What exactly does it take to make a superior sliding door? There are many steps and phases which the best sliding door go through in order to assure the best sliding door manufacture process is followed.

First, you start with your unique vision of the perfect sliding door for your application. What might you like it to look like? Do you want a natural wood sliding door? How might you like the grain to be oriented. You get to choose. You are the designer. You can choose from traditional vertical grain or horizontal grain, or for that contemporary sliding door design, you might like to mix it up and have grain pieces with varying orientations throughout the design of the most modern sliding door aesthetic.

Your idea might include a more industrial approach and desire a metal sliding door. Hot rolled steel sliding doors have a unique attention-grabbing effect on anyone who encounters such a work of art. You could specify and have custom manufactured sliding doors made with any type of metal. For instance, you could have an aluminum sliding door, brass sliding door, cold rolled steel sliding door, copper sliding door, diamond plate steel sliding door, galvanized steel sliding door, stainless steel sliding door, etc.

When you’re creating your ultimate sliding door, you can use any available flat building material in your sliding door’s design. Dare to create the most unique architectural sliding door possible to demonstrate your artistic prowess.

What about glass? Sliding glass doors are particularly advantageous when you desire a visual connection to the landscape surrounding your space. Glass light cutouts can be placed anywhere in your door in any shape or size. A large window opening would yield a French door approach to your sliding door. And don’t forget, you could use mirrored glass in case you have a mirror interior sliding door in mind.

Then there is the size of your sliding door. Will it be of a normal size? Or do you envision a large sliding door. These days, it seems like the larger the sliding door, the better. You can go entirely from floor to ceiling with your large sliding door if you’re so inclined.

Sliding Door Problems?

Although you are encouraged to exercise all your creative wherewithal to create the perfect custom sliding door, note there are some challenges you may run into when designing such a masterpiece.

First of all, there is the sliding door hardware which is your first potential for failure of your sliding door over time. Because sliding door operate with wheels or rollers back and forth along a track. The sliding portion could be managed by the base of the door or from the top of the door, or both top and bottom combined. Regular use of the door, as you may well know, will cause problems with the hardware.

If you’re designing a large sliding door, the weight of the door could cause the hardware to fail prematurely and may have the potential to add significant stress and strain on the structure depending on the weight and size or your door, especially if it is a very large and heavy sliding door.

The larger the door, the greater potential the door will fail to warp. If your sliding door is made of wood, wood is notorious for moving due to environmental changes. Regardless of what your sliding door is made of, it is likely subject to warp if it is an exterior door, exposed to the elements or hit by sunlight.

Sliding Door Solutions

The best sliding doors are manufactured with Sing Core inside. Patented Sing Core provides the solution to the main problems facing sliding door manufacturers. Sliding doors with Sing Core inside are one-third the weight of other solid core sliders. Since the door hardware is based on your sliding door’s weight, you save money on the original hardware costs as well as installation costs.

A lightweight sliding door means less stress and strain on the hardware and structure with regular use, which translates to saving in expensive maintenance cost of your sliding door over time.

A warping sliding door is of concern to all sliding door manufacturers, and Sing Core answer the call as the end of all warping worries because premium Sing Core helps the biggest, best, and most powerful sliding door manufacturers provide warp-free sliding doors of any size, made of any material, on a daily basis.

Why Sing Core Inside?

Sing Core imbues your custom sliding with attributes you might have not even thought of specifying in your contemporary architectural door. Features and benefits including (but not limited to):

1. Eco-friendly and sustainable
2. Lightweight (1/3rd of less than other solid cores)
3. High Strength (660+ PSI)
4. Fully insulated (your choice of R 3.5 or R 6.5 per inch)
5. With or without glass/light openings any shape/size
6. Made of any material (any wood species, concrete, fiberglass, HPL, Kevlar, MDF, metal, etc.)
7. Any size, even extremely big (up to 50 ft.)
8. Warp-free and structure guaranteed for 50 years

Yes, you read that right.

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

Having Sing Core inside your sliding door is the only way to build a lightweight large sliding door of any size out of any material that is Eco-friendly, fully insulated, and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 Years!

The next time you’re daydreaming about your ultimate sliding door contribution to the world, you might want to consider specifying, “Sing Core inside,” like the most predominant sliding door manufacturers in the world.

Sliding Door Prices

Curious and ready?

Want pricing on your dream door? Submit your price quote request for a quick estimate. All you need to know to get a price is the

Length + Width + Thickness + Skin

Easy pricing is established by knowing what you want, the length, the width, and thickness of your custom sliding door, and the surface (skin) finish material you desire. See our new C Series line of Affordable Barn Door and Sliding Closet Doors.

Note: Sing Core does not make sliding doors. We supply the best sliding door manufacturers, custom door builders, millworks and any sliding door company with our patented sliding door products which enable them to provide their clients with the best warp-free sliding doors in the world, backed by a 50-year no fail guarantee.

If you are a homeowner, contact your local custom sliding door manufacturer or millwork and tell them you want, “Sing Core inside,” your door.