oversized sliding doors interior oversized doorsWhen it comes to oversized doors, don’t you want your doors to be low maintenance and warp-free?

Thanks to the invention of our patented non-warp solution any door of any size can be a warp-free door if it has SingCore inside.

Oversized Doors Challenge

The trouble with oversized doors today is that all over the USA and around the world if the doors are large doors – over 7 ft. tall and 3.5 ft wide – problems will arise causing the door to fail because all big doors warp. That’s the basic problem and SingCore solves that problem quite nicely.

If your oversized door has professional SingCore inside it can be guaranteed to be warp-free for 50 years, including full structural warranty. No other door can be guaranteed to be warp-free unless it has SingCore inside.

The Secret of Warp-free Oversized Doors

how to install oversized doorsThe secret of creating warp-free oversized doors is out, and SingCore is the answer. Besides being guaranteed warp-free for 50 years, your high quality doors with SingCore inside offer other features eluding doors manufactured any other way. You can expect some amazing additional attributes due to the composite structure of SingCore door blanks. For instance:

Lightweight: SingCore is a solid internal door core designed for oversized doors that weighs a fraction of other solid wood door cores. Oversized doors with SingCore inside can weigh 100 lbs. each in comparison to the 1,100 lbs. each of the original solid core large doors being architecturally replaced.

High Strength: SingCore has been independently tested and rated at 660 PSI. That’s stronger than steel pound-for-pound. No other lightweight door core material is stronger or more effective for oversized doors that can withstand over 600 lbs.

lightweight oversized doors up to 50 ft guaranteed warp free for 50 yearsWill Not Warp, Bend or Twist: Professional SingCore will not warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail due to the vertical grain torsion box structure reinforced with rigid structural strength foam insulation and patent pending stiffeners. Sandwiched between two stress skins SingCore is the only door core material than can be guaranteed warp-free for 50 years.

Insulated: SingCore is packed with insulation for climate control and sound deadening characteristics ranging from R3.5 and up per inch due to the structural insulation used inside the torsion box structural grids. Foam can be upgraded from our standard EPS foam (R3.5) for even more insulation per your specifications by using Polyurethane foam (R6.5), Polyisocyanurate (R7.5), Phenolic (over R8) or other more advanced foams that may be available to meet your specifications, while solid wood is rated at R.71 to R1.4 per inch.

Oversized Garage Doors

oversized garage doors oversized doorsWhen garage door companies create a warp-free insulated exterior 10 ft garage door that stands between the garage door interior and fully exposed to the elements only one high quality large garage door solution can be guaranteed to be warp-free for 50 years. And 8 ft. doors are child’s play for SingCore, the only exterior garage door material that can pack such an impressive warranty. So, if you have a large garage with oversized garage doors and you want worry-free long life and low maintenance, tell your garage door manufacturer, you want, “SingCore inside.”

Oversized Front Door

Not unlike oversized garage doors, the oversized front door is the number one most important access point in the home. Being oversized exterior doors, the importance of lightweight, high strength, warp-free and highly insulated adds to the overall safety and security of the home protecting the family from exterior noise, weather conditions, energy loss, and intruders while maintaining secure, uncompromised door seal. Quite a feat for any oversized doors, and are the only oversized entry doors that can be guaranteed for 50 years.

Oversized Sliding Doors

10 ft garage door oversized doorsOversized sliding doors are the most important oversized doors to keep warp-free for long-term maintenance-free operation, because if the large sliding door were to warp, bend or twist the door becomes damaged or inoperable. This is especially true for oversized pocket doors which are concealed within a hidden compartment inside the wall, when in the open position and warped, may not be easily withdrawn from its resting place when opened, or alternatively may not be opened due to not being able to retract into its predetermined location.

Guaranteed Oversized Doors

Prior to the introduction of SingCore to the oversized door builders, door manufacturers and millworks found it impossible to offer any warranty on 8 foot doors, 10 ft garage doors or even larger doors. Now, thanks to SingCore, they can build and offer a warranty on doors to remain warp-free for 50 years, even if the oversized door spans 50 ft.