Exceptionally Strong Light Weight Curved Door Strength TestSingCore doors and panels are the pinnacle of strength. Our patented and patent pending technology combines techniques of the aerospace industry with high precision wood working methodologies. The result is a eco friendly panel that boasts strength greater than 600PSI, being stronger than steel pound for pound.

Forget Everything You Know About Doors

Our leading edge door panels put everything you know about oversize door panels to the test. Our torsion box technology allows us to build large door panels of almost any size, without any fear of door warpage or strength issues.

Your door panels are amazing strong yet light!

 – SingCore Customer

Panels made with SingCore inside have a strong sounding ring when struct with a hammer. To clients, they feel and act like a solid door, but still retain the sound proofing, thermal insulation, and easy to use qualities of a foam core door.

Stronger than Steel

Thanks to tests by engineers at the University of Washington, we are able to certify the structural integrity of our SingCore door panels to be greater than 600 PSI. Our patented core material his seen use in a variety of architectural specifications, including:

  • Oversize pivot doors
  • Oversize sliding doors
  • “Movable Wall” applications
  • Ceiling and wall panels
  • Bunches, tables, and office furniture
  • And more…

The high quality of our large door core material means our panels may see use in high demand situations, including:

  • Storm rated doors / hurricane doors*
  • Hanger doors and other aerospace applications
  • Fire rated doors
  • Sound proof doors
  • Stone, steel, or other heavy weight door finishes

By weight, our panels are some of the strongest on the market, which is why they have a clear advantage over everything else out there.

Factory Slider Strong Strength Test

So Stiff It Makes You Sing!

The perfect straightness of our panels is almost guaranteed in many situations. This makes our Sing door panels suitable for use in places were typical doors would be over worked. Pivot doors are a great example of a potentially demanding situation where SingCore really shines.

Because of the exceptional strength of SingCore panels, the single pivot point provided by the two pivot hinges will not lead to a potential for warping or bending under load.

Swing doors with long spans work perfectly well with SingCore inside. Panel sag is not a problem when you upgrade to a SingCore door with your next project.

The key to our system is the inclusion of our proprietary stiffening technology, pressed inside our “honeycomb” core. These horizontal and vertical stiffeners are custom designed for your specific door size, weight, and application. Correct placement by our crack design team can mean the difference between a saggy door and a finish product that makes your clients sing!

How to Specify SingCore for Your Next Project

SingCore is easy to include in your next project. We work on a panel by panel basis. All we need is the finished length, width, and thickness of the door panel for your project. Then, we build a custom panel to directly meet your needs and strength requirements.


*Customer will need to perform lab tests to certify hurricane rating for local code compliance.