Sing sliding partition walls are the ultimate solution for defining and redefining any space on demand. This lightweight high strength sliding partition wall is also fully insulated to provide acute room separation while offering superior sound deadening qualities.

stainless steel sliding partition panelsThe best sliding panel room divider works just like a sliding door, except for like having many sliding doors in succession that can be removed, reconfigured and stored for the ultimate sliding partition wall.

Why not have a sliding partition wall that is manufactured in the same material and fashion as used by the most high-end architects in the most elegant environments in the United States (and the world) that can also be guaranteed not to warp, bend twist or fail for 50 years.

Our professional sliding panels room dividers can be specified with upgraded materials to your specifications to meet or exceed your performance expectations and may include any flat surface material including (but not limited to) aluminum, brick, concrete, copper, fiberglass, FRP, glass, granite, HPL, Kevlar, LVL, Masonite, metal, stainless steel, stone any wood surface material, even exotic woods, just to name a few (subject to availability).

You can have the most high-precision sliding interior walls by utilizing patented Sing sliding partition panels that can be manufactured to any shape or size. For enormous large oversized sliding partition wall panels request a free consultation with our oversize specialists for the composite sliding partition panels that will give you the results that you want, guaranteed.

The best sliding partition wall for home, office, hotel or gallery is clearly the Sing sliding dividing wall system that is straight and true weighing a fraction of the weight of other sliding partition walls.

Consider using the same patented system that is used for Princess Diana, the Guggenheim Gallery and by the most famous architects, like I M Pei.

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