location and elevation, the orientation of the door, and the exterior skin of the door.

High Precision

And when it comes to precision, Sing’s core sports incredible tolerances of +/- .006 inch, which also supports the ability to deliver such outstanding results, truly a technological advancement in the industry.

As you may have guessed, large wood pivot doors present the biggest challenge, since natural wood grains tend to move and adjust according to changes in temperature, barometric pressure, and moisture in the air. Sing’s solution addresses these issues and cancels them out for any custom-made modern pivot door made of wood.

In this respect, Sing’s modern-day pivot doors, are true modern style doors even though Peter Sing admits he does not make modern pivoting doors. Sing says,

“We do not make the doors we are famous for. The architect specs ‘Sing Core Modern Pivot Door’ and we work with the people who are highly skilled in making our doors look and operate so good. It is a great team effort with magnificent results.”

When size matters, modern architecture is seeking solutions like Sing’s core, to deal with the challenges associated with the oversized front door issues.

How big can they be?

Up to 50 feet, or more with Sing Core.

The light weight of modern pivot doors with Sing Core inside makes custom modern pivot door installation a breeze. And the problems associated with using exterior modern pivot doors are just faint memories of the past thanks to Sing’s core, which also provides insulation for sound deadening capabilities and increased climate control.

Now you know why the best premium modern pivot doors have Sing Core specified in the architectural specifications, because if you want exterior wood doors that pivot, without having to deal with the high potentiality of failure due to warp or delamination, like they say, Sing’s core “is the only way to do it.”

Whether your modern pivot doors are single, multiples, or motorized custom-made pivot doors, you can maintain the modern appearance of strikingly new pivot doors while increasing longevity and performance in a fully sustainable manner.