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Sing Honeycomb Doors

#1 Best Seller: Doors

Patented Sing Honeycomb doors are lightweight, high strength and insulated. Sing Honeycomb doors have been used as carriage doors, sliding doors, sliding walls, bifold, and industrial sliding doors, to name a few. The surface can be metal, fiberglass, wood, ceramic tile, or even cement board. We guarantee all doors for flatness and straightness. We offer custom sizes for specialty projects!


Sing Core Metal Composite Panels



#2 Best Seller: Aluminum Panels

Our aluminum panels are sandwiched using the patented Sing Honeycomb core. Sing Honeycomb is the strongest, most lightweight, and most eco-friendly core ever made.

Sing Core Metal Composite Panels

3-1 Building Applications

Sing Core is revolutionizing the eco-friendly green building material marketplace by supplying designers, architects, builders and developers with the strongest, most lightweight components known to man. See examples, like, ceilings or floors.

sing hardwood flooring system solid wood laminate floor insulated sound deadening

3-1-2 Floors

For our customers who desire a more traditional look to their hardwood/laminate flooring is our plank flooring.  Our wood veneer features the best and most beautiful wood grainsand our planking system slips together flawlessly for a fit to rival any type of hardwood flooring system out there.


Sing Ceiling Core is a veneer torsion box embedded in EPS foam. You can finish Sing Core with any load bearing facial material. In our core, we use the strongest material in the strongest form: vertical grain veneer! Our grid is stronger than other honeycomb sandwich cores because the veneer is arranged with the grain perpendicular to the skin.

Sing Core Museum Panels

3-2 Museum & Trade Show Panels

Trade show panels weigh an average of <1/2-1 lb. per square foot. Our panels will enhance the visual quality of your products and display, especially when used in combination with Sing Honeycomb flooring. Perfect for artists, welders, salesman and anyone else looking for a beautiful lightweight display booth.

Sing Core Sign Panels



3-3 Sing Sign board, Billboards

Sing signage components are lightweight, stronger than steel and versitile enough to be used in any setting. That’s why artists all over the world are demanding that their work be displayed on Sing Core’s eco-friendly art panels, that make an excellent canvas for your next promotion or work of art.

Sing Core Transportation Panels

3-4 Transportation

Sing Honeycomb panels are becoming the standard solutions to problems facing the transportation industry, especially when faced with design challenges where lightweight and strength are considerations. You will find Sing Core in ships, railcars, semitrailers, truck bodies, luxury yachts and aircraft.

Sing Core Industrial Panels


3-5 Industry

Sing Core, Sing sandwich panels and Sing panels are the solution for many of your industrial material handling problems—-avoid damage of expensive veneer and plywood in such applications as dunnage and plywood support base.

Sing Core Furniture

3-6 Furniture

Sing Honeycomb Furniture offers style, strength and light-weight in one attractive package. Made from our patented Sing Honeycomb Core, you are assured that the furniture you purchase could last beyond your lifetime.

Sing Log Homes

3-7 Log Homes

Our log homes have the highest insulation and precision ratings in the log home industry. We offer DIY: Log Home Kits & Design Friendly log homes. Builds quick and easy, looks fantastic and lasts hundreds of years!

Sing Tiny House, Sheds and Storage Boxes

3-8 Sing Tiny house, Sheds and Storage Boxes

Lightweight insulated panels (R6.5-sq. in.) make up the exterior of the Tiny house. Using Sing technology, Tiny houses are structurally superior to anything else on the market! Create a livable space during home remodeling, on a place where you could not normally build, or at a campsite or wilderness location; as with all Sing Honeycomb products, the possibilities are limitless. Our Honeycomb sheds and storage containers are an excellent choice for all of your storage needs!

Sing Core Aquatic Panels



3-11 Aquatic

Sing Core comes to the rescue of underwater and water repellant applications by offering superior strength while remaining lightweight, and of course, waterproof.

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