Sing Core is proud to offer standardized over-size (47.5″ x 95.5″) door blanks. These doors are designed to meet the needs of architects, millworks, contractors, and other professionals who seek a more affordable option than our fully custom doors.

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  • Size — All our standardized oversize doors are 47.5″ x 95.5″, 2″ thick.
  • Skin / Finish — Choose one
    • Plywood
    • MDF
    • Veneer: walnut, oak, cedar, mahogany, teak, pine, & fir
    • Wood Stave: walnut, oak, cedar, mahogany, teak, pine, & fir
  • Light Openings — Choose one (see above photo)
    • Slab Door (model SO-S)
    • French Door (model SO-F)
    • Line Door (model SO-L)
    • Five Door (model SO-F)
  • Finish — all panels come as unsealed, un-primered wood; and require finishing before installation
  • Hardware / Blocking — Our door blanks do not come with hardware, most standard hardware will work with our doors. We provide solid wood blocking options for pivot doors, hinge doors, and sliding doors
  • Weight — Weight depends on skin material and blocking pattern chosen, but are generally around 60#-80#. Contact us directly for more information.
  • Insulation / R-Value — Panels provide R 5.25 insulation
  • Sound Proofing — are highly resistant to noise transmission
  • Fire Rating — our doors meet most local fire codes

Other Options

Wide standard sized (80″ x 47.5″) doors coming soon for as little as $450.

Sing Core provides custom panels of any dimensions, thickness, skin type, light opening, etc. Please submit a price request to contact our sales team for more information.

Shop Drawings

Use links below to view standard blocking and dimensions for each door model.