Finally, a trade show booth design breakthrough that is taking the trade show industry by storm. Trade show booth designers are having the time of their lives creating the best trade show booths, while allowing their genius trade show booth ideas to soar the gamut of possibilities.


Now, you can design and build your own trade show booth using the Eco-friendly modular trade show display components that are lightweight (a fraction of stick contractor-built trade show displays), high strength (660 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound), and click together easily without any special tools (only an Allen wrench) or skilled labor required to assemble.

The Sing modular trade show wall panels come in convenient, easy to handle 22 inch or 36 inch wide two-inch-thick units which lock into aluminum connecting standards which are 2×2 inch. Standard connection methods may accommodate and 90 degree combination.

Armed with these modular components for trade show display, you can let your fearless imagination run wild to create the most amazing trade show booth configurations.

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Of course, you can choose from any standard pre-configured 10×10 trade show booth or 10×20 trade show booth design kits.

The pre-configured kits feature a standard trade show booth design and can come with trade show accessories, such as trade show lighting, for a turnkey trade show booth that you can set up within minutes and be as professional as any of the other high end trade show vendors.

If you’ve used inexpensive pipe and drape tradeshow displays, this is a huge upgrade for you that puts your trade show booth in league with the big boys.

And when it comes to your trade show booth design, you need not restrict your trade show booth ideas, as you can have any design shape of features and Sing Core’s standard smooth, white Formica provides an excellent base for attaching your attention-grabbing trade show graphics and/or colored vinyl applications.

Say, “Goodbye,” to Trade Show Booth Rental

“Thank you for Sing Trade Show Displays. With the cost of two trade show booth rentals, we own our own tradeshow system that we redesign at any time and we never have to rent another trade show booth again. Thank you.”

Your Sing trade show booth design system can pay for itself in two trade shows. You can put that money in your pocket or use it for other marketing opportunities to better promote your wares.

Artistic Trade Show Booth Design

Plus, you can enjoy all the benefits of your Sing modular trade show system, such as lightweight, easy to handle trade show components that can easily be assembled, knocked down and flat packed for easy transportation and storage – And your own your own trade show booth.

And your Sing trade show design can be changed at any time. Want to increase the size of your trade show booth for the big next show? No problem. Just add the additional modular trade show components to accommodate your new trade show booth design.