Seattle Center for Architecture & Design

Seattle architects are renowned for their commitment to green building, energy efficiency and innovation. In the next few days, the new Center for Architecture & Design in Seattle will be featuring the newest revolution in green building products in their facility further promoting environmental awareness throughout the Pacific Northwest and the world. Patented Sing Core® […]

Center for Architecture & Design – Seattle, Washington

In an effort to reach out the greater worldwide community from its headquarters in Seattle, SingCore has partnered with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Seattle in the design and building of the new 4,500-square-foot Center for Architecture and Design in the National Building located at 1010 Western Avenue in Seattle, Washington. SingCore is offering […]

Seattle’s Symphony of Architecture and Design Center for the State of Washington

Green building materials are the focus point of every architecture design now-a-days. As the home of the architect and design community for State of Washington, which is the leader in high tech and advanced materials playground for searching the planet for green, earth-friendly products is essential for this new home for all designers and architects. […]

Center for Architecture & Design Seattle, Washington

  Proud to be the newest Eco-friendly architectural building product that is more lightweight and stronger than other traditional building products, Sing Core is a part of this forward thinking movement that is creating an advanced attitude that embraces high tech while maintaining a green perspective. “The Center is shared home and place of collaboration […]

Sliding Doors Seattle

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you may have the occasion to search for sliding doors Seattle. You could be looking for anything from an interior sliding door to huge exterior commercial sliding doors which could be over 40 ft. tall and/or 40 ft. wide (or even larger sliding doors). If you are looking […]

Movable Wall in Seattle Tech Giant

Movable Wall in Seattle Tech Giant Sing Core is proud to accept large sliding door, movable wall, or temporary wall projects the would cause other door core producers. Once example is this amazing door produced in mid 2018. In this project the greatest qualities of Sing Core's patented honeycomb core come to the forefront: Light [...]

CFAD Seattle’s 10′ x 12′ Doors

About the CFAD The Center for Architecture and Design is a Pacific Northwest hub for the advocacy of architecture and design. A dynamic public space for exhibits, programs, and conversations, the CFAD explores design's role in shaping cities. The CFAD is home to: AIA Seattle AIA Washington Area Council The Seattle Architecture Foundation Design in Public [...]

Guaranteed Warp Free for 50 Years

The pride and joy of our SingCore brand is the fact that we are confident enough to offer an unmatched 50 year guarantee on all our professional level products. Built to Last SingCore uses a space age proprietary core design, inspired by the high tech construction techniques pioneered by the aerospace industry. Our core material […]

Your Guide to Extra Large Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are widely known as the “king of doors.” From the busy avenues of New York City to the posh estates of Beverly Hills, SingCore is making a mark on the pivot door scene all across the United States and all over the world! How Big Can I Make My Pivot Door Here at […]