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Here you will find easy access to educational resources that will assist you in learning more about Sing Core and our core values.


See what others are saying about patented Sing Core technology in action.


Sing Core’s warranty which is the best in the industry.

Business Opportunity

There are opportunities in both Marketing and Production. Wholesale inquiries are encouraged.

Lightweight University Membership

This is the official learning/training arm working in tandem with Sing Core to make the “True Green Revolution” available to the world. Putting our vast green, sustainable technology within reach of all Americans.

Technical Information

Dig deep into the inner workings of Sing Core panels. Here you will find access to the information that you are seeking, if you are technically inclined or just curious.

Sing Core Dictionary

This is a dictionary delineating the many uses of Sing Core technology, but may be uncommon to the average end-user or buyer.

Panel Weight Calculator

Our simple onling Panel Weight Calculator will help you determine what the weight of your end-product would be. This is a very popular tool and clearly demonstrates how lightweight your panels will be.

Torsion Box

Explore the inner workings of the torsion box technology that is used inside the Sing Core.

Going Green

We are so honored to be the leading edge of true green building materials for a sustainable future for all.

General FAQ

These are the basic Frequently Asked Questions about Sing Core answered for your convenience.

Log Home Questions

Sing log home questions and answers.

Door FAQ

Frequently asked questions about doors and answers.

Tiny House FAQ

Frequesntly asked questions about Sing Core Tiny Houses.

Trade Show Panel FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Sing Core trade show panels.

Door Technical Information

Technical information about Sing Core doors

Foam Core Alternative

Foam core panels have served the building and construction community well, helping address the issues of…

Balsa Wood Alternative

Patented Sing Core is a Balsa wood hybrid, using a natural vertical wood torsion box design…

How to Build Using Sing Honeycomb

You might be surprised that you can build nearly anything using our patented Sing Core technology…

How to Build a Dresser

If you’re interested in building furniture using our panels, this will give you an idea of how easy it can be…

How to Build a Tiny House

If you’re interested in building a Tiny House with our panels, this will give you an idea of how easy it can be…

Building a Portable Storage Unit

How to build a portable storage unit using sing core panels…

Product Help

Resources and links about Sing Core products that covers a wide spectrum…

Flooring Instructions

How to use Sing Core panels for your next flooring project…

Unfinished Sing Furniture

There are so many advantages of ordering your Sing Core furniture unfinished. Not only does it save you money, but if gives you nearly unlimited options on the appearance of the final product – and we help you with the best methods of finishing your unfinished forniture for the do it yourselfer.


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