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2-1 Sing Core
2-2 Sing Sandwich Core
2-3 Sing Sandwich Panel
2-4 Sing Panel
2-5 Sing Post & Beam
2-6 Sing Logs

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4 #2 Best Seller = Aluminum

2-1 Sing Core



The core value of all Sing Core Products is the patented Sing Core.

Whether you are a huge manufacturing facility, independent business, or one-man shop, patented Sing Core gives you the eco-friendly advantage of “true green” technology for sustainability.

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2-2 Sing Sandwich Core

Sing sandwich core stack easy to ship to residential

Sing Sandwich Core is conveniently sized at 2 ft x 4 ft x 1.5 inches making it easy to ship to residential addresses. This patented substrate, core material or filler can be ripped into strips, cut to size or sliced to any thickness to be used as part of a greater whole. Top and bottom feature 1/4 inch lightweight plywood to finish off the torsion box structure and offer easy of bonding to other materials using standard carpenter’s wood glue. No special tools are needed as you can use regular wood working tools to cut, trim, sand and cold press.


2-3 Sing Sandwich

singcore block

Sing Sandwich Panels are the result of sandwiching our patented Sing Core between two 4 ft x 8 ft pieces of 1/4 inch lightweight plywood increasing the strength by completing the torsion box design. Sing Sandwich Panels are an open-ended Sing Core base sandwiched between two wood skins without solid wood or any other material along 4 sides of edges. click-here-for-more

2-4 Sing Panels



Sing Panels have your choice of skins on top and bottom plus solid edges on all four exterior sides.


2-5 Sing post & beam

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAEvery Sing Post and Beam comes complete with solid wood edging sandwiched in between the skins. Sing Posts and Beams are ready to distribute to consumers and businesses. Sing Beams are ready to be stained or painted depending on order type. Just assemble, prepare, paint and enjoy.


2-6 Building material

Sing panel 2

Sing Core has developed a host of building materials that basically can replace standard structural materials that tend to lack high performance or fail over time. Experience the Sing Core value that results in structural materials that are Ec-friendly, lightweight and stronger than steel pound-for-pound.

2-7 Sing Plywood



Patented Sing Plywood (PSP) enables you to use a lightweight, strong, wooden honeycomb panel.

2-8 Sing Solid Wood

Sing wall


Sing solid wood is has more true flat surface than any solid wood, Sing solid wood is lightweight and strong.

2-9 Sing metal


Sing Honeycomb Metal Panels are stronger and lighter than other metal panels. The torsion box core holds the Sing Metal Panel flat so that it will not warp and sag. Sing panels are efficient to produce and are more affordable than solid steel panels.

2-9-1 Sing Aluminum

Lightweight Aluminum Panel


Our sing core aluminum honeycomb sandwich panels are the solution for a wide range of applications.

2-10 Fiberglass Applications (FRP) & Plastics

Sing Core Fiberglass Composite Panels

Our fiberglass- and plastic-skinned panels have all the benefits of typical fiberglass or plastic panels but with the added strength and weight savings of our Patented SingCore.

2-12 Cement, Cement Board, Cement Wall

Sing Core Cement Composite Panels

Sing Honeycomb Core Concrete home building system. It is the strongest lightweight insulated low cost home in the world—-We prove our claim by this picture. $1000.00 dollar reward if you can prove otherwise.