The extra wide door adds an additional edge and flair to any project, whether it is automatically retractable, articulated by hand, or hidden within a wall pocket. As magnificent as extra wide doors are, there are challenges facing the architects, designers, manufacturers, installers, and end users which are best solved prior to attempting to incorporate an extra wide door in your next project.

Extra Wide Door

Of all the extra wide doors, the wide barn door is the most popular method of handling wide doorways and openings in industrial and commercial applications. The standard configuration of a wide barn door consists of a large wide panel with wheels in tracks in or on the door’s base and suspended from wheels in guides at the top of the door, enabling it to articulate, open and close, by sliding back and forth left to right.

An extra wide barn door presents challenges, the first of which is the extreme weight of the extra wide door. No doubt the door is large, and the common belief is that it makes sense to be made of heavy material because it needs to have structural integrity. Until recently very heavy building materials were thought to have the greatest dimensional stability. That was, until the introduction of patented and patent-pending Sing Core.

Sing Core offers a lightweight solution for building extra wide exterior doors which are far more dimensionally stable than heavier building materials. But weight is not the only challenge faced by those who would like to incorporate an extra wide door into their project.

The problem with extra wide doors is that they are difficult to keep straight over a wide span. They have a tendency to move according to variations in the environment. If sunlight hits the door, the temperature changes. If there are variances in moisture content on either side of the door, and any other number of reasons, that huge door panel will warp, bend, twist, cup, or start to come apart, resulting in utter failure of the door altogether.

Extra wide doors are expensive, but the cost of maintenance on such a door over time far exceeds the initial cost of the wide doorway solution.

That is where the characteristics of inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending extra wide door core shines brightly. Until the release of Sing Core, there was no way to create a large lightweight panel with the structural integrity to remain warp-free over the life of any extra wide exterior doors.

The unique attributes of Sing’s core imbue any tall and extra wide door with the ability to be incredibly lightweight with superior dimensional stability while being fully insulated for both climate control and sound deadening capabilities. Take a look at the characteristics of Sing’s core,


A fraction of other standard high strength building materials

High Strength

Dimensionally stable, independently tested, stronger than steel lb. for lb.

Fully Insulated

Insulation values are customizable to meet your specification. Start at R3.5.


Patented Sing Core is used by soundproof door companies for sound deadening


Non-warp Sing Core uses patented and patent-pending stiffening technologies

Sing’s groundbreaking technologies empowers manufacturers of extra wide doors to create doors of enormous size which are lightweight and can be guaranteed to remain straight and true over time. In fact, any extra wide door with Sing Core inside can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.


Doors with Sing Core inside can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years. Inventor Peter Sing provides his patented core and patent-pending stiffening technologies to the biggest and best door companies, millworks, and custom extra wide door manufacturers.

The biggest door companies in the USA started to exclude large doors from their door schedules due to the constant problems associated with failure in the field. Most of them guarantee their doors for 1 year or more following installation. Since those wide doors failed, they would exclude them from the warranty with a specific rider, or eliminate them from the order altogether, forcing the customer to outsource the large doors to a millwork.

Now that the most powerful door companies in the world have access to Sing’s core, they are back in the extra wide custom door business again.