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New Door Technology—-by using patented Sing core, Sing sandwich panel and Sing door plank.

Patented Sing core is changing how doors are made throughout the world, making them eco-friendly, stronger, more lightweight, true flat highly insulated and design friendly (Sing door could easily to install glass or custom design for any appearance).

Now we invite you to join our network of Sing door manufacturers. Sing Core is well known in the industry as your super large door plank manufacturer (as large as 37 ft tall in one piece door plank) and we price them specially for independent door manufacturers, so that you can win the bid.

We are sharing our Sing door knowledgebase with a very limited number of door makers in different regions of the United States in order to build regular interior and exterior doors in paint grade, wood grain, metal, fire resistant doors, FRP doors, etc… Sing door methods are the ideal way to build solid wood doors, raised panel doors, carriage doors, bi-fold doors or sliding doors.

If you are interested in increasing your production capabilities by 100 to 300% – without hiring extra skilled labor or any new additional machinery – at little or no added expense; this offer is for you.

This is a limited opportunity for your company to have these highly proprietary door manufacturing methods, patented technology in eco-friendly door design to add to your product portfolio.

This offer is only open to door manufacturers, pre-hung door and mill works that have the capacity to build and sell doors.

If you want to learn about the next phase in door manufacturing; please click here for more information now. Please click here to see Sing core clients list who have successfully worked with Sing core.

The most experienced door manufacturers use our service for large doors; we would also like to help you.

Sing Core Foam Aluminum Balsawood Nomex Plastic Cardboard
Insulation x x x x x
Sound Deadening x x x x x
Lightweight x x
Strength x x x
Solid x x x x
Eco-friendly x x x x
Renewable x x x x
Oversize x x x x x x
Dimensionally Stable
Affordable x x x x x
Waterproof Upgrade? x x
Fire Retardant Upgrade? x
Bullet-proof Upgrade x x x x x
Thickness Available x x x x x x
Skin Options x x x x x x
Easy to Machine x x x x x x
Fast Turnaround x x x x x x

Insulation: Sing Core has built-in insulation value with an R3 to R6.5 rating per inch, depending on client’s needs/specifications.

Sound deadening: Sing Core’s filler material has natural sound-deadening properties. Other sound-deadening options are available at customer request.

Light weight: When compared to other materials Sing Core weighs much less, as much as 50% less, or more, as little as 4 lbs. per sq. ft. yet eco-friendly. This advanced technology used in the aviation industry is now available for use in your home.

Strength: Sing Core based on 2″ x 2″ grids and 3/4″ thick = 660 PSI. For instance, aluminum 3/8″ grids = 30+ PSI (smaller grids should be more strength). Sing Core’s superior strength comes from its advanced torsion box design.

Solid: Sing Core is solid like a rock. While the vertical wood grain torsion box core may be compared to other hollow honeycomb cores, the Sing Core voids are not hollow as they are bonded wall-to-wall and filled with recycled foam for a strong, solid substrate.

Eco-friendly: Sing Core is manufactured using natural wood fibers, no formaldehyde, or toxic chemicals, is created using less energy than any other core material with little or no waste.

Renewable: The structure of Sing Core is 100% renewable (nature-grown) clean fiber and/or recycled material.

Oversize: Sing Core excels in area of large oversize products due to its unique properties and can be up to 50 foot length.

Dimensionally stable: Sing Core is the most dimensionally stable building material allowing us to create large, oversize products (i.e., doors, up to 50 ft.) that are true flat exceeding AWI standards and can be guaranteed to be true flat. Large oversize panels can be truly dimensionally stable without any movement due to temperature and moisture change.

Affordable: Even though Sing Core technology is used in high-end applications, we make it affordable for broad use in a large number of applications. Sing Core performance is comparable to any high-end core but could be as little cost as low-end wood product core.

Waterproof upgrade: Sing Core is available in waterproof upgrade, to accommodate your specific water resistant requirements.

Fire retardant upgrade: When used in fire retardant applications, the Sing Core fire retardant door is the lightweight, super-strong, eco-friendly alternative.

Bullet-proof upgrade: In high-security end products, most cores used in bullet-proof applications are heavy in weight, causing strain on the infrastructure, unlike Sing Core.

Thickness available: Sing Core is readily available in many thicknesses, up to 6 inches in standard thickness, with custom thicknesses available.

