How to Design, Order and Build your Tiny House

Patented Sing Panels have been used in many industries such as home building, boat building even in the aircraft industry.

Making its way to the forefront recently are advancements being recognized by the tiny house community. These tiny house designs are springing up all over the United States (and the world) in the smallest footprints on existing properties, or being transported and towed, like a portable house, small modular home or tiny house on wheels.

Sing Tiny Houses are simple, functional and elegant thanks to patented SingCore that has many benefits to the Tiny House community when compared to other traditionally available materials.

Introducing the Sing Tiny House

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Don’t Be Framed

SingCore products including the Sing Sandwich and Sing Panel have a built-in torsion box structure that delivers superior strength over long spans. With this Eco-friendly building material, the most environmentally conscious affordable home advocate can build a tiny house without the traditional 2×4 or 2×6 frame.

huge-rafters-loft-roof-structure-supported-by-inch-and-one-quarter-frameless-sing-panel-lgihtweightArchitecturally, not having to frame your structure yields more precious useable space inside your small home plans. Many Sing Tiny Houses have been built without a frame using 1 ¼” thick Luan skin Sing Sandwich panels. See the structural strength of these 1.25 inch walls in the photo to the right. That is a wall that is 1.25 inches thick compared to the 2×4 wall that is at least 4.5 inches thick, this is wasting 3.25 inches and not as strong as Sing Core’s 1.25 inch wall. (Note that the loft beams and roof structure are supported by frameless 1 ¼” thick Luan skin Sing Sandwich panels only. That’s high-strength!)

Space-age Technology

What makes patented SingCore products so different from all other building materials is the unique composite nature combining the best technology of an improved wood torsion box design, recycled foam and surface materials that yield the most spectacular results.

SingCore products out-perform other composite materials (see comparison) used in aerospace and marine applications in terms of lightweight, high strength and Eco-friendly. This new technology can withstand high winds and extreme weather conditions without compromise.

Why Use SingCore?

#1 – More Useable Space – When building small homes, maximizing each square inch can be huge in performance and enjoyment of your tiny house. (1.25 inch walls vs. 4.5 inch walls).

how-to-make-a-sing-tiny-house-completely-out-of-sing-honeycomb-panels#2 – High Strength – More rigid and strong than other materials. In fact, SingCore has been tested at Washington State University at 660 PSI, stronger than steel pound-for-pound.

#3 – Lightweight – Sing Tiny Houses are approximately half the weight of other tiny houses built with traditional building materials. For instance, a Sing Tiny House weighs only 2,600 pounds (easy to tow on trailer) compared to equivalent 5,000 pound tiny house.

#4 – Insulation – Our pre-insulated panels take the time and expense out of insulating your tiny house, and can achieve 6.5 R-values per sq. inch.

#5 – Choices – Customizing options for your tiny house are almost unlimited. You can select any surface material for the interior and/or exterior of each panel including wood, plywood, aluminum, metal, cement board, etc…

#6 – Easy to Build – We can build a Sing Tiny House complete with floors, walls and roof in three-and-a-half hours. The average, inexperienced do-it-yourselfer might take two days to build. Finish-work can take a couple of weeks, depending on your home design.


Tiny House built in 1 day – last forever!

Tiny House Gallery

Tiny House Gallery

Tiny House Functionality

If you are not handy, you could find a local wood worker to build your frameless Sing Tiny House, make sure that your contractor is open-minded and willing to take on the challenge of embracing this new building method. If you are willing to learn, most anyone can build a Sing Tiny House.

How to Build

It’s not unusual to see tiny houses in RV parks, on the road as recreational vehicles or vacations homes. Tiny houses also make excellent auxiliary living spaces or alternative housing and can be used as guest house or bedroom, mother-in-law house or student housing. Other uses include portable business office, art or music studio.

Connecting Panels

Many methods are available to assemble your panels. Some people chose to use pre-installed cam-locks (especially if the project might need to be disassembled and reassembled), other methods include traditional screws or nails and we like the performance of urethane-glued assembly (which is stronger than other methods).

Click here to see a 70 ft trade show display (including 2 office areas) assembled in 47 minutes by one man (who never did it before): Watch Video

Here are some photos of a urethane-glued Sing Tiny House work in progress:



Making it Even Easier

SingCore can help to make the assembly of your tiny house quick and easy by pre-installing window and doors to your specifications in panels for your convenience.

