SingCore is a miraculous product with a wide range of applications and applicability. Because of the unique nature of our product, there is much to say about the best qualities of the material. Below or our top 7 reasons to buy SingCore for your next high end door, architectural, or spec project.

Light Weight

SingCore panels are amazingly light weight. At about 1/3rd the weight of a comparable wooden panel, you will be amazed how easy it is to hang and handle our panels. Build functional, durable, and incredibly large doors with readily available door hardware.

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High Strength

Made of wood and foam, our patented SingCore material has been tested to be stronger than steel at over 600 PSI. Suitable for structural use and with a proven track record, SingCore may just be the most versatile door core and building material on the market.

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True Flat

Built by a team of specialized and talented craftsmen, SingCore panels are perfectly flat like no material you have seen before. Resistant to thermal and humidity based warping, you can count on our core to hold up in the most challenging architectural applications.

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Guaranteed Warp Free for 50 Years

Here at SingCore, we stand by our product. With a rock solid commitment that remains unmatched in the industry, you can rest assured that our panels will remain structurally sound for the lifetime of the product. Especially when it comes to large and oversized doors, why take the risk when you can go with SingCore

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Insulated and Sound Proof

The extreme strength and lightness of our patented panel core comes from the optimum configuration of wooden “honeycomb” cells in the structure. Leaving plenty of room for high insulation value and sound deadening foam. Our panels are suitable for external use in high efficiency structures, use as exterior wall, and can be built to meet sound proofing specifications.

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SingCore’s one of a kind production techniques combine with modern material science to produce an environmentally friendly, low VOC, formaldehyde free product. Our panels are light on materials, and promote eco-friendly practices.

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Made in the USA

SingCore is a proud American company. Headquartered and built locally in McCleary, Washington, we ship to millworks, and construction sites all across the country. From Seattle, to Florida; Beverly Hills to the World Trade Center in New York, our panels are becoming and American icon.

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SingCore, You Can’t Afford to Miss Out

SingCore is a once in a lifetime product that is working to change the face of the construction industry across the United States and across the world!

How can we help your product succeed? Contact SingCore today and receive a free “Tru Flat” consultation to see how our technology can give your next project that special something.