Warp-free, lightweight, insulated honeycomb panels

CFAD Seattle’s 10′ x 12′ Doors

"They’re essentially massive movable walls on a single pivot, so weight is key." - Lisa Richmond, Executive Director of AIA Seattle

About the CFAD

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The Center for Architecture and Design is a Pacific Northwest hub for the advocacy of architecture and design. A dynamic public space for exhibits, programs, and conversations, the CFAD explores design’s role in shaping cities.

The CFAD is home to:


Open to the public during the following hours:

  • Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm + Saturday 1pm-5pm
  • 1010 Western Ave, Seattle, WA, 98104

Project Contributors

Architect: Suyama Peterson Deguchi

Contractor: Krekow Jennings

Manufacturer: SingCore

Hinge Fabricator: Architectural Elements

Customer: The Center for Architecture and Design


Hinge Designer: K|B architectural

Door Drywall: Enderis

Fiberboard supplier: Homasote

Aluminum Trim: Decorative Metal Arts

Structural Engineer: Gary MacKenzie

Inspiration: Spatial Flexibility

Located in downtown Seattle, the Center for Architecture and Design chose to maximize its square footage by designing a flexible space that could be utilized for various needs and events.


SingCore ~ Platinum Donor

See also SingCore’s donation to Texas Society of Architects

The Architects, Suyama Peterson Deguchi, achieved this by installing four custom oversized doors that would allow the room to naturally morph into a:

– Large social gathering area

– Enclosed meeting room

– Display space for exhibits

photo by: Michael Cole

The key is flexibility. In the perfect world, we’d have a bigger space, but that’d cost more for lease rates and such.

So we needed to create a space that was very flexible.

One that could be enclosed for a meeting or opened for a large gathering and used as a display space as well. It needs to look and act like it was meant to be for each of those configurations. Otherwise it would look like a compromise, which we didn’t want.


– Ric Peterson – FAIA, Suyama Peterson Deguchi

Lightweight Project Requirements

Due to the sheer size and functionality, the project required a slab that was lightweight and high strength. A lightweight panel was required or else the hinge mechanisms had to be much more involved. The design required surface mounted sheetrock and Homasote fiberboard, so a strong core was vital.

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photo by: Michael Cole

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photo by: Michael Cole

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photo by: Michael Cole

Oversized Door Panel Specs

# of Door Slabs:

Sing Panel Dimensions:

Sing panel weight:



Panel Grade:


144 5/8″ by 117 7/8″  by 4″

578 lbs each

1/4″ luon

2″ to 4″ of solid wood edging


giant pivot door

Four Room Functions in One Day

The innovative materials made possible something that was not feasible with traditional alternatives. Peter worked with Ric to engineer a solution that is innovative and unique. We move these doors multiple times a day:

  • In the morning the space can be closed for meetings.
  • During the day, we’ll set up the space as a gallery by closing two doors to allow for walk-through flow.
  • During lunch, we might have a presentation, and will open the doors back to create a private space.
  • Then in the evening, we might host a social event or lecture, so we can open the space fully to double the space for visitors.

We do this on a regular basis, and can particularize the space to whatever is happening. It’s not obvious to people that they’re movable. We can move these giant doors at a moment’s notice.



– Lisa Richmond – Executive Director, AIA Seattle

The Man Doors

Custom man doors were installed in two of the panels. At 77 3/4″ by 34″, these doors make the space further customizable to the needs of the function. For example, a walk-through flow or semi-open meeting room is achievable depending on how the doors are set up.


This project was a collaborate team effort which allowed the CFAD to achieve its needs of a flexible, yet functional space. Each door weighs over 1000 lbs with hardware, drywall, Homasote fiberboard, aluminum trim, and the SingCore panel at the structural core. Being able to open and close one of the 12′ by 10 doors with one hand (and even one finger) is a testament to the engineering and innovation behind the four custom CFAD doors.

Sing Core Throughout

You will not only find Sing Core Inside these large extreme-edge pivot doors (with built-in man doors) but also throughout the interior furnishings of the Seattle Center for Architecture Design.

Friends of AIA

Sing Core is the secret of lightweight and high strength, helping to extend the creativity and possibilities of architecture design. That’s why you will find Sing Core making generous donations to various AIA design centers across the USA, because shouldn’t your center adequately represent the full spectrum of design from idea to ideal realized?

Sing Core invites inquiries from AIA offices and members to empower the imaginations of architects and designers while enabling them to bring their visions to life.