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Elephant Doors

Due to the natural characteristics appearing as the result of having sing Core inside, our largest stage doors are expanding throughout the industry as the best elephant doors.

What’s an elephant door?

An elephant door is a big sliding door separating two areas while providing sound dampening between the two spaces. The term, “elephant door,” refers to the large sliding doors, behind which elephants would stage in preparation for their act and pass through to entertain their audiences in the classic circus, carnival, variety, or vaudeville show. Hollywood lots adopted the term to designate their huge sliding doors on large sets, providing sound separation between sets.

Old School Elephant Doors

If you think about how traditional elephant doors were made back in the day, you were looking at an enormous sliding door anywhere from 14 to 20 feet tall and wide and 6 to 10 inches thick, made of brick, concrete, steel, or any combination thereof. How do you spell HEAVIER THAN HELL?

Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to design, engineer, manufacture and install the hardware and these gargantuan doors.

Elephant Doors with Sing Core inside

Enter Sing Core. If your elephant door has Sing Core inside, you can have a 50 ft. tall 40 ft. opening covered by a pair of 50×20 ft. large sliding doors, which could be made of 25 modular large sliding door components each, for easy transportation and assembly on site, while enjoying all the benefits of Sing Core, like,

Lightweight Elephant Doors

These doors could weigh in at 1,250 pounds each instead of the 60,000 pounds each you might be looking at if they were built in old school fashion. Since elephant doors are so large, they are normally operated electronically. These lighter weight huge sliding doors save you so much money in terms of engineering, hardware and maintenance expenses initially and over time.

High Strength Elephant Doors

Even though they are lightweight, elephant doors with Sing Core inside are many times stronger than other elephant doors, so strong, in fact, that Sing Core was independently tested to rate better than 660 PSI, that’s stronger than steel pound for pound.

Insulated Elephant Doors

Besides being enormously large in size, elephant doors also bear the burden of providing sound separation between adjoining areas of movie studio sets, or theaters. Thanks to Sing Core being packed with sound dampening insulation, sound deadening characteristics are built in to the composite structure in advance. Different insulation, exterior skins, and treatments can be added to your elephant door with Sing Core inside to provide even more sound-proofing. Note that Sing Core does not sound rate or design sound doors, only building the substrate and applying skins per architectural or engineered specs. (There is a sound rating lab not near the Sing Core factory which may be utilized at customer’s expense.)

Modular Elephant Doors

While Sing Core has the ability to build a solid composite one-piece door substrate up to 50 ft. in width and/or height, shipping such a large item is extremely impractical. To solve this problem with shipping and handling large doors, Sing Core can build your large door of modular components which can be inexpensively transported, handled as well as quickly and easily assembled on site without compromising the high precision of your high end elephant doors.

Sing Core Your Elephant Door Partners

Sing Core partners with your architects, millworks and contractors to provide you with the best Eco-friendly lightweight, high strength elephant doors available. Sustainability and longevity with minimal maintenance expense over time, makes professional grade Sing Core elephant door substrate a valued investment that keeps rewarding year after year. In fact, your elephant door with Sing Core inside is the only elephant door which can be.

Guaranteed Warp-Free for 50 Years

Not your parents’ elephant door, if you have Sing Core inside, your professional grade door could be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years. No other door company provides such an impressive warranty; why? Because of the

Unique Characteristics of Sing Core

Patented Sing Core is a composite substrate which modifies pre-existing torsion box design by orienting the wood torsion box frame’s grain vertically, rather than horizontally, packs the otherwise empty box voids wall to wall with recycled rigid foam, then applies stress skins to the entire structure with formaldehyde-free adhesive for a composite solid substrate which is stronger than steel pound for pound. Combine this with patent pending warp-free stiffeners, and you’ve got the world’s best elephant door substrate ever.