Sing Core Blocks

SINGCORE-The new technology.


torsion box, sandwich panel, honeycomb panel, lightweight panel  
Cut away of Sing Core Panel

Sing Core Blocks are a very easy core material to work with. Manufacturers can use Sing Core Blocks in doors, furniture, cabinets, museum supplies, etc.

-Sing Core blocks are very easy to work with, even with minimum wood working experience. You can work with Sing core blocks just like working with solid wood core.

-Sing Core Blocks are easy to glue using any type of carpenter glue, or urethane glue

-You can use the simplest press to create panels using Sing Core Blocks. No high tech press needed just use pipe clamps and two Sing Heavy Duty Lightweight Panels as press. You can use this simple press to build almost everything displayed at our Sing products gallery.

-Sing Core Blocks are easy to adjust so you can build any thickness of panel. To build thicker panels than the core that is provided it is easy to add new skins on both sides to increase the thickness. To create thinner panels it is easy to just plane or sand off the extra thickness to meet the job demand.

-There are endless applications, as small as Sing cutting board (the best cutting board in the world) or as large as an 1200 sq ft Sing home (an entire home build by Sing core within 4 days at Ca.home show in San Jose.

-Cost more than Sing Core
-Slight heavier than Sing Core.

The weight: 4.5 lbs plus skin weight.

How To Build Our Doors Using Sing Core Blocks

The easiest way to build the best doors.

Step 1 – Start with our Sing Core Blocks. They will come to you in various sizes, just pick your thickness.

Step 2 – Cut panels into strips or blocks.

Step 3 – Plane and sand panels to desired core thickness.

Step 4 – Build frame and insert solid wood implants.

Step 5 – Drop in Sing Core Blocks.

Step 6 – Glue on Skins


Sing Core Panel Press

Step 7 – Once the Skins are glued on the panel is ready to press. After the press just finish the panels to desired quality. Now you can create any sized door or panel you want and know that it can be true straight, lightweight and strong.