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Ice Fishing Shanty

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It’s getting to be that season and you’re going through your ice fishing gear in preparation of this year’s ice fishing in the United States and Canada.

sing-ice-fishing-house-shanty-minnesotaAlready, Sing Core is shipping ice fishing houses to Maine, New York, Wyoming and Indiana as ice fishermen gear up for the impending ice fishing season, this year.

As you are perusing the classifieds in search of your next ice fish house for sale think about reaching out to Sing Core, the premiere producers of the high-end portable shelter.

Fish house frames make up a great deal of the weight and cost of materials and labor) if you’re planning a do it yourself home built project.

Your next ice fishing shelter could be your modest home away from home. Of course you could get an ice fishing tent, but if you’ve done that before, you know what roughing it is like.

As far as fish houses go, our ice fishing reports keep pouring-in and we think you will agree that your affordable Sing Ice Fishing Shanty will out-perform, out-last and weight less than any other ice fishing hut.

Advantages of the Sing Ice Fishing House:

  • Weather resistant
  • Pre-insulated
  • Strongest aerospace composite material
  • Can be light tight for dark house use
  • Fast set up: Less than 10 minutes
  • Rapid disassembly: 5 minutes
  • Built-in handles for easy moving
  • 4 ft x 8 ft footprint
  • Lightweight: 160 lbs
  • Ships in flat-pack

This Sing ice fishing shelter is hade of patented super-strong space-age lightweight panels, like the ones used in aeronautic design, except these are much stronger and pre-insulated for a more enjoyable ice fishing experience. The Sing Ice Fishing House sets up in less than 10 minutes, and disassembles in 5.


Regular Price: $1,500, Sale Price: $750

50% Off Special

Isn’t it time that you upgraded your portable ice house?

… and when you’re considering ice fishing supplies, especially your ice fishing heater and the many other fish house accessories that make comfort and convenience much better than your standard ice fishing huts, think about insulation.

The Sing Ice Fishing Shanty is not only stronger and lighter weight than any other ice fishing shack, each one is already pre-insulated as part of the inherent core value of the design. You can heat the interior with very little energy expended, i.e. a candle.

Do your fish house plans include intention of upgrading to luxury ice fishing house? You might consider the

Sing Aluminum Fish House

insulated-ice-fishing-house-shanty-lightweight-160-lbsThe Sing Aluminum Fish House has all the features of the Sing Ice Fishing Shanty with the exterior clad in aluminum for superior extreme weather resistance. These aluminum ice fishing shanties feature all the insulation to help take the load off your ice fishing heaters

Ice fishing shelter reviews agree that if you’re looking for an aluminum ice house, not just any aluminum ice shack will do. Only Sing Core makes the best, Eco-friendly, lightweight, high-strength aluminum fish houses.

Because Sing Ice Fishing Shanties are collapsible and are easily flat-packed there is no need for an ice fishing trailer, cutting the expensive overhead of your future ice fishing trips making your decision to invest in the Sing Ice Fishing Shanty assurance that you have the best portable ice fishing shelter.