Sing Tiny House Sandwich Core Panels are great for wood sheds, living spaces, living off code, guest houses, ticket booths, pump houses, studios, disaster relief structures, utility sheds, playhouses, espresso stands and any other small building needs. They travel safely, construct quickly, and look beautiful.


This 12 minute insulated portable stage assembly has been time lapsed to a brief 1 minute video.
See: How to Build a Portable Floor for more information

How to build a Tiny House video instruction yourtube videos sing core

Click (above) to See How to Build a Sing Tiny House Videos

Tiny house built in 1 day lightweight insulated stronger than steel move with piano dolly

Build a Tiny House

Build a tiny house or entire house with all the home furnishings insdie and out

or an Entire Home out of Sing Core inside and out

20 ft. insulated walls can be built in 1 piece with custom window lite cut outs

20 ft. insulated walls can be built in 1 piece with custom window lite cut outs


  • Recycled foam core
  • Renewable veneer
  • Formaldehyde free glue
  • Minimal carbon footprint
  • Insulation saves energy
  • Manufactured efficiently with minimal emissions

Strong and Stable
Sing Tiny Houses are structurally superior to traditional 2” x 6” framed structures because the glue we use for the sandwich panels covers the entire surface area and creates a stronger bond than nails ever could. This will save thousands of nails and over time will ensure the structural integrity of your Tiny House. Sing Honeycomb Panels have precision to within .007 of an inch. This means your Tiny House will be structurally sound and perfectly smooth. After years of expansion and contraction, nails settle, cracking your timber. The structural glue used with Sing Panels will not settle and cause warping over years. Help us to preserve the environment by using high quality, long lasting Sing Panels.


  • Compression strength up to 660psi
  • Resists dents and dings
  • Rigid and straight

Beautycustom pre built insulated wall panels with precision cut outs for doors lightweight high strength

SingCore makes large sandwich panels (4’x8′ and 4’x10′), so your house will have fewer seams. The core is covered by any of a wide variety of skins from natural wood to metal, customized to suit your display style. From rustic to modern, Sing panels are made for your Tiny House!

We offer many skin choices*:

  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized Metal
  • Stainless Steel
  • Marine Grade Plywood
  • Plywood
  • Douglas Fir
  • Birch/Luan
  • Cedar

*Specialty orders are available at a cost.

How We ShipTiny House

We ship by freight using a shipping broker that finds the best price and route to reach your destination safely and on-time.

Cost to Build a House

Compared to standard plywood, Sing Sandwich and Sing Panels are going to be more expensive, but if you figure in the cost of materials including framing, insulation, plywood, interior and exterior facings plus labor costs in added time and equipment costs, the Sing solution wins out. And that doesn’t even consider all the added benefits of having a Sing Tiny House.

How to Order

Alternatively, simply count up how many Sing Sandwich or Sing Panels that you need according to your tiny house plans. For instance, an 8×16 tiny house might use 22 4×8 Sing Sandwich panels, then complete our Tiny House Price Quote request form online.

Yes, SingCore does make the best reinforced structural insulated panels (RSIP) for use in Tiny House applications as walls, floors, ceilings and roofs. We have a huge desire to support the tiny house industry but be aware that we only offer Sing Panels for tiny house construction to professional distribution channels. Since we offer no support for our products (besides what is readily available via our web site). Our operation is not setup to sell our products to people in need of retail customer service. We suggest that you seek answers to any questions about how to use Sing panels by consulting with your engineer, architect, builder or contractor.

Note: We do occasionally offer products direct to the do it yourselfer, like Tiny House panel Kits or Tiny House Surplus Panels. Though we may provide you with the materials, we offer no how-to support to the DIY enthusiast except that which is available via our Tiny House FAQ (frequently asked questions) and other online resources.

Lightweight high strength insulated tiny house booth


frequently-asked-questions-faqThese are our most popular requests for Tiny House panels. These basic Tiny House Kits are standard for these particular sizes. The kits include all panels necessary for a single-story tiny house for floor, walls and roof (roof does not have roofing material). Additional Sing Panels for interior room separation(s), cabinetry or countertops are not included in our kits. Plans and designs are also not included; it is assumed that you, your architect or contractor already have the design and features worked out.


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If you have any questions see our Tiny House FAQ where you will find the answers to the most common questions.


Celina Dill Tiny House Blog

“Learning about Sing Panels completely changed the way I look at building.”

— Celina Dill, Tiny House Blogger

See pictures at her blog and in our gallery.

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