We at Sing Core are honored to partner with our trade show vendors, trade show display manufacturers and trade show rental companies to provide what has been referred to as the best trade show booth.

The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

What makes your Sing Core trade show booth different from other tradeshow displays?

Well, that depends on what kind of trade show booth you’re comparing it to, as there are so many ways one can show their wares at trade show exhibits. If we look at one end of the spectrum, we find companies who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on each show by hiring skilled union contractors to build their custom trade show displays, to only destroy and discard the materials following the trade show. While a new one is being built at the next trade show location.

That on one end of the trade show display continuum. On the other end, you find the small independent starving artist with his PVC pipe constructed frame with curtains to simulate an exhibition booth. In terms of sustainability and responsible use, the PVC curtain portable display makes much more sense than wasting of energy and resources on the other end of the spectrum, because of its low cost and reusability of these portable trade show displays.

Of course there are many variations along the continuum of tradeshow booth possibilities, some better than others… Then there are Sing Core Modular Trade Show Displays.

Tough to compare to any other tradeshow displays in the industry, because of the use of patented Sing Core and warp-free sciences resulting in a trade show panels that is lightweight, stronger than steel, that can be guaranteed for 10 years not to fail.

Sing trade show booths are getting all the buzz because they are the Eco-friendly sustainable solution for trade show booth displays, not just because they have, “Sing Core inside,” but because they are more high precision than stick built trade show display booths, and built to be assembled, disassembled, transported, stored, and assembled, disassembled, transported, stored, over and over again for ten years without fail guaranteed.

Imagine if all your marketing displays could be assembled in minutes, and reused over and over again for years and years. Your Sing portable booth can be purchased for little more than it costs for a trade show booth rental, but it’s yours to keep and reuse as long as you like.

And for that bit of extra flair, you can stand out from the competition by appearing atop you custom trade show flooring.

Trade Show Design Options

We have some trade show displays in stock and ready to ship to you (allow one week for freight delivery) that can be bought with one click and for a limited time include Free Shipping.

For those who are a little more particular and would rather not have a pre-configured boxed trade show system, you can Build Your Own Booth, by selecting the modular trade show components you want, and create any design you like for your modular trade show booth.

Then there are the custom trade show displays designed by the visionary trade show vendors, where the sky’s the limit (unless they’re NASA). We help them to create the best trade show displays, which are reusable. If not for the next trade show, then back at the showcase, warehouse or gallery to be repurposed as elegant in-house marketing displays.

So, whatever your needs or concerns are about your tradeshow displays, we have the exclusive high end knockdown rebuild solution backed by our uncompromising 10 year guarantee.