Warp-free, lightweight, insulated honeycomb panels

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A lighter, stronger door core backed by the only 50 year warp-free guarantee

About Sliding Doors

Sliding doors come in all kinds of configurations. Most sliding doors hang suspended from sliding door hardware above, others are rolling slider doors which roll along a wheeled track underneath the sliders. While others may use both suspension and rollers in tandem. Some sliding doors slide to the inside, some on the outside, and others are hidden when slid into a vacant cavity within a wall. We call those hidden sliding doors “pocket doors.”

Regardless of what type of sliding door you have, it must maintain a degree of straightness, or it will fail. If it is not straight it will rub against its neighboring surface and cause damage or may get stuck. The biggest problems with sliding doors are associated with big sliding doors, especially any sliding door that is over three and a half ft. wide and 7 ft. tall. These are the most problematic, and the bigger the sliding door, the bigger the potential for serious problems.


All Large Sliding Door Problems Solved

Every once and a while in history, an improvement takes the stage which has a huge impact on the way things are made. Inventor Peter sing’s patented and patent-pending sliding door have changed the way sliding doors are made, and every one of them is like an individual work of art.

The time has come for all your sliding doors to be

Eco-friendly Sustainable Lightweight Stronger than steel
Dimensionally stable Fully insulated Sound deadening Thermal Hot/Cold
Will not warp Will not delaminate Made to any size Any available material

And come fully backed by sing’s unprecedented

50-year Fail-free Guarantee

Which covers everything from maintaining your sliding door perfectly straight for fifty years, free from warp or it’s tendency to move, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail, including full structure strength and lamination.

No other company can promise all of this and guarantee it for fifty years. But you don’t have to believe us, just look at out track record. If we ever sold a large sliding door that failed, we could no longer make such extravagant promises.

Our guarantee, though it may sound excessive is just the truth, and

“There’s no other way to do it.”

That’s what the biggest and best door companies, millworks, and custom sliding door manufacturers say, and rely on Sing Core to deliver for them.

154.8″ x 45.7″ White oak wood stave unfinished door

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Lighter. Stronger. Straighter.

If you are looking for a sliding door solution that gives you the SingCore sliding door advantages, like lightweight, superior strength, long life and flat, then you’ve come to the right place.With our commitment to sustainability you can have an American-made, eco-friendly sliding door that will last the test of time. See our new C Series line of Affordable Barn Door and Sliding Closet Doors.


JB Duke Hotel Doors Perfect Straight Light Weight Super HIgh Strength

Sing Core at Duke University

This is a beautiful example of Sing Core’s work on display in the JB Duke Hotel on prestigious Duke University’s campus.

An elegant wood stave finish combined with such exceptional size gives the door a stunning effect, seen here in the hotel lobby.

The strength and lightness of Sing Core’s honeycomb material enables builders to stretch their limits and provide their clients with a finished product that exceeds their expectations.

Find more Sing Core success stories at singcore.com

Sing Core specializes in making custom doors that are super high strength, ultra light weight, highly warp resistant, and available in more skins than nearly any other manufacturer.  Sliding doors present a unique challenge, because the door must be exceptionally straight to open and close on your track system.  Sing Core has solved all of the problems with sliding doors by using our patented and patent pending Sing Core technology.  Larger doors present an even bigger challenge, because longer spans of wood have greater potential for warping, especially when confronted by varying environmental conditions.  Because of our unique methods for building doors, we have solved all of the problems of door warping among doors of all sizes, even large, over-sized, and huge doors.

Every Job is Custom Crafted.

Remember, SingCore technology is completely customizable to your specifications as they are available in any length, any width and any thickness and bonded to any exterior finish.

About Sliding Doors with Sing Core Inside

Sliding doors which are made using the patented and patent-pending Sing Core technologies are celebrated around the world as being the best Sliding doors in the world.

Why Do You Need Sing Core Inside Your Sliding Door?

Sliding Door Problem

Because properly functioning sliding doors can only be in contact with your door opening at the points where your rollers are mounted, there is a higher obligation for your doors to  be free of defects throughout the life of the door.  When a sliding door warps, bends, twists, or skews, it can cause severe limitations on the function of the door.  Because the door must open and close in the available space, warping means your doors not be able to properly slide on the tracks.  Large, over-sized sliding doors, over seven feet in either direction, are much more susceptible to warping, because of the way doors react to environmental conditions.

14 ft. x 3.5 ft. x 2.5 inches floor to ceiling double sliding doors

Sliding Door Solution

THAT is why you need Sing Core inside your door. Using Sing Core is the only way to build a lightweight Sliding door that is stronger than steel which comes with a full warp-free and structural guarantee for 50 years.


What makes a Sliding Door with Sing Core inside so unique? Only Sliding doors with Sing Core inside are lightweight, high strength, fully insulated, available in vast array of skin types such as natural wood stave, any flat wood-based sheet goods, alternative and hybrid skins, and/or metals. Any size large oversized sliding door up to 50 ft. Best sliding door guarantee in the world: 50 years!

