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Our panels make pivot doors!

True flat large entrance doors 50 year non warp guarantee pivot doors lightweight high strength honeycomb panels

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[wpex more = “Click here to read how patented Sing core has solved the age-old door-warping problem!” less = “Click for less“]The age-old warping problem has been solved!  Building designers, contractors and millworkers as well as homeowners can dance for joy.

Patented Sing Core The revolutionary patented Sing core technology has solved the warping nightmare.  Doors made with Sing panels are true flat (non-warping) and will stay true flat and can be guaranteed true flat for 50 years.  It is like Sing panels have true-flat memory!  The Sing panel core is a honeycomb/torsion box foam grid wherein the wood grain is perpendicular to the skin and held together with our patented formaldehyde-free glue.  So, our patented Sing cores are 90 percent air, which does not move, supported by the strongest structure possible.  As such,  Sing panels are:

High Precision makes true flat Sing cores!

High Precision makes true flat Sing cores!

1.  Dimensionally stable with a high precision Sing core tolerance of +/- .006 inch.  This is laser precision which produces the smoothest and most true-flat panels.

2.  Fully insulated in the protection of our patented Sing grid structure for temperature control and sound-deadening qualities.  Sing cores are 3 to 5 times more insulated than solid wood-based door cores.  Note:  Our patented Sing core structure prevents separation of the foam and the skin which preserves the original strength and insulation value.

Lightweight true flat memory! 3.  Lightweight so that even a 4 inch thick door will weigh only 2 to 3 pounds per square foot. An average wood-core weighs 8 to 10 times more than our patented Sing core.

4.  High strength which has been verified by the University of Washington at above 660 PSI, making our Sing panels pound-for-pound stronger than steel. (You could drive a 12,000-pound forklift with heavy rubber wheels over them without crushing them!)

5.  Water-resistance/waterproof doors made of patented Sing core panels can be completely exposed to the weather without warping. (Click here to see our exterior door gallery.)

Sing core strength! 6.   Eco-friendly and non-toxic structure glue for bonding skins and Sing core. In summary, patented Sing core not only solves the door-warp problem, but also keeps the finished product high precision true flat, lightweight and high strength,  plus provides great insulation and sound reduction and is eco-friendly.

Click here to see how patented Sing core door planks/door panels/door blanks produce true flat stay flat (non-warping) doors in any size, shape or design with a 50-year guarantee.  Call us for a free consultation at (360) 495-3577.[/wpex]

Pivot Door Line DrawingWhen it comes to custom, high-end, oversized, one-off pivot doors, Sing Core is the ultimate resources for even your most extravagant pivot door designs and solutions.

What makes Sing panel pivot doors so unique?

Pivot doors made with Sing panels are the standout selection of discriminating customers because of their unique qualifications.  For example, our pivot doors are:

  • Lightweight
  • Available in any size (up to 50 ft.)
  • Extremely durable and
  • Pound-for-pound stronger than steel
  • Can feature any surface material
  • True flat and structure guaranteed for 10 years

But no one has to be royalty or privileged to have the honor of using Sing panel pivot door technology in their home or business.  Anyone can experience the luxury and prestige of Sing panel doors working as a striking point of entry, making a bold design statement while being extraordinarily inviting.

Other advantages of Sing panel pivot doors include:

  • Less strain on pivot hardware
  • Last longer, with less maintenance
  • Reduced labor costs in installation and maintenanceGuaranteed true flat metal doors stay flat 50 years large pivot doors
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly building material

So, if you are looking for an extraordinary modern pivot door for that contemporary front-door appearance, a metal pivot door, pivot closet doors, a pivot garage door, or commercial pivot doors, Sing Core is your premiere resource.

Sing Core works in tandem with architects, designers and door manufacturers, so if you are looking for details on how to make a pivot door for your clients, we can provide you with the information that you need to produce and supply superior pivot doors that are unmatched in the marketplace.

New and Improved Large Sing Doors

Our most recent developments include our highest performance large door solutions yet. Take for instance our most precision lightest weight and highest strength large wood pivot door that is not only true flat but guaranteed to stay flat without warping, bending or twisting for 50 years!

12 ft x 10 ft wood pivot door lightweight high strength non warping 50 year guarantee

This large wood pivot door is 10 ft. x 12 ft. and perfectly flat. Now, wood is normally a problem for any door, especially a large door, but used in conjunction with Sing Core door technology, we have taken large pivot door technology to a whole new level.

The photos (above) are of a 14 ft. x 6.5 ft. large white oak wood pivot door guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or fail – even made with beautiful, natural white oak wood.

Insulated Non-warp Exterior Pivot Doors

Add the elegance of solid wood butcher block to any project lightweight high strength

Sing Butcher Block

Available in Sing Butcher Block

Sing pivot doors are available in nearly any flat surface material to meet or exceed your architectural specifications including our patented non-warping wood butcher block that could be used for almost anything. See: Butcher Block for ideas.

Preliminary Pivot Door Industry Report

Due to the recent increase in volume of architectural specifications, inquiries and orders for Sing pivot doors, we are asking for your help in building a pivot industry report to better serve the entire channel.

