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T Slot Doors

Sing T Slot Doors are based on the same T Slot Panel system that is used in our T Slot Panel Modular Buildings and caters to the most high end structurally sound engineers and contractors serving major industrial clients, including aerospace and military applications.

t slot panel sliding door lightweight stronger than steelThe stringent demands of these clients include high precision technology that is lightweight, high strength and damage resistant; all the same reasons why anyone seeks out Sing Core to deal with the challenges of strength and weight issues that face users of all other traditional building materials.

The Sing t slot system uses all the same components that are already in use throughout the t slot extrusion community. Very little custom engineering will ever have to be done because all the necessary t slot components and t slot accessories are already well known and have impressive track records in the industry.

Why Use a Sing T Slot Door?

Sing T Slot Doors are specified by architects who are well familiar with the special attributes associated with Sing T Slot Panels and this t slot system can accommodate t slot doors of any size.

T Slot Sliding Doors

Sing T Slot Sliding Doors are extremely high precision thanks to the patented core (.006 inch tolerance) that provides a rock solid substrate for a superior sliding door that outperforms any other sliding door even in the most strenuous applications that are insulated and stronger than steel (+600 PSI) pound-for-pound.

High performance T Slot Sliding Doors means ease of installation and little (if no) maintenance over the service life of the lightweight t slot sliding door.

t slot wall panels and t slot sliding door as t slot componentsT Slot Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are one of the fastest growing types of doors in our product arena. Pivot doors present a unique set of challenges that Sing T Slot Pivot Doors are the perfect solution for. For instance pivot doors are usually oversized. Big doors are usually heavier, requiring extra engineering and heavy duty hardware that tends to require regular maintenance and will fail over time.

Large pivot doors also have a tendency to fail (not long after installation) due to warping resulting in seal compromise. Any door is less effective once the seal loses its accuracy. That’s why the Sing T Slot Pivot door solution is perfect for those who seek only the best pivot doors made.

Large T Slot Doors

One of the tremendous features of super large doors, like those used in factories, airplane hangars, military installations and large industrial projects, the problem with size is not a burden for Sing Core because it is our specialty.

Another advantage of using the Sing’s t slot system is to utilize the advantage of modular large door design because even though Sing Core can manufacture a door of any size (up to 50 feet) shipping can become problematic.

Using the Sing t slot system, large doors of any size can be shipped in t slot modules that can be assembled and installed on site without compromising high precision and can still be covered by our 50 year guarantee not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail.

T Slot Training Facility

US Navy Training Facility Outfitted with Sing T Slot Panels

Modular T Slot Doors

Sing modular t slot doors are reduced to manageable t slot door components (t slot panels) that can be easily flat packed and shipped via truck to any location for installation.

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T Slot Manufacturers

T slot aluminum insulated torsion box panels in T1 or T3 exposed slots panel connectionFor years, Sing Panels have been connected by many different connection methods. One system has evolved to be the top of the line in high precision. insulated and lightweight wall panel that is stronger than steel pound-for-pound (660 PSI).

Sing T Slot Panels can be integrated with any T Slot design for all your T Slot hardware, connection methods and convenient high performance specifications.

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T Slot Manufacturers

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