How Sing Core supports contractors to bring original architectural doors to life.

Door Blanks for High End Installations

Contractors and carpenters rightfully wary about buy and installing large or oversize wooden doors using traditional techniques. That’s why the top contractors in the country choose SingCore for challenging projects where they need to get things right the first time.

SingCore specializes in producing raw door panels which require finishing and hardware installation. . Our specialty is in door panels, not necessarily door finishing, which is why we prefer to work with millworks on expensive projects. And, we often refer our clients to local millworks when possible.

If you are carpenter or contractor without expertise in door finishing and milling, then we recommend you bring in a local millwork to assist you with completion of your luxury SingCore door panel.

Guaranteed Warp-free for 50 Years

With a guarantee longer than any other in the market, top jobs prefer to go with SingCore. Our no questions asked structural guarantee is perfect for cases when you can’t let anything go wrong, because this guarantee is the product of our certainty that our panels will stand the test of time where others will not.

Renowned for non-warping large doors, inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending building materials can do so much more. Patented SingCore is suitable for use in unsupported spans of almost any length with proper design support from our “True Flat” estimating team.

For example look at this 13′ ft. span, easily supporting the weight of a man without deflection at only 1″ thick. Peter Sing’s miraculous material just boggles the mind, and is something that you have to get in your hands, or under your feet, to truly understand. You absolutely need to include SingCore in you next project.

How Strong is Sing’s Core?

Independently tested, Sing’s core is 660 PSI, many times stronger when compared to any other lightweight honeycomb-type building material which usually clocks in at between 10 and 110 PSI.

While lightweight and fully insulated, Sing Core is stronger that steel pound for pound.

Peter Sing says:

Kick my door and you will break your leg.

Any Size You Like

Sing core is not limited to specific standard door sizes. We offer full custom doors at any size from 3′ feet to 30′. There is almost no size too large or too small. And with our proprietary join on site door panel option, even the largest panels can easy to ship and easy to get in the building with limit on final size.

Any Exterior Possible

Surface lamination types include:

  • Veneer, any species
  • Wood stave, any species
  • Metal – cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, aluminum, copper, other
  • HPL composites – Formica and Wilson Art
  • Specialty such as white board, black board, magnetic marker board
  • Veneer yourself (hot press ready)
  • Paint grade panels

Every lamination is eligible to receive Peter Sing’s iron clad 50 year guarantee.

Where you are trying to meet your client’s high exceptions and vivid dreams, or just trying to match an existing installation, SingCore has the finish look for you. Because of our extremely flexible production process, there is almost no surface that cannot be achieved. With our patented and patent pending process, and the help of your millwork’s finishing skills, we can give you exactly what you are looking for.

Architects are increasingly specifying their large high-end hot pressed veneer panelized walls, features, and doors have Sing Core inside (accounting for about one-third of all our products which are sent to the greater New York-area). The contractors generally contact Sing Core directly first, due to being specified. Though Sing Core does not actually do the veneering. Sing Core provides the high precision substrate that is shipped 3,000 miles from the manufacturing location in Washington State, to the high end millwork in New York (or wherever the nearest hot press specialist is near the construction site) to do the veneering there. We Do Not Veneer

We always recommend using your local veneering professionals for custom veneer doors. We do not provide veneer or install it.  It is our policy to subcontract veneering jobs to the best veneering professionals in the USA.

If you offer hot-pressed veneer services or cold-press veneering to your clientele, your highest paying customers will gladly pay you more if your panels have Sing Core inside.

Hot-pressers Are More Successful and Profitable with Sing Core.

For years, Sing Core has been providing high-end local and nationwide hot press veneer professionals with premium core material that eliminates the need for crossbanding.


Window Openings, French Doors, Man Doors, and Exotic Styles

Our perfectly straight true flat material is capable of fitting in to any form of door. Door openings are flexible and fully custom. Need a curved door? We can make you a custom curved door. Man doors? French Door? Other?


us-navy-singcoreThe last thing you want on the top floor of the World Trade Center, is a warped door, and that’s why you’ll find Sing Core inside those doors.

You could find Sing Core from beneath the depths of the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everywhere in between.


New to Sing Core?

If you’re a new contractor working with Sing Core, we can help you getting started on the right foot. Keep in mind that when you get an initial price quote from Sing Core, that you are only receiving your quote for a raw, unfinished warp-free building material. Assuming that your initial price quote is related to your finished cost will not serve you well in your bidding process. (Please, do not make this mistake.)

All Sing Products Are Unfinished

Most all Sing products are shipped to a millwork or door company. These are the partners who finish and transform a Sing door slab into the beautiful works of art for which we are given credit for, even though Sing Core does not make doors (only the substrate) which enables your clients to enjoy their warp-free door for fifty years.

The contractors we work with on a regular basis know this, and this is a common mistake made by the ambitious contractor who is in a hurry or on a tight budget. We will do everything we can to help you win the bid, but you must keep in mind that we are providing you with an unfinished door slab. We will work hand-in-hand with your millwork or door company.

Low VOA and Warp Free

Our friends at Crestmark Architectural Millwork found SingCore to be particularly useful in large cabinet doors for the Museum of Modern Art. Our warp free oversize panels combined perfectly with the museums need for low VOA materials for archival room use.


SingCore has been used by the Seattle AIA for their flat back style office furniture. Unlike overseas competitors, who focus on quantity of quality, or furniture panels are designed and built to last a century or more. This makes sing core the go to companion for high end yet functional furniture installations. Coming it at 1/3rd the weight of all wood panels, SingCore is extremely popular in the modular or moveable furniture space.

A variety of travel industries are benefited by using Sing’s technologies, including, but not limited to hospitality, aircraft, aerospace, marine, rail, trucks, trailers, and RVs.

Most Sustainability of Any Other Building Material

Peter Sing’s gift to the world is this highly sustainable product which can virtually last forever with little or no deterioration, and can be repurposed on the fly, making it possibly the most sustainable building material in the world.

Can you afford to go without SingCore on your next project?