When it comes to custom sliding glass doors, Sing Core help to free the imaginations of the contemporary architects and designers who dare to dream big. And the biggest custom sliding glass doors in the most exotic and expensive applications in the world have Sing Core inside.

If you don’t already know about Sing Core’s large custom sliding glass door solution, then you probably have not been faced with an oversized project door detail which has resulted in periodic failure of large sliding glass doors due to failure.

Hopefully, you discovered the Sing Core custom sliding glass door solution without having to encounter the problems associated with calls from your clientele regarding failure due to warping or some other reason.

Routinely, door companies, brokers, or millworks will review a job to be considered for a bid estimate. If the job mostly consists of standard-sized doors, they may exclude the oversized doors from the job and let someone else deal with those, or if they decide to include and bid on them, they will be certain to exclude them from their standard warranty.

It is customary to exclude any large custom-sized sliding doors (anything over 4×8) from the door schedule and/or warranty because there is a high probability of failure, especially if the doors in question are exterior doors.

Why are exterior sliding glass doors so problematic? There are a number of reasons why custom sliding glass doors fail. Basically, the weight of the door causes stress and strain on both the hardware and the structure when operated. The more it is used, the more potential for moving, or twisting. You will see evidence of this first in the breakdown of weather stripping and locking mechanisms.

This is considered normal wear and tear at first, so the solution is to replace the weather stripping and locking mechanism. Yet, that heavy door continues to wreak havoc, and not long will need repair again, only now, the door will start sticking, which indicates trouble in the area of the rollers. So, the next round of repairs includes the replacement of the rollers when the weather stripping and locking mechanism is replaced again.

You see how this goes, all this ongoing maintenance on a custom glass sliding door system that continues to deteriorate over time.

This is why door companies seek out Sing Core for replacement sliding glass and hinged patio doors. When you start with a top-of-the-line solution, like Sing Core, you’ve won the ongoing maintenance war by eliminating your door problems altogether by starting with

Lightweight Custom Sliding Glass Doors

Weighing in at a fraction of other door systems is only one of the benefits of a custom sliding glass door with Sing Core inside. This eliminates the extra wear and tear on the system of such a heavy door, which saves costly repairs to sliding door hardware, locking mechanisms, and rollers which tend to deteriorate due to the sheer weight of the door.

Warp-free Custom Sliding Glass Doors

This is the big hit among those big oversized custom sliding glass doors. Sing Core keeps your doors perfectly straight, and in doing so keeps the door from bending slightly (which may be barely noticeable, at first). When your custom sliding glass doors are built with Sing Core inside, they are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.


50-year Warp-free Guarantee

Your Sing doors are built to last for hundreds of years but are guaranteed by the inventor and president of Sing Core, Peter Sing, to remain warp-free, including full structure warranty for 50 years.

Using Sing Core to build your custom sliding doors is the only way to guarantee them from warping or failing for any reason for a full fifty years.
And your doors can have this full structure warranty and warp-free guarantee for 50 years regardless of size.
Replacement Sliding Patio Doors in Custom Sizes

Anything from standard door sizes to really big oversized doors (up to 40 ft. or more) to fit your dream specs. With Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending sliding door systems which are custom fitted to any opening for hospitality, commercial, industrial, or residential, with unmatched high precision (Sing’s core +/- .006 in. tolerances) and sustainable long life (50-year guarantee) you can rest assured that your purchase is sound.

Sing has a reputation for supplying the best energy-efficient aluminum sliding glass door to military, science, and tech industries all over America.
Speaking of sound, Peter Sing’s invention is providing sound deadening capabilities across America in everything from soundproof booths, recording studios, office telephone booths, the potential applications are endless.

So, if you’re looking to replace an existing or create a completely new custom sliding or hinged patio door, you will find Sing’s custom-made patio doors are the standalone option, if you care to have the very best.

Sliding Glass Patio Doors

There is little doubt that Sing Core can add value to any door including sliding glass patio doors, and offer incredible advantages in wood patio doors, which have the biggest tendency to warp, but not after they have Sing Core inside.

A heavily insulated, high precision sliding patio door makes a huge amount of difference, in terms of performance, and cost savings by all but eliminating costly maintenance and repair.

Your sliding glass patio doors can be smarter and work harder for you if they have Sing Core as their basis. Modern sliding glass patio doors can be feature traditional wood, or have glass cutouts for lite openings, such as French-style sliding glass doors.