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#1 Items: Sliding & Oversize Doors

Sing Core is the revolutionary new user and eco-friendly building material based on patented Sing Core technology helping to create greater sustainabilty and a grrener earth.

Here are some building materials that can change the way your project impacts our planet and will have a longer life. Besides being environmentally friendly, Sing Core building materials are lightweight and stronger than steel.


Other Doors Available: Flush door, Barn door, Pivoted door, Painted door, Wood door, Metal door, Ceramic door, Cement board door, Bi-fold door, Cold storage sliding, Truck door

Other Floors Available: Wide plank floor, Large floor, Portable floor, Raised floor, Lightweight high rise commercial floor, Stage floors, Portable floors, Mezzanine floors, Clean room floors, 


Walls Available: Structure panel wall, Rain screen wall, Curtain wall, Aluminum insulated panel wall, Modular office wall, partition wall, Aluminum insulated panel wall, Museum display walls, Movable walls

Other Ceilings Available: Cloud ceiling, Ceiling

Roofing Available: Roof structure/Sing beam, Roof/Sing timber truss

Post and Beam Trade Show Display

The modular Sing Post and Beam Trade Show Display is likely the best improvement in economical Eco-friendly lightweight high strength modular trade show displays.

See: 8×8 Post and Beam Trade Show Display

Other Building Materials Available: Window frame, Out door structure, Out door deck, Stepping stone, Portable garden concrete floor, Portable garden concrete floor, Out door furniture, Stair, Wood stair thread, Metal stair thread, Cement board,concrete Stair thread, Rail for stair, Wood stair thread