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High Precision Warp-free Metal

Sing Core is the provider of lightweight high precision warp-free metal products to industries, such as military, aerospace, construction, high-end millworks and door companies in panel or post and beam configurations that are stronger than steel pound for pound and are guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.

Inventor, Peter Sing, provides his patented and patent-pending weldless metal technologies to solve the problems associated with the limitations of metal products. Welding causes imperfections in the surface area and compromises strength. Solid metal can look very nice but is so heavy it is highly impractical, expensive to handle, install, and the cost of hardware is outrageous.

Warp-free Metal Doors

Large oversized metal doors are a challenge for architects, designers, and engineers. Standard-sized metal doors can be a challenge, depending on your expectations. The bigger a metal door is, the more problems you will face in the building of the door, transporting and installing the door, and ongoing maintenance of the door, hardware, and structure over time.

Sing’s solution solves the problems associated with metal doors by offering his patented alternative to traditional metal door manufacturing methods resulting in the highest precision large doors in the industry with the highest performance across the board for lightweight Eco-friendly metal doors. So far advanced, each door can be guaranteed to remain true flat and fail free for 50 years.

Looks Like Solid Metal

Whether your metal doors are made of aluminum, brass, cold rolled steel, copper, diamond plate steel, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, stainless steel, or whatever, when you encounter one of Sing’s metal doors, it looks and feels like a piece of solid metal, only trying to achieve the high-end precision and performance in any other type of metal door has not been achieved in any other way. And if your metal doors have these characteristics, it must have Sing Core inside.

Sing Warp-free Metal is

Eco-friendly Lightweight  High Strength
Fully Insulated  Sound Deadening  Climate Control
High Precision  High Performance  Guaranteed 50 Years
Impact Resistant  Hybrid Composite  Solid as a Rock

Compare Your Metal to Warp-free Metal

Standard Metal  Sing Warp-free Metal
Heavy  Lightweight
Welding  No Welding
Welded Frame  No Frame
Hollow  Solid
Strength Variance  Stronger than steel lb. for lb.
Inconsistent Tolerances  Sing Core Tolerance +/- .006-in.
Inconsistent Surface Area  Perfectly Smooth as fresh-milled
Expensive Hardware  Less Expensive Hardware
Expensive to Install  Save $ on Installation
Increased Maintenance  Little or No Maintenance
Potential to Fail  50-year No Fail Guarantee

If you’ve worked with long spans of metal, you know what to expect due to the limitations of how metal performs within the laws of physics. Take a look at inventor, Peter Sing, standing amidst a 13 ft span on an aluminum panel that is only one-inch thick.

Inventor Peter Sing standing on a one-inch panel 13 ft. span w/little or no deflection

No other metal could perform like this. Only warp-free Sing metal could accomplish such a feat, and to continue remaining just as lightweight and strong for 50 years without fail, is unheard of, until now.