Skin options: Available in many different exteriors including (but not limited to) aluminum, cement board, cold roll steel, concrete, ceramic tile, fiber glass, galvanize metal, glass, MDF, metal, plastic, plywood, solid wood, stainless steel, etc…

Easy to machine: Sing Core is easy to work with in the shop or on-site for sawing, sanding, adding solid wood implants, gluing, cutting and fastening.

Fast turnaround: In you’re in a rush, only Sing Core can be custom made within 24 hours and is proudly manufactured for you in the USA.


Join the new revolution of door making that is changing how doors are made.

High quality doors made in USA can be affordable due the Sing Core door building technology.

There are limited certified Sing Core door manufacturing available; please contact us to secure your dealership of these leading edge fine door making methods.

  1. ready-to-ship-eco-friendly-lightweight-sing-core-panelsNO EQUIPMENT NECESSARY
    It doesn’t require any new machines, besides your existing basic door shop equipment. The only tool you need might be a cold press. If you don’t have that, we will help you get that piece in place, for free, as long as you are a Sing Core distributor.
    Doors made of Sing Core are guaranteed true flat, lightweight, high strength, fully insulated and we offer 10 years structure guarantee for door made of Sing Core. This high level of confidence can be enjoyed by your end users also.
    Experience the high production with low labor cost if you are using Sing door building technology, You be able to compete with other major door manufacturers stateside, and even cheap import doors from overseas.
    Higher production means less labor, which is the major cost of conventional door making. The lower cost of Sing core means higher profit margin. Of course, you do not have to market them as low priced doors, but you have the flexibility to reach high end, high ticket priced doors and/or affordable doors.
    Sing core purchases wood veneers (birch, maple, oak) by the truckload, wood staves of many different species, cut to size aluminum and urethane glue at discount prices and we pass these savings onto you in an effort to help you make your Sing Core door price more competitive.

open-the-sing-core-extrior-doorIf your shop is set up for door finishing or pre-hung doors, or if you have access of those two major elements, then all you need is the actual Sing Core or Sing Sandwich Panels to start your Sing door manufacturing business.

90% of Sing core that we product are used to build doors, even though Sing Core it has endless applications.

We will provide full details and pictures of processes used in building standard Sing doors measuring less than 4 ft x 8 ft in size, We assure you will be a top door maker just by seeing these pictures.

We’d be glad to build your large door plank if it is over 4 ft x 8 ft and up to 6 inch thick door which might be a challenge for regular certified Sing door manufacturers, and we ship to any location. It takes special set up and skills to build large, oversize doors and you can select from many skin choices, such as metal, wood, plywood, MDF, ceramic, concrete board, etc… Our special custom oversized doors can be built in one solid piece, if you’re not set up to manufacture super large doors.

We often time build door substrate (Plank) as tall as 37 ft in one piece; our large doors have shipped by container overseas and by train and truck from coast to coast.

With the Sing door building system you will easily be building your own regular size interior and exterior solid core doors, French doors. sliding doors, pocket doors, pivoted doors. raised panel doors, garage doors, carriage door, and more…

Now is the time to make your own Sing doors. We guarantee you will be able to build any doors mentioned above at large quantity with less than handful of people.

This web page is designated for people in the door business producing large quantities of doors with less than handful of people, contact us we will prove it to you.

Win the Bid


small-door-manufacturers-compete-with-huge-corporationsNew patented door technology teams up with you to win large quantity door contracts even if you have a small work force

We can build any style/type of door by the thousands as high end door blanks in matter of days or even completed doors ready to install. See: Sing Core door clients

Sing Core Team Guarantees:

1. On-Time Delivery
New technology enables higher production at lower costs, perfect for large quantity orders in least amount of time and shipping is much quicker and easier than other methods.
2. On Budget
Our simple pricing method makes it easy to track your bottom-line, plus our commitment to help you, “Win the Bid,” for large quantity orders and lower cost of shipping due to lightweight.
3. Highest Quality
We only build the best door for the best clients in the world. High-end clients rely on us because we deliver only the best. Rest assured, your clients will be getting only the best doors.

How is it possible?

