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Our innovations go far beyond our remarkable doors. Open the Sing Core innovation door and you will see much more.

We can create a more environmentally friendly world with our innovations.

Sing began by founding a way to use small logs to create the most elegant log homes. Click here to see Sing Log Homes. They are believed to be the best and environmentally friendly logs homes in the world.

Beyond that, we also build tiny houses. Take a look-

Our client said that his tiny house made of Sing Core is worth $5,000,000 because it is the best. See more here.

Sing’s inventions did not stop there, Sing’s post and beam is the future of lightweight eco-friendly building materials and can even replace steel beams which are terrible for the environment.

Our new inventions cover how to launch satellites into space without wasting so much energy. The current methods are so incredibly wasteful it’s a joke.
This is possible because of Sing’s invention 40 years ago. It is a spherical pulse jet engine, which could be use to reach space and travel in any direction.

Back on earth, Sing has introduced revolutionary advancements to the modern electric vehicles. You can see here for our innovations for the future.

Sing has also developed a solution to get rid of the Coronavirus. If everyone would have used his device in the beginning of the virus, we would have had no need for the vaccine. His device is a economically friendly way to isolate the virus from the world.

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