When it comes to huge walnut doors no one can do it like SingCore can.


Large sliding doors are the speciality, here at SingCore.  This huge sliding door measure almost 9.5 feet tall and 8 feet wide.  Because of our special techniques, developed over nearly 20 years of hard work, we are able to manufacture doors of nearly any size without compromising strength, warp resistance, and beauty.  Beautiful hard wood doors are among our best selling products.  All those who has seen this door in person have been shocked by its magnificence.  Photos truly do it no justice.


Huge Walnut Veneer Door

Incomparable Sizes

SingCore makes your doors according to your specifications.  Unlike door manufacturers who only make standard size doors, we can make large and extremely large doors that are extremely strong, straight, warp resistant, and lightweight.  Besides, our new methods allow us to build veneer doors that are bigger than ever before.  This huge walnut door is proof of that.

The Upper Echelon of Appeal

Here at SingCore, we specialize in huge wood doors that are designed to maximize the appeal of your entire structure.  Impress your friends and family.  Become the envy of your neighbors.  Your friends and family will visit your more often.  A huge walnut door like this will also make you the envy of all your neighbors.  You might ask yourself, how is this all possible?  Simple.  SingCore offers more choices than you can find almost anywhere else.  We offer beautiful, authentic solid wood stave, stunning wood veneers, aluminum, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, FRP Fiberglass, HPL, or select your choice from our different substrates that allow you to apply your own material to the face to match your precise needs.

Precision and Quality

Our legendary precision allows you to install our doors in areas you might not be able to use any other door on the market.  Look how precise  we can make the corners of our doors.  Our solid wood edges give you an optimal surface to mount your hardware, while also giving you the beauty necessary to impress all of you friends, family, and business associates.

We can reach precision of up to +/- .006.  This ensures you get the perfect fit for your opening and your hardware every single time.  The way we build our doors also allows you to trim our doors to fit your openings perfectly.  We also build our doors based on your exact specifications.  That way you are sure no opening at your location will go unfilled.

Exemplory Customer Service

Our process is best in class from start to finish.  Beginning with our simple quoting process, you will find that our process makes it easier to get the exact product you’re looking for.  Once you submit for a quote you are assigned a salesperson who can go over the details of your project with you and make sure you get exactly the right materials to suit your needs.   During the quoting phase you can change any detail or adjust the specifications to make sure the project fits within your budget.  We provide you with an estimate that suits your budget, all you need to do is make the deposit to get your order in the production phase.  Once in the production phase, you don’t have to worry about a thing.  We do all the work.

Fast Turnaround Time

At SingCore, we realize how important it is that you meet your deadlines with your clients.  That’s why work tirelessly to streamline our process so that we can meet your deadlines.  You won’t find a door company which offers a faster turnaround time on custom doors.  When you need lightening speed turnaround time on your doors, come to SingCore or your clients will be beating down your doors!  SingCore helps you get your projects done on time!

Unmatched Beauty

The holy grail of high end wood doors are doors that look like solid wood, yet are light weight yet not susceptible to the same warping solid wood is subject to.  We have solved all of the problems of making beautiful, high end wood doors by making beautiful edges that can appear to meet precisely with the veneer or wood stave on the surface of your door.  We have several methods of making doors, all of which produce amazing results!  This huge walnut door is made with a very advanced method that allows us to make much larger veneer doors than what is possible with other methods.  Our wood stave doors offer you the most premium experience on the market.  With our solid premium wood edge doors, our beautiful wood stave doors look like solid high end wood door.  There are many advantages to these types of doors.  All you need to do is seal and finish these doors and you will have doors that offer the best possible entryway for your friends, family, business associates, and customers.

Best in the Business Warranty

No one else has a warranty that even comes close to ours.  Our warranty offers you 50 years of worry free operation.  It covers you against breaking, cracking, warping, skewing, and delamination.  No other door manufacturer can offer you the same peace of mind!