High Technology
Best Price
Best Doors
Increased Capacity
Sing Core uses the latest and most sophisticated, yet Eco-friendly technology to build the best doors in the world. Our specialty is the most challenging oversized doors for the most high-end clients in the world, with pride. Sing core door with our modern facility and new door building technology is 5 times more efficient than conventional door manufacturing. Fill out the simple price quote then you will see how together we can win the bid. Sing Core doors are the only doors that can be guaranteed true flat, lightweight, stronger than steel pound for pound, insulated, sound deadening, Eco-friendly, long-lasting and resistant to warp, twist and rot over time in the door industry. Thanks to Sing Core, you can bid on jobs that may have been considered previously to be too large for you. No reason to be intimidated by door jobs of more than 50 doors, as we can easily make 300-door-blanks-a-day for you.

Wood Flush Door Special $158

We are committed to help you win the bid for large door contracts with most hardwood species patented Sing Core door

Most door manufacturers are now operating on skeleton crews and the highly custom door builders may have never been able to compete for quantity jobs but Sing Core will help in either situation to reclaim market share from the large door corporations.

That’s where Sing Core comes in, “We are committed to do whatever we can to help you win the bid,” says inventor, Peter Sing, “We partner with the true craftsmen in the door industry to help bridge the production gap,” explaining that, “Smaller companies are losing market share to larger companies.”

Foam-Panel-Interior-Structural-Torsion-Box-Sing-Core-RevealedProvide high quality doors in quantity without expanding your operation

Sing Core has the technology and manufacturing facilities that can easily make and ship the highest quality doors blank or doors in quantity to your factory site with no added cost for equipment or labor.

The lowest price wins

Oftentimes, the bidding process is won or lost on the basis of: The lowest price tag wins, but now you could offer the lowest price and the highest quality door! Join us we will Sing together.

Sing Core uses the latest technology and their patented manufacturing system to provide door companies with the high-quality doors they need, in the quantities they need at the price that helps them win the bid, when they want them. Any large quantity, anytime, anywhere at a price that enables the craftsperson to compete.

Where else can you get a door with these characteristics?

  • stacks-of-lightweight-strong-true-flat-doors-ready-to-ship-to-nyc-at-best-priceGuaranteed true flat
  • Lightweight
  • Stronger than steel lb. for lb.
  • Will not warp, twist or crack
  • Can be made of any wood species
  • Manufactured to your specifications
  • Up to 50 year structural warranty
  • Eco-friendly
  • Made in the USA
  • Available in any size
  • Available in any quantity
  • Fast turnaround and delivery
  • At a price that assures you can win the bid

See: Door Specifications

Case Study

One of our most prestigious clients in the Mid-West needed 700 specific door blanks to fulfill an order. Rather than dedicate their resources to this sing order, they reached out to Sing Core. We made the door blanks in three days, so the client was able to go on about their business as usual without having to bear the cost of adding staff, equipment and re-tooling.


Fast turnaround time – It took less than 3 days for Sing Core to complete the order

High quality – Each door was manufactured with patented Sign Core technology in Washington state, ensuring the end user guaranteed strongest true flat and lightweight doors. Note that the light weight of these doors saved more than half on shipping costs.

Easy to fabricate – Due to the patented Sing Core process and our factory’s design and dedication to high quantity production, we are able to make more Eco-friendly doors in less time at less cost.

Simple pricing and production methods build the best door in the world. Visit www.singcore.com & see for yourself working-together-is-success-henry-ford

Every phase of your operation will be please with how convenient and easy it is to work with Sing Core doors. Your estimator is happy to know that all we need is the height, the width and the thickness of the door to determine the price. Your receiving department sees the doors blanks or finished doors arrive when and where you want them delivered. Your contractors and installers will love working the these lightweight and super-strong doors. Your accountant will be impressed at how you maintain your bottom line. Your homeowners and clients will be overjoyed at both the appearance and performance of your Sing Core doors and you will be able to sleep well at night, knowing that we have your back with a unprecedented guarantee.

“…we were unable to compete for large quantity orders.”

Many of our partners report, “Before teaming up with Sing Core, we were unable to compete for large quantity orders,” admitting that they simply stopped bidding on large quantity jobs (anything over 50 doors), because they knew they were no match for the major players; until Sing Core.

Sing Core routinely provides 200-to-300 doors blanks a day to distinguished door manufacturers, enabling them to compete even against companies that provide cheap import doors. With the majority of the work done in advance (Sing door blanks are easy to work with to build all types of sing doors) you can concentrate on finishing, adding hardware, delivering and installing the doors, knowing that they are receiving a superior product that guarantees satisfaction and longevity.


Client List