When architects and designers are looking for the best Eco-friendly modern steel doors, even if they are exceptionally large steel doors, only one company can assist in the creation of a modern steel door that is fully insulated, lightweight, high strength and Eco-friendly.

A large modern stylish steel metal sliding door made with warp-free SingCore matertial

Modern steel doors take on a whole new set of characteristics using patented SingCore as the composite component material inside a modern steel door imbuing this new generation of steel doors with the highest precision (+/- .006 in.) and performance standards ( a fraction the weight and stronger than steel pound for pound).

Modern Steel Doors

What makes modern steel doors so unique? When you create a modern steel door with SingCore inside you can have any look, any contemporary design you want. You’re not selecting a design from a limited number of standard options. You modern steel door with SingCore inside is custom built to architectural specifications in any design that you can imagine, without risk of failure.

Whether you want a truly unique modern steel door with custom lite cut outs for intriguing window openings or your choice of steel, such as cold rolled steel doors, diamond plate steel doors, galvanized steel doors, hot rolled steel doors, stainless steel doors, and more.

Large Modern Steel Doors

With SingCore’s history of Eco-friendly metal working higher precision modern steel doors are possible with incredibly high performance even if your project includes oversized large modern steel doors. Patented SingCore helps to overcome the challenges of heavy weight and tendency to fail by using a unique combination of insulated reinforced vertical grain torsion box core, along with patent-pending modern steel door stiffeners to create large steel doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, cup, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years regardless of size (up to 50 ft.).

Modern Steel Exterior Doors

No more worrying about the failure of modern steel exterior doors which present challenges due to one side facing the exterior elements and the other side facing a climate controlled interior. If you want to possess a modern steel exterior door that will not fail, then you need modern steel entry doors with SingCore inside to meet or exceed your performance expectations.

The high performance true flat team at SingCore is on standby, waiting to help you design the modern steel exterior door you’ve been waiting for, guaranteed.

Modern Door Design

Architects and custom modern door designers are able to exercise their creative skills, empowering their imaginations with the most unique one-of-a-kind designs. Modern door design is allowed to go beyond that which was previously possible thanks to the strength and lightweight of patented SingCore.
In terms of strength and weight in large moderns steel doors, now a very tall, very wide modern steel pivot door can be massive as well as being an impressive thick steel pivot door, without compromising the project or structure due to heavy weight and can be guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.

Modern Metal Doors

The Eco-friendly metal door division of SingCore is not restricted to just modern steel doors, your custom modern metal doors could be made of any available flat metal surface materials, including (but not limited to) modern aluminum doors, anodized aluminum doors, brass doors, copper doors, lead doors and modern tin doors, just to name a few.

Hot Rolled Steel Large Sliding Doors