  1. Lightweight
    1. Sing Core weighs a fraction of the weight of other solid sliding door cores
    2. Being lightweight saves the overall budget of the project
      1. Reducing shipping cost
      2. Reducing the cost of hardware (which is based on sliding door weight
      3. Reducing heavy equipment costs on the job site
      4. Reducing risk of injury during installation
      5. Reducing maintenance costs on the door/frame/structure over time
  2. High Strength
    1. Sing Core is lightweight, yet stronger than steel pound for pound
    2. Independently tested at University of Washington
    3. Rated at 660+ PSI
    4. Able to span longer distance with little deflection
    5. Able to support unsupported load stress
  3. Fully Insulated
    1. Patented Sing Core is pre-insulated
    2. Insulation for climate control
    3. Your choice of R 3.5 or R 6.5 insulation value
    4. Insulation for sound deadening (used in sound proof doors)
    5. Insulation for added privacy, safety, and security
  4. Vast Array of Skin Types
    1. Natural Wood Stave Skins
      1. Any available species including responsibly sustainable use of
        1. Exotic woods
        2. Domestic hardwood
        3. Domestic softwood
        4. Imported wood(s)
        5. and any others available per architectural specifications
    2. Other flat wood-based sheet goods
      1. Veneer
      2. Plywood
      3. Marine grade
      4. Generic
      5. Domestic A/B plywood
      6. LVL
      7. MDF
      8. and any others available per architectural specifications
    3. Alternative and Hybrid Skins, such as
      1. Cement
      2. Concrete
      3. Fiberglass
      4. Plastic
      5. FRP
      6. Kevlar
      7. Formica
      8. Masonite
      9. and any others available per architectural specifications
    4. Metal Overlays
      1. Steel
        1. Hot-rolled Steel
        2. Cold Rolled Steel
        3. Galvanized Steel
        4. Stainless Steel
        5. Diamond Plate Steel
      2.  Aluminum
      3. Brass
      4. Bronze
      5. Copper
      6. and any others available per architectural specifications
  5. Any Size Door Can be Made Better with Sing Core Inside
    1. Any door up to 50 ft. tall, or more
    2. Any door up to 50 ft. wide, or more
    3. All attributes are imbued in any size of door made with Sing Core inside
  6. The Best Guarantee in the Sliding Door Industry
    1. 50-year warp-free guarantee
    2. 50-year structure guarantee

Lighter doors mean less costly hardware.

When producing custom doors with traditional materials (wood, lvl, and other heavy materials), much of your costs will go into the hardware itself, which can cost over a $1000 for some doors. Opting for a Sing Panel saves on this cost, and also reduces labor installation.

Backed by a 50 year warp-free guarantee.

Our professional and hot-press-ready Sing Panels are guaranteed for 50 years so you don’t have to worry about warp, twist or rot. This technology is solving sliding door design solutions for Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and the Pope, especially when the application calls for extra strength, oversize or true flat… without compromising weight for strength


Modern sliding doors are lightweight high strength warp-free wooden sliding doors.

best modern sliding doors warp free wooden sliding doors insulated 50 yr guarantee

Wood Stave vs. Wood Ply

Wood stave doors can be very costly to make, especially if you’re looking for a lightweight high strength solution for a warp-free guarantee for 50 years. Using Sing Core inside your wood stave door featuring wood planks from 1/8-inch to 1/2-inch will create more potential for warp due to the nature of natural wood grain. This is the beauty of the more economical wood ply option for building your wood door. Wood ply is far less expensive and has alternating grain orientation which also helps to keep the door straight. Wood plywood is just like any other plywood except for its featuring a particular wood grain predominantly on the surface, and it offers far more strength and reparability over time than a less expensive wood veneer. So, if you’re looking to attain similar visual results of a solid wood door at a fraction of a price you might consider having Sing Core inside your wood plywood door. Be certain to specify what type of natural wood plywood your want, if it is available, you can save thousands of dollars on your beautiful wood door. The most popular wood plywood features woods such as white oak plywood, maple plywood, oak plywood, mahogany plywood, walnut plywood, Douglas fir plywood, knotty pine plywood, and birch plywood just to name a few.

Cold Rolled Steel Sliding Doors

large sliding steel doors lightweight high strength 50 yr guarantee nusla
Large stainless steel modern door panels

Create warp-free lightweight high strength insulated sliding doors in any size of any available flat building material

14 ft Tall Walnut Sliding Door

168 x 72 x 2 large walnut door lightweight high strength insulated 50 yr warp free guarantee

Large Sliding Blackboard


Museum Sliding Door

Some examples of materials that we have made sliding doors out of include:

  • aluminum
  • cement board
  • ceramic tile
  • concrete
  • fiber glass
  • glass
  • MDF
  • metal
  • plastic
  • plywood
  • solid wood
  • stainless steel

… including ballistic materials for bulletproof applications. The possibilities are limited only to any available flat building material.

For more doors, see Sing Honeycomb Sliding and Pocket Doors, Sliding Patio and French Doors and Doors.

Closed museum sliding door
Opened museum sliding door
large sliding door movable wall system