You may never look at large entry doors the same again after you’ve learned about how patented Sing Core increases the design capabilities exponentially across the board for all types of exterior doors. Now, large entry doors can be built without the limitations of former custom door building methods resulting in warp-free entrance doors which can be guaranteed for 50 years.

Why are you seeing more contemporary architecture and design specs calling out Sing Core in their modern large entry doors’ specifications?
The top architects, door companies, designers, engineers, millworks, and custom door manufacturers are overcoming the challenges associated with designing and building large entry doors which are prone to failure, requiring continued regular maintenance to keep these front entry doors operational over the life of the doors.

Large entry doors present the greatest number of challenges for those tasked with creating, installing, and providing regular maintenance on such doors.

Steel Entry Doors

If your large door project features steel entry doors to solve the problems associated with these oversized entry doors you will have found a partial solution, but you will have to make compromises to accommodate your steel solution.

The biggest problem with steel entry doors is that they are extremely heavy. All that extra weight adds concerns regarding entry door hardware, which is based on the sheer weight of the door. The heavier the door, the more heavy-duty door articulating hardware needs to be, which is much more costly than standard exterior door hardware (may be many times more expensive than the door, itself).

Heavy steel doors are costly to ship, handle, transport, and install due to the sheer weight of the steel entry door, and not only does that weight create challenges for the door hardware but using a door like this regularly also adds stress and strain to the structure leading to even more costly maintenance over time.

You will also have to sacrifice some degree of precision as large steel doors are welded and the application of heat will cost you in and otherwise very strong door, and as strong as steel entry doors are, they will warp when exposed to the elements, such as sunlight.

That is, unless your large entry doors are made of steel with Sing Core inside.

The True Flat Team at Sing Core can help to design and build an Eco-friendly large entry door that is fully insulated, lightweight, stronger than steel pound for pound, and can be guaranteed warp-free for 50 years.

Inventor, Peter Sing, has patented and patent-pending technologies which specifically solve the problems associated with large entry doors, and his secrets are hidden deep inside each and every door which Mr. Sing and his True Flat Team help to create.

What will you find inside?

Sing starts with his patented reinforced vertical grain torsion box solid hybrid core, which is fully insulated, providing both greatly reduced weight and unsurpassed rigidity even through long spans under load stress.

Sing’s core is also noted as being extremely high precision, boasting tolerances at +/- .006 inch, and if his True Flat Team is supplying the steel, no welding is used in his process to preserve the highest precision in his approach in building the most high precision doors in the world.

Wood Entry Doors

As beautiful as they are, if your large entry doors are made of wood, these are the most problematic for all concerned because as you already know, wood entry doors are going to warp due to the nature of wood grain to move, expand and contract , in response to changes in the environment, especially if your door is over seven ft tall, and three-and-a-half ft wide.

The door industry allows for some door warping due to the nature of doors to move. In fact, the AWI standard allows for a quarter inch of movement for every 7 ft span of the door, and all door hardware is manufactured to accommodate these variances in the overall straightness of any door. But thanks to Sing’s core, you don’t have to compromise.

The inner matrix of Sing’s door core keeps any basic door straight and true, depending on the door’s exterior (such as the case of building a large entry door using natural wood), Sing’s True Flat team goes to work engineering a unique combination of Sing Core and Sing’s anti-warping technologies to best serve the door industry.

Every surface material, every type of wood grain, has different tendencies to warp, and based upon these individual characteristics, the team designs an interior anti-warp design to incorporate with Sing’s hybrid core to create a wone-of-a-kind warp-free door substrate which can be backed by Sing’s 50-year guarantee.

50-year Guaranteed Custom Entry Doors

Sing says he builds his door blanks to remain fail free for centuries, so a 50-year guarantee is no problem. And his guarantee covers everything. If your door has Sing Core inside you can bet it will not warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail (including full structure) for 50-years, guaranteed.

No other Eco-friendly door manufacturer can do that.

With other doors, you’d be lucky to get a 1-year guarantee. Now, you can get 50-times the guarantee and 50-times the door.

So, if you’re looking to take your large entry door project to the next level, you might be well ahead if you were to first consider to

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