Please feel free to look over the following information and let us know if there is anything else that we could provide to better serve the industry.

Pivot Door Potential

The door industry represents a multi-billion-dollar service that caters to all sorts of clients from moderately-priced to highly customized architectural doors. Currently pivot doors only account for a small fraction of sales because they are high weight, the hardware, installation and maintenance over time is expensive.

If the obstacles of high-price and other obstacles could be overcome, high-end pivot doors could be more affordable and achieve high growth potential amongst homeowners.


wood pivot door google image search

Search the best door by Google: wood pivot door: image and text search

Top 100 Door Manufacturers and major mill works (click here to see clients list of patented Sing Core and Sing Panel) they are switching over to patented Sing core one at a time

Imagine if the Top 100 Door Manufacturers were to embrace the new technology that would allow them to make affordable pivot door technology available to the world. What kind of impact would that have on the door making industry?

Pivot Door vs. Hinge Door

A brief Google image search will help you discover the visual difference between: Hinged Doors and Pivot Doors. (Click to see for yourself.) As far as function and visual impact the pivot door is far superior but out of reach of the normal consumer.

See: Pivot Door Companies

See: Pivot Door Hardware Suppliers

guaranteed true flat metal doors before and after sing core 50 yr guaranteeWhy Don’t You See More Pivot Entrance Doors?

The problem is the high costs associated with pivot doors. Traditionally, pivot doors are:

1. Cost prohibitive x

2. Very heavy x

3. Expensive to transport and handle x

4. Require expensive hardware x

5. Require skilled labor/special equipment x

6. Likely to fail due to warp, bend, twist x

7. Costly maintenance over time x

That is, until now; introducing new door-making and installation technology.

Sing Core Introduces the affordable Pivot Door Panel

[wpex more = “CLICK HERE FOR MORE” less = “CLICK FOR LESS”]Sing Core solved the problems associated with high-end sliding doors and carriage doors making them more affordable and maintenance-free. Now the same patented technologies that made architectural and homeowner dreams come to life are available in pivot doors, too.

1. Affordable

1. Patented Sing Panel for pivot doors costs less than any entrance door (standard size 4 ft x 8 ft x 1.5 inch) Guaranteed

2. Less expensive hardware

3. Less installation cost

4. Less skilled labor required

5. Less shipping & transportation cost

6. Easy to handle, package and ship (due to light weight)

(All these costs could make a huge difference in the pivot door’s growth potential in the entrance market)

2. Easy to Install

1. Can be pre-hung and installed easily using lightweight in-line hardware

2. Install within half an hour for a large pivot door

3. Contractor-installed or DIY

3. True flat and stay flat for 50 years

1. A challenge even for high end door manufacturers

2. Can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or fail for 50 years

4. Fully Insulated

1. Saving energy (especially for entrance doors)

2. Sound deadening

5. Design Versatility

1. Any size

2. Any surface material (see material options)

3. Any visual style

4. Any glass lite cutouts desired

6. Surface material choice

1. Virtually any flat construction material

2. I.e. metal, aluminum, wood, FRP, etc…

7. Other Advantages

1. Eco-friendly

2. Insulated

3. Lightweight

4. High-strength [/wpex]

We are introducing Sing panel to entrance door as home project but we need your help to feed back some thought: How can we make the pivot door to benefit the entrance door market by providing more choices of design, skins, less cost for hardware due to the Sing Core’s lightweight, high-strength, affordable solutions, etc…

2 men standing on lightweight heavy duty glavanized steel magnetic panel 20 ft span

1″ Sing Metal 20 ft. span

Affordable Pivot Door Evolution of Entrance Doors

For thousands of years pivot doors have been the upscale preference of the most exotic high-end large oversize entrance doors relying heavily on the entry door hardware, specifically the pivot hinge, to manage the functionality of the pivot door.

Large pivot doors have been around for centuries ancient stone pivot doors

Ancient Large Pivot Doors Made of Stone

Due to the size and weight of the conventional modern pivot door the heavy duty hinges and pivot door hardware could account for up to half the cost of the pivot door (e.g., a low end pivot door could cost $3,000, half the price will pay for the hardware due to the heavy weight), creating a high price point as well as being expensive to transport, handle and install.

Yet, the most demanding clients desire this elegant outswing exterior door to make an extreme visual impact for the primary access point of their structure (while bringing the outside in and the inside out by way of the architect’s modern design concept) regardless of price to command attention via first impression.

Pivot doors may be the most expensive designer doors but there’s no escaping the luxurious feel that they lend to designs by top architects who help to create the most leading edge structure designs by featuring the best exterior doors.

Since hardware is of huge importance in a pivot door’s design and implementation, there are many options to consider including offset pivot hinge, commercial door hinges, heavy duty door hinges and center pivot door hardware in your pivoting door system. Click Here to See Our Preliminary Pivot Door Industry Report

How to Build the Best Pivot Door

First you have to select what type of structure to build your pivot door

Large extreme edge pivot door with man door access

Large extreme edge pivot door with man door access

Structure of Pivot Door

1. Steel frame

  • Very heavy
  • Expensive
  • Less thermal break
  • Less precision due to welding process.

