Sing core has had a large impact in the large metal door marketplace relieving many of the frustrations associated with working on projects featuring large metal doors.

Large hot rolled steel sliding door with man door

Large hot rolled steel sliding door with man door

Peter Sing, the inventor of Sing Core, is proud to assist the industry with an insulated Eco-friendly alternative to making high precision large metal doors that are lightweight, yet stronger than steel pound-for-pound.

Sing Core’s modern steel doors are specified by architects, engineers, and designers for some of the top companies, organizations, and military operations across the United States of America.

If you have a large metal door, like a steel prehung commercial door, you might not know it has Peter Sing’s invention, Sing Core, inside, unless it’s a large metal door that’s lightweight and came with a 50-year guarantee.

Sing’s core is available only to the best large custom metal door manufacturers, enabling them to create large pivoting metal doors which can be guaranteed to be dead flat, straight and true, for 50-years, including a fully-backed structure warranty.

Hot rolled steel door being finished to install

Hot rolled steel door being finished to install

You will find large metal doors with Sing Core inside as steel front doors, steel pivot doors, and other types of commercial steel doors across used domestically and among the military branches of service and NASA.

These oversized steel doors are made with Sing’s patented solid composite core system which fully insulates the steel door system resulting in steel doors that can be lightweight yet yield high ratings as steel sound isolation doors with accompanying STC ratings.

Only the best steel door manufacturer offers the ultimate steel door system that has Sing Core inside for their STC-rated metal doors.

No longer are you limited to low performance hollow metal doors because now you can have a fully insulated solid core steel door made with the highest precision core (+/- .006-in.) with the highest strength threshold, such as 660+ PSI.

Architectural Steel Doors

More and more you are finding Sing Core in the specifications from architects who seek to deliver the best results for their most high-end clientele. Sing partners with the steel door manufacturer enabling them to deliver prefinished steel doors, metal framed doors, metal fire doors, large metal double doors, even metal aircraft hangar doors with 50-year guarantees to their clients.

This is an entirely new approach to the design of architectural steel doors of yesterday. This revolutionary technology provides more safety and security with increased sound deadening properties and added climate control without having to resort to other technologies which are heavy in weight.

That means you can have a stainless-steel door in operation as a metal security door, or a large industrial plate steel door installed in a commercial or industrial environment which can be virtually maintenance-free for 50 years.

Even steel garage doors and Sing’s residential steel doors are popping up all over the country with Sing Core inside, though admittedly only in the higher-end multi-million-dollar estates.

If you’re looking for top of the line commercial metal doors, steel entry doors, or any size of metal door with glass, you might think about specifying you want, “Sing Core inside” your next

Now you can have an Eco-friendly advantage in any type of large metal doors across the spectrum from a standard steel building door to metal aircraft hangar doors which can measure 40’ by 60’ in size. These exceptionally large metal doors can be shipped in modular components which can be easily assembled on site without sacrificing precision or quality.

Thanks to Sing Core the bar for the metal door manufacturing of heavy-duty steel doors, and impact doors has risen immensely, and Eco-friendly Sing Core is the discerning factor in taking a sustainable look at reinventing metal door assembly.

Whether you’re looking to design a larger steel door that makes a difference in a more conscientious world or looking to increase safety and security by specifying your next steel slab door, you might want to give the friendly folks at Sing Core a shout out.

They also help the best metal shops create high-end aluminum doors, bronze doors, copper doors and metal swinging doors of many forms and function.

How to Get a Sing Large Metal Door

Its easy, just visit or call your local custom metal door fabricator and tell them you want “Sing Core inside” your metal door. Sing Core will work hand-n-hand with them to provide you with the best large metal door available in America today.

And, “Yes,” Sing Core was invented in America and is proudly made in the USA to reach your highest expectations.