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Custom Sliding Barn Doors

Custom sliding barn doors are all the rage in the burgeoning interior décor amidst new home designs, as well as becoming a creative space control alternative to expandable business offices, commercial spaces, and industrial locations which can be elegant as well as functional.

Custom sliding barn doors have the advantage of being, well, custom. That is to say they are fully customizable modern barn doors. These are not some off-the-shelf one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, you, your office, or facility has an opening of indeterminate size. Simply measure the opening and have your custom barn doors made to fit the opening perfectly.

Depending on the opening and the walls which run parallel to said opening, your sliding barn doors can be custom built in length, width, and thickness to fully solve any issues you may have with the opening in question.


If the opening is an extremely large opening, say twenty feet, then you could use one 20 ft. wide custom barn door to fill the gap, assuming you have twenty feet of wall space on either side of the opening to slide the sliding barn door to in the fully open position. If there is only ten feet of wall space on both sides, then you could use double custom sliding barn doors to fill the need.

One of the advantages of custom sliding barn doors, is ease of installation. Hanging barn doors has always been a breeze, and that’s why they are so often found on barns (hence their name “barn doors”). Sliding barn door hardware is fairly basic as it only involves installing a rod for hanging the barn doors and attaching wheels to the barn doors which roll back and forth atop the rod. Quick, easy, painless.


It’s just as easy to install interior barn doors and the accompanying barn door hardware just about anywhere you have an opening, especially since you can have custom barn doors of any size made specifically for your requirements.

Some of the problems associated with custom sliding barn doors are associated with weight and strength. Commonly, custom sliding barn doors are very heavy. Heavy solid wood sliding barn doors can be problematic in that they cause stress and strain on the hardware and the structure. The larger the interior barn doors, the heavier they are, requiring heavy duty sliding barn door hardware (which can easily be more expensive than the door itself) and requiring more maintenance and repair over time.


Also, solid wood sliding barn doors are prone to warp, as the natural characteristic of wood grain is to expand and contract adjusting to changes in the environment. Large doors made of nearly any flat building material is likely to move as well if it is over 7 ft. tall or 3 ½ ft. wide. Therefore, weight and strength have huge impact on custom sliding barn doors, if they are large oversized custom barn doors.

That’s where president and inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending lightweight high-strength warp-free Sing Core comes in. Using sing’s core, any custom-made sliding barn door can be made of any material in any size, up to 40-50 ft. and be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for a full 50 years.


This blows the doors off any limitations which may face architects, designers, and door engineers faced with the task of building sustainable custom-made barn doors because they can now be made of any material in any size, hung from less expensive barn door hardware and have little or no maintenance or repair over time (50 years) as long as they have Sing Core inside.


No need imagining that you could have custom wood interior doors in any style, size, and species without fear of warping or costly ongoing maintenance because thanks to Sing’s inventions, this is the new reality.

Custom Sliding Barn Doors with Glass

Want to stand out of the crowd, go ahead and design your custom made sliding barn doors with windows placed at specific locations in any shape for that extra “something special” which sets you apart.

You are the creator of your own custom milled barn doors, so go ahead, cut out those lite openings anywhere you want and make a signature statement easily and effectively where you have any gap between two adjoining walls.

Note that at Sing Core, we don’t actually build the beautiful doors for which we have become so acclaimed. Sing Core is the Eco-friendly secret ingredient inside custom millwork sliding barn doors that are built to never fail.

The most contemporary modern barn door companies, millworks, and builders of custom sliding barn doors are enabled to bring to life the most awesome sliding barn door ideas to life featuring any available variety of wood types or other building materials, such as aluminum, brass, cold rolled steel, concrete, diamond plate steel, fiberglass, FRP, glass, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, HPL, Kevlar, Masonite, stainless steel, well, you get the idea…

Fully supporting those who design and build custom barn doors that are envied in the industry.

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