2. Wood frame and/or solid wood pivot door

  • Not strong
  • Heavy
  • Lack of insulation

3. Frameless (don’t be framed)

  • Torsion box
  • lightweight core panel/sandwich core/honeycomb core

Among those 3 type pivot door structure the frameless type is the strongest, lightweight structure.

1. Click here to see all type of cores available to build pivot doors (including Google search)…

2. You will find out patented Sing core is the best choice among all the other pivot door cores.

3. Google search: lightweight, high strength, insulated door

Steel Pivot Doors

Many pivot doors feature metal structures and framed composites and more popular for exclusive high security environments, commercial steel entry doors and even residential steel entry doors.

How to Build an Exterior Door

Many considerations must go into the design, plan, building and installing a pivot door.

1. The Core Material
The core material that makes up the heart of your pivot door determines so much. Based on your choice of material you will determine your pivoting door’s:

  • Weight
  • Strength
  • Insulation
  • Precision
  • Performance
  • Maintenance

2. The Frame

Will your pivot door be a solid one-piece material construction, or will it be framed or unframed?

Many options about for the substance of your pivot door, first – the most heavy and likely the most unstable – is solid construction, then framing. Framing your pivot door can be with wood or metal, like steel or extruded aluminum. Wood will move Framing with metals, like steel may not meet high performance specifications due to welding creating imperfections in the metals.

3. The Entry Door Styles

What will the general appearance of your door be? What exterior surface material, skin (see material options) or design will make your pivot front door stand out to make that impactful visual impression?

4. Hardware

What hardware will be required (price is usually influenced by style of pivot and finished weight of door) for optimal performance of your pivot door?

5. Installation

Who will install your pivot door and will any special handling/equipment be required for installation?

Joining Extra-large Pivot Door Panels On Site

perfectly flat joined sing metal panels see connection method lightweight high strength


3 views of best pivot door lightweight high strength non warp insulated pivot doors

Can the Affordable Pivot Door Replace Contemporary Entrance Doors?

Until now, pivot doors have generally been too expensive for the average homeowner to consider, but one pivot door core material is changing all that. Sing Core manufactures an Eco-friendly pivot door core material used by the most high-end architects, designers, door manufacturers, millworks and contractors for building the best pivot doors in the world.

What constitutes the best pivot door in the world? One that is:

1. Eco-friendly (sustainable, true green)

Sing Panels are constructed with natural wood fiber vertical grain torsion box filled with recycled rigid foam adhered between stress skins using formaldehyde-free glue for a solid substrate.

4 ft x 8 ft affordable large pivot entry door lightweight high strength easy to install eco friendly2. Lightweight

Sing Panels weigh a fraction of the weight of other solid structural building materials.

3. High strength

Sing Panels were independently tested by the University of Washington at 660 PSI for super-strength (compared to 10 to 110 PSI of other honeycomb cores used in the aerospace industry).

4. Insulated

Sing Panels are packed with insulation rated at R 3.5 to R 6.5 (depending on foam selection) and feature sound deadening qualities for security and privacy.

5. High Precision

Only Sing Panels can be created to be true flat, within .006 inch tolerance with little or no deflection.

6. Versatile

Sing Panels can feature any surface material (skin), like any wood species, aluminum, ceramic, concrete, fiberglass (FRP), HPL, Kevlar, LVL, MDF, stainless steel, stone or any other flat building material, may host any glass lite openings in any configuration and can be embellished to have the appearance of any style door imaginable.

7. Guaranteed not to fail

Only Sing Professional pivot doors can be guaranteed true flat and to stay flat and not to fail for 50 years. (See free consultation).

Only by using patented Sing Core can any pivot door achieve such results.


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What’s New?

How Can I Get a Sing Pivot Door?

There are many ways that you can make your pivot door dreams come true.

1 Contractor

Your contractor can get Sing pivot doors via their regular door outlets, and company that currently offers wholesale exterior doors will have access to patented Sing pivot door technology.

2 Architect

Architects have access to Sing technology and are specifying Sing Core in their pivot door designs – especially if they are large pivot doors – that can be manufactured by their favorite millworks.

3 Millworks

Most one-of-a-kind custom pivot doors are created by revered craftspeople and woodworkers who create hand crafted pivot doors for exclusive clientele.

4 Door Companies

Any door company can use Sing Panel as the substrate for your pivot door. Though many do not feature the Sing Pivot Door as a standards catalog item, in most cases you can special order your pivot door with Sing Core technology.

Since the weight of your Sing pivot door will be a fraction the weight of a solid (or framed) pivot door you can save cash that would have to be invested in heavy duty pivot door hardware that could account for half the cost of any other pivot door.

Plus you save on transportation and installation costs, just like our clients (see clients list) and enjoy maintenance-free high performance of your pivot door.

Let’s create a new pivot point for the entrance door industry by providing a new solution…

Please share your thoughts, ideas and concerns below: