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Help Wanted Crowdsourcing Distributor Opportunity

Help wanted crowdsourcing distributor opportunity

Help Wanted Crowdsourcing Distributor Opportunity

Note: This is an archived page and is no longer available. For current information visit us online at:

Crowdsourcing Distributor Opportunity Help Wanted

The Pacific Northwest’s premier Eco-friendly building material manufacturer is seeking to build a crowdsourcing network of distributors across the United States of America. It has never been so easy for an enterprising wood craftsperson to take advantage of one of the most sustainable business opportunities today.

Who is the company?

The company offering the opportunity is Sing Core. Sing Core has been providing the world with a uniquely functional building material that has solved problems for designers, architects and engineers from beneath the sea (U.S. Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everywhere between for fifteen years.

Sing Sandwich cutaway exposing patented Sing CoreWhat is the product?

The Sing Sandwich is the most versatile patented Eco-friendly insulated building material that is lightweight (a fraction of other traditional building materials), stronger than steel (660 PSI) pound for pound and warp, bend, twist and cup resistant even under load or covering long spans. This high performance material is based on a unique combination of natural wood torsion box filled with rigid recycled foam sandwiched between 2 sheets of ¼ inch plywood to complete the Reinforced Structural Insulated Panel (RSIP). See: for more information.

Join the Sing crowdsourcing crowd source crowdWhy seeking crowdsourcing partners?

Because Sing Core’s inventor, Peter Sing, has always supported independent businesses and business people, helping people achieve and realize their dreams using his patented building materials. This unique approach of building an independent crowdsource distribution network will help to make the Sing Sandwich available to the masses, which is the intention of Sing Core. Sing’s vision includes seeing the Sing Sandwich in use in every American home due to the endless possibilities and sustainability.

Sing Core gets hundreds of inquiries every day from individuals seeking to use Sing Sandwich, but we cannot supply them because we are the factory and we only sell wholesale to trade professionals only. This is a disservice to the greater community and a disappointment to the inventor. You can help us make the crowd source world a better place.

Crowdsourcing Sing crowd sourcing launch 2016 crowdsourceWhen will this offer be available?

This crowdsourced launch will seek to gather independent “In stock” distributors starting January 1st 2016 and will be open for a limited time only or until further notice. Distributorships will be offered on a first-come first-serve basis and any distributorship can grow into an exclusive territorial distributor based on performance.

Crowdsourcing Sing Core crowdsource across America crowd sourcing USAWhere are distributorships open?

Since Sing Core is located in the Pacific Northwest’s McCleary, Washington, shipping and handling of Sing Sandwich to each potential user is less effective and costly. The intention is to have crowd sourcing locations everywhere in the United States. Upon launch every location in the USA is available, so this opportunity will never be so adventurous than in the here and now.

Crowdsourcing distributor opportunity sing sandwich crate crowdsource business opportunityHow to become a distributor

It has never been so easy to get started as a Sing Sandwich distributor. All you have to do is to order one crate (28 pieces) of Sing Sandwich at a special discounted crowdsource wholesale price and have it delivered to your location. When your shipment arrives, you can be entered into our crowdsourcing network of independent distributors and we will promote you as a local supplier via our sales network.

That’s it; order one crate, and you’re in. It’s that easy.

Fill out the following Form to lock in your position today:

Advantages of becoming a Sing Sandwich distributor?

  1. Eco-friendly Sing Core for a better more sustainable worldSave shipping and crate cost
  2. In-stock when you need it; it also helps your local businesses to access the Sing products from your inventory
  3. Build a relationship with your local trade professionals
  4. Learn the 1st hand technology of Sing products and teach others
  5. Excellent profit margin and endless applications
  6. Potential for large exclusive territory available for good performers
  7. Marketing support from Sing Core. We will post your contact info on our web site as a distributor. We will send the retail sales or people in need of Sing products to your way
  8. Making Sing products by your local trade professionals, marketing and selling Sing products under your logo

Questions and Answers

lowesQ: Isn’t the Sind Sandwich available from Lowe’s Home Improvement?
A: Yes, but only via the Pro Desk and there is a 20 piece minimum. Many people only want smaller quantities (2 to 10 pieces) and ordering a quantity does not seem efficient (even though Sing Sandwich could make almost anything better).