SingCore’s panels are some of the lightest in the business. Some clients call our product miraculous. Especially when it comes to extremely large panels, that exceed standard panel sizes, our featherweight construction techniques really shine.


1/3rd the Weight of Comparable Wooden Doors

Our door panels or easily one third the weight of a traditional constructed door panel using wood, plywood, or other materials. If you need super light, our aluminum faced panels can grow to almost any size, yet are still stronger than steel by weight.

There are currently no other products on the market that can offer all the same light weight and high strength benefits of a SingCore panel.

Remains Light with Any Skin or Finish

SingCore door and architectural panels can be finished in a variety of skins, while still maintaining the internal strength and straightness of our patented core construction.

Panels can be finished to look like solid wood, with either our wood stave finish or premium wood veneer. We also offer a wide variety of metal skinned doors including: cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, aluminum, and copper.

  • Wood Stave: walnut, oak, mahogany, cedar, fir, and more
  • Wood Veneer: walnut, oak, mahogany, cedar, fir, and more
  • Metal: steel, aluminum, and copper
  • HPL “Formica” – any variety, magnetic whiteboard, chalkboard
  • FRP
  • Plywood – luan, marine, birch
  • Paint grade

Save on Hardware Costs

SingCore panels are particularly useful in situations like huge oversize pivot doors, sliding doors, movable walls, and carriage doors where hardware for heavy doors could be quite expensive. Our panels are amazingly light for their size, and have save many of our clients quite a bit of extra expense by putting the weight of a very large door within the range of weights that can be supported by typical door hardware.

While our panels may not be the cheapest on the market, often time SingCore’s superior technology and craftsmanship can result in a net cost reduction.

Easy to Operate

Our panels have the strength, feel, and sound of a solid panel. But, their light weight nature allows them to be more easily operated, especially in large sizes.

For “moveable wall” type applications, SingCore is hard to beat. Don’t get caught in the trap of constructing a “cheap” stick frame constructed sliding wall, when in reality what you need is a specially constructed door panel. What you save by using two by fours in quickly squandered by excessive hardware costs and results in a poor quality result.

Easy to Handle

SingCore’s extreme light weight construction makes on site handling and transportation a breeze. After you order SingCore, your contractors will ask for sing panels again and again.

Combined with the benefits of weight, SingCore panels can be shipped in segments for joining on site. This can result in tremendous savings in shipping and allows for installation of giant panels of almost any size at any point in the project, even with limited access.

How Can We Help You Project

Contact SingCore today, to determine how we can help your project shine. Free “Tru Flat” consultation available on request to allow our experts to design the perfect panel for your next project.