Six Reasons Sing Core Oversize Pivot Doors Beat the Competition

Here at Sing Core we make custom pivot doors of unparalleled straightness, lightness, and size. Especially for large applications, we make doors of higher quality with our patented process than other producer. When hardware cost is an issue, the aircraft style honey comb construct methods we use save weight and reduce costs overall. Our design beats the competition, read below to find out how:

Sing Core is Light

With Sing Core’s patented honeycomb technology, we doors that are exceptionally light. Especially for oversize pivot doors this can make the difference in both ease of use and price. Light doors significantly reduce the cost of hardware, which can keep a project on budget.

Other large doors are framed almost like a full walls. Although this may seem to reduce the price of materials, this will increase the price of hardware.

metal pivot door pivot sliding doors hot rolled steel pivot doors

Sing Core is Strong and Straight in any Size

No matter how large the spec of the door, we know we can make it strong and straight. Our honeycomb technology allows us to deliver way beyond what the competition can. We guarantee that our doors will not warp for 50 years. Because our pivot doors are so straight, our doors will latch well and stay draft free for a lifetime.

Other doors cannot match the guarantee that we offer. After only a few years they can warp and fail. How happy will the client be when their doors fail to latch and let in drafts after such a short time?

The best sliding doors and pivot doors lightweight high strength non warp

 Large as You Want

Using our patented Sing Core technology, we are able to produce pivot doors of any size without limitation.  If you need a pivot door the size of a full wall, we can make it. Using aircraft style construction our pivot doors are truly designed for movement with the grace and quality you expect out of a Boeing 747.

Your average large door is framed, almost like it was a wall itself. Such doors are not well built compared to ours. Using framing methods very large doors are impossible, and many oversize doors have decreased performance. If you need an object that is designed to move from the inside out, then choose Sing Core.

Built with Precision

Even oversize architecturally spec’d doors deserve to be built with precision. At Sing Core our parts are cut with an accuracy of at least 0.007″. Working with this level of precision is the key to the longevity of our doors and the reason we can guarantee the straightness of our product.

No one else offers a guarantee on their product to match ours. This is evidence that they are not confident on the quality of their product. The larger the pivot door, the more important it is that the door remains warp free, and our patented technology gives us the confidence to know that when we make them they will be.

Choose Your Look

Our patented core technology can be skinned with almost any material. Whether you need paint ready, butcher block of any species, vainer, aluminum, steel, galvanized, HPL, or almost anything else, we can do it. For that modern metal pivot door look or a classic wood exterior, just tell us what you want and we will make it a reality.

Other manufactures need the exterior of the door to help support the interior. This limits options for finishing. Further, heavy doors will be even heavier with heavy finishes. By choosing Sing Core’s patented technology, you get the option to choose almost any exterior finish you desire.

Insulation, Noise Deadening, and More

Because of how our cores are made, we reduce the usage of wood and metal in the core. This allows the spaces to be tightly stuffed with high quality foam insulation which provides a higher insulation value and noise deadening properties than our competitors. If you need sound proof or bullet proof doors, then allow us to design a custom core for your needs.

Because of their higher weight, competitor’s cores employ a greater quantity of low insulation value metals and woods. These doors cannot offer the quality of insulation and sound deadening that Sing Core pivot doors can offer.

Let Us Know How We Can Work For You

For use in large or oversize pivot doors of almost any design or specification, Sing Core beats the competition. The best way to contact us for information or pricing by submitting a quote request with details about your project. Then we can get back to you with specific suggestions on how we can build you the best custom pivot door on the market today.