The True Flat Team at Sing Core is enabling architects, designers, and manufacturers of wide barn doors to build and deliver the best barn door for use as a highly efficient upgrade to any industrial barn door application that can be guaranteed not to warp.

10 foot x 25 foot wide barn door

And when it comes to wide barn doors, nothing is better than having Sing Core inside to make the difference for economy, survivability, sustainability, and longevity over time. If you are looking for a wide barn door, you might be looking for a sliding barn door that is 60-inches wide. That is considered a wide door and would be in the category of doors that would possess problems associated with keeping the wide barn door straight.

If there is one thing we know, it is that wide doors, over three-and-a-half feet start becoming problems for moving for a variety of reasons including change in weather, moisture, season, sunlight, temperature, barometric pressure, etc.

Top 5 Widths of Wide Barn Door

1.  60 inch wide barn door

2.  6 foot wide interior barn door

3.  8 foot wide barn door

4.  10 foot wide barn door

5.  7 foot wide barn door

The most common widths of wide barn doors start at 60-inch wide. This is where the trouble with warping begins to be problematic over time. 6-foot-wide interior barn door is an in-demand spec, followed by 8-foot-wide barn door, then 10-foot-wide barn door, with 7-foot-wide barn door in the caboose position.

The True Flat Team at Sing Core, while they are very serious about the work they do by providing the biggest and best door companies, millworks, and custom wide barn door manufacturers with the technology to build warp-free doors, the team gets a little more excited about projects that feature a 20 foot wide barn door or greater. This is really where inventor Peter Sing’s patented Sing Core really shines.

That is, to build a very wide sliding barn door that is guaranteed not to fail. The only way to build a very wide barn door that does not warp, is to build your door with Sing Core inside, or else your door is limited to the limitations of the material being used.

Sing’s core is highly specialized in the area of extreme doors, doors that exceed the specifications of AWI standards, doors of enormous size, up to 50 feet tall or wide, or more. “Now, that’s a door!” exclaims inventor and CEO of Sing Core, Peter Sing.

The more extravagant extremely wide sliding barn door is the kind of door that Sing Core loves, because there is no doubt that there is no other way to build a lightweight high strength fail-free door of such enormous size. In fact, no one says it better than the people who manufacture these wide barn doors. They say,

“There is no other way to do it.”

Though it may be true that anyone cold build such a wide door, but there is no way to build such a door to be fail-free. You might ask,

“Fail-free for how long?”

You might be surprised to discover that doors built with Sing Core inside are guaranteed, with a more powerful guarantee than any other door built in the USA, for Sing’s doors are,

Guaranteed Warp-free for 50 Years

This is not a misprint. Peter Sing’s core makes these doors almost impervious. Doors made with Sing Core inside can be guaranteed for 50 years to prevent any warping, bending, twisting, cupping, or delamination (including full structure). 50 years. No other lightweight door could hope to achieve these heights of performance and sustainability.