SingCore is well known across the United States for making one of a kind, perfectly flat doors. And we are the only provider in the market willing to guarantee their doors for up to 50 years, with our iron clad structural warrantee.

Yet, our biggest weakness has always been cost. The price of precession construction, custom design, and American craftsmanship is not always commensurate with competing lower quality local and import doors. Until now, SingCore door have been primarily the domain of high end custom millworks, construction firms, and architects. But, we hope to change this.

With an infusion of new technology and industrial machinery, our ultimate stream line our production process so that eventually SingCore can be found in every home in the country. And this means savings. Here are our top 3 money saving ideas when manufacturing a custom pivot door, sliding door, hinge door, carriage door, or bi-fold door with SingCore.

Go Local with Veneer and Finishing

Sing Wood Veneer Door for Slip Match

Although SingCore provides a wide range of finish options, our first love and primary business has always been our patented and patent pending SingCore door technology. To this end we are focusing and reducing the costs of our all custom door blanks.

Our door panels are suitable for a wide variety of finishes including: wood veneer, paint, aluminum, steel, and more.

When you buy the unfinished panels from us and veneer them yourself, you are able to save 50% or more compared to the price of the same panel with veneer already applied. And, because of the regional cost of having a local vendor apply veneer to your panels, you will frequently come out much ahead than if you had bough the pre-veneer door from SingCore.

We would be glad to do it for you because we use the top craftsmen and pay the top price to deliver only the best veneer door skin, or we can supply you with the blank and you can apply the veneer in-house or locally.

In-house Wood Stave by Sing Core

We have all the best equipment and expertise to provide guaranteed top-of-the-line wood stave, look better than solid wood. More precision than solid wood. Guaranteed no other manufacturer can attain these quality standards of lightweight, high strength, fully insulated and guaranteed flat for 50 years. Better than AWI standards.

Walnut Wood Stave Sing Door (upgrade from Sing veneer door)

Buy Bulk Discount

FRP Fiberglass Hinge Doors Huge StackSingCore doors are all mode to order in a batch work shop / factory setting. Then, we ship the completed door blanks to your shop or site directly.

Because of the all custom nature of our products and our centralized production facility, it can often be very cost effective to order our product in bulk.

If you are ordering SingCore as an element of a larger project, particularly oversized pivot or sliding doors, we are able to offer extreme discounts if you  include a larger portion of the door schedule in your order. Often, this combined approach can reduce the unit price of our standard size door blanks to be competitive with lower cost manufacturers.

Many Doors with Different Sizes

Additionally, we have the capability of bulk producing panels that can be cut to meet the needs of products that have a relatively large number of similarly sized doors. If your door schedule comprises doors that frequently only vary by 4″-6″ in either or both dimensions, then we can possibly save you money with our bulk order plan, for a trim yourself finishing method.

Not limited to size, type of skins, glass openings, or style, including stile and rail look. 

For more information on grouping your miscellaneous door order to qualify it as a modified bulk order with many different sizes, see How to Save Thousands on Your Next Door Order.

This is our most effective cost-savings program to date.

“Build to Fit Your Budget”

SingCore panels straight strong lightweightOur product at SingCore comes with only the strictest guarantee. Because of that we take our time with every panel we produce, in order to ensue only the highest build quality and that only top quality materials make their way in to your custom door.

However, in some cases, this tedious effort can be overkill, and over expensive.

If your job has lenient conditions like the following, then way may be able to save you money on your door purchase:

  • Interior doors
  • Some allowance for extremely minor warping
  • Flexibility in door dimensions, thickness, and skin material

Let us know if any of these conditions could apply to your order, and we will do everything in our power to get you to a price that you can afford.