Warp-free, lightweight, insulated honeycomb panels

Custom Trade Show Displays

Sing Core offers the lightest, strongest, eco-friendly trade show displays in the world. These panels are designed to be set up and knocked down with no elaborate tools or extra people. They are also designed and built for sustainability and efficiency so that they can be used over and over again.
Check out our custom trade show walls at the California State Fair.

Patented Strength and Lightness

Each panel contains a patented Sing Core system that utilizes vertical grain technology for structural stability, insulation, sound deadening qualities, all the while maintaining its non-warping qualities. Our panels weigh one fourth the weight of the wood and is unlike any materials that you’ve previously used for trade show panels.

Modular To Fit Your Exact Needs

Sing Core trade show panels come in two sizes that are interchangeable and ideal for anyone that is seeking a highly customizable structure. Our panels lock together in seconds with our easy cam-lock connections that fit into square-channel aluminum slots as anchor points. Displays made from our panels are free standing when they have at least one corner. Panels available with smooth or slatwall skins.

More Solid Than Others Displays

Each cam-lock joint can support up to 440 lbs of torque, which makes for a solid display without any additional support. These displays are capable of supporting lighting, shelving, and accessory attachments with brackets that are placed on the top of the panels without adding any additional support. The full wooden trim of the panel makes it easy to work with if you have basic carpentry skills and traditional hardware.

Customized To Your Trade Show Design Needs

Our paint-grade birch skin is receptive to any kind of paint. Additionally, you can use a clear coat or vinyl wrap to change up your designs. This makes it incredibly easy to create the trade show display that you always envisioned.

slatwall alternative lightweight high strength handiwall

Two Tradeshow Display Panel Sizes

  • 90” x 30” x 2” (~46 lbs)
  • 90” x 23.5” x 2” (~38 lbs)

Technical Specs

  • 1/4″ Paint-Grade Birch Skins
  • 1” thick wood edging on all sides
  • 1, 2 or 3 cam-locks on edges for 90° or 180° connections
  • Each cam-lock joint can support up to 440 lbs of torque

Transporting Your Trade Show Display Panels

Since our Sing trade show displays are the most lightweight, high-strength, and truly flat panels available, it has never been easier for you to design your own custom trade show displays. Furthermore, all of the components can be easily flat-packed so that your project can be conveniently packaged, shipped, and stored. We can even provide custom trade show display carts to make it even easier to package and ship your booth.

T-Slot Trade Show Displays

Our most high-tech trade show booth components are made using our patented T-Slot Panels that can be used for double decker trade show displays, portable conference rooms, or modular theaters. One example of this is the Amazon Box Theater we constructed in the Jet Blue terminal at the JFK airport. This giant, insulated, portable structure is modular, lightweight, and extremely strong. This is perfect for any travelling movie theater.

Celebrate Your Trade Show Booth Design

Once you understand the individual components of the Sing trade show display system, it is easy to create your own custom trade show displays. Sing Trade Show Booths are designed to last forever unlike other displays that are rented or disposable. Only Sing trade show display components make repeated set-up and tear-down possible.

Sing Trade Show Display Components

Sing Trade Show Display “L”

  • The Sing trade show display “L” is the key corner component
  • The standard dimensions of this corner connector is 14″ x 14″ and can be used as booth corner or in combination with trade show panels to create free-standing offices or storage compartments
  • All Sing trade show display components feature cam lock connectors for quick, easy, and secure fastening and joining

Sing Trade Show Display “T”

  • The Sing trade show display “T” is the component that joins two trade show wall panels together
  • As you determine your design keep in mind its dimensions as it measures 28″ wide x 14″ deep
  • The patented Sing “T” can be used as a wall footing to add stability over long spans or to add a perpendicular wall section

Sing Trade Show Panel “A” & “B”

  • This panel makes up the walls of you booth
  • “A” panel is 30″ wide
  • “B” panel is 22″ wide
  • Lightweight and easy to handle

Custom Components

  • Unique components can be made to fit your trade show booth design
  • Simply provide us with drawings and measurements and we will make your custom trade show dreams come true

Trade show Shelves

  • Now your trade show shelving can have the same light weight, high strength characteristics as your trade show walls

Exterior Surfaces

Our standard exterior surface material is HPL (high pressure laminate) or Formica. This is a durable surface that is easy to clean and is an excellent surface for applying self-adhesive vinyl graphics or other coverings to further customize your trade show display.

Interior Surfaces

Sing trade show panels are available in nearly any flat surface material to meet or exceed your architectural specifications including our patented non-warping wood butcher block skin.

Slatwall Materials

  • Any wood species slatwall panels
  • Aluminum slatwall panels
  • Butcher block slatwall panels
  • Ceramic slatwall panels
  • Chalkboard slatwall panels
  • Concrete slatwall panels
  • Fiberglass / FRP slatwall panels
  • Galvanized steel slatwall panels
  • HPL
  • LVL slatwall panels
  • Magnetic slatwall panels
  • MDF slatwall panels
  • Plastic slatwall panels
  • Stainless steel slatwall panels