European imported modular wall systems are nationally recognized as being leaders in the museum display industry. However, these walls require a great deal of proprietary hardware to offer strength to the structure.

Sing Core’s patented core material provides unmatched strength without any additional hardware. European wall systems do not compare to Sing Core’s eco-friendly, lightweight, and guaranteed flat museum exhibit walls. Sing Core is so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 50 year warp free guarantee.

The museum science industry is taking notice of Sing museum display panels because they are structurally guaranteed for 10 years but designed to last centuries.

How can you guarantee Sing museum panels for 10 years?

Sing museum panels are a combination of superior woodworking craftsmanship and advanced composite technology. Our patented Sing core is a vertical grain natural wood fiber torsion box that is then filled with foam and fuse-adhered to the external material of the client’s choice. This complete structure results in a rock-solid structure that is guaranteed to not warp, bend, or twist for up to 50 years. So in actuality, a 10 year guarantee is an underestimation of Sing Core’s potential uncompromising strength and stability.

Free-Standing Museum Walls

Sing Free-Standing museum walls are perfect for executing high-end exhibit displays are elegant, yet lightweight, stronger tan steel, and more eco-friendly than the competition. Our walls require little construction and can be assembled without a large crew. Additionally our walls can be custom created to be any size according to your specifications. Our standard sizes are 4ft. x 8ft. x 1ft. and 4ft. x 10ft.x 1ft. are are available in any material.

Available in Sing Butcher Block

Add the elegance of solid wood butcher block to any project lightweight high strength

Sing museum exhibit walls are available in any flat surface material to meet or exceed your architectural specifications, including our patented non-warping butcher block that can be used for almost anything.

See: Butcher Block for ideas.

Super strength

These temporary display walls are strong enough to secure lighting, artwork, or hand heavy features to display without compromising the overall structure of the wall or the museum design.

Its important that the structural integrity of the wall be maintained over time so, not only are Sing museum exhibit panels guaranteed to be truly flat when you receive it, they are guaranteed to remain truly flat for up to 50 years. This Sing Core technology will save you maintenance or replacement costs over time by providing you with an excellent product that you know is guaranteed to last.

History Meets the Future

It’s time to embrace leading-edge technology to display and protect the most important historical relics with the most integrity. Museums have been able to effectively use modern structural materials to educate others and preserve our rich and valuable history. Until now, the best answer has been European-made museum panels. However, these panels do not have structural integrity since they are designed with heavy aluminum framing to deliver the quality that is required for historical preservation.

Museum exhibit design just got easier

Thanks to Sing Core technology panels can now be thinner, more lightweight, stronger, and require less additional hardware than the average museum wall. Furthermore our panels can be set up easily with only two people and no special tools. Many of our museum clients like being able to order six-inch thick panels that can still be assembled single-handedly and requires less additional supporting structures.

European import systems are complicated, requiring metal framework to maintain their structural integrity, and have complicated hardware for assembly. Additionally, reconfiguration could require additional hardware to accomplish the redesign of the original display. Sing Core museum panels use our built-in cam-lock system to simply lock in each panel. This means that any craftsman with traditional woodworking skills and tools is able to set up Sing museum panels.


While you are maximizing your museum exhibit design capability you need to maintain financial responsibility. Sing Core helps you reduce your costs by supporting the museum science industry with discounts that will help you to subsidize your financial goals and maximize your budget. Sing museum display panels will cost about half of what you would pay for European import panels.

Easy tear-down, storage and reassembly

Museums want a system that is guaranteed to be long lasting, portable, reusable, and easily assembled. Sing Core museum panels provide just that, with the added benefits of being lightweight and eco-friendly.

A two man team can assemble your Sing museum exhibit in just a couple of minutes. When you are ready to take down this exhibit, the cam-lock system makes our panels easy to disassemble and store flat until you are ready to reuse them. There is no need for complicated hardware to store, catalog, sort, or maintain your Sing Core panels.

One-Time Purchase

With Sing Core products you know that this is just a one-time purchase since our panels will remain perfectly straight without any additional support.

Our panels will not bend, twist, or warp even under heavy loads. They are strong enough to attach and nail materials onto without damaging the integrity of the panels. The only time you will want to re-order Sing museum panels will be to expand your museum’s capabilities even more.

True Green Technology

Sing museum panels use less metal and are constructed using very little energy, extra resources, and are formaldehyde-free. Our process creates little to no waste. This means that Sing Core’s products create a greener earth.

Sing Core uses renewable and recycled materials that last for decades to come and at an affordable price; whereas European import systems use paper, cardboard and/or particle board which wastes energy and creates unnecessary waste.

Invented and made in the USA

Sing exhibit panels were invented in the United States, are produced in the United States. Support your American economy by using a promoting Sing museum panels that help to keep jobs and dollars right here in the United States while supporting local craftsmen instead of relying on specialized imported hardware. Help spread the word to other museums to use Sing Core for their next exhibit

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