Why Executive Suite Tables?

Over years of research and development, Sing Core has found that one of the great areas lacking in choices is high end tables that serve all of the necessary functions at affordable prices.  High end executive style tables are always sold at an enormous premium, yet many of them are substandard in quality, often using inferior materials like HPL and melamine for the surface.  Worse yet, their methods of applying the veneer are prone to delamination and damage.  That’s why we have set out to solve all of the problems with executive style tables with our new line of Sing Core Designer Executive Tables that come in sizes and styles to suit all of your needs.

The Sing Core Philosophy

With over 20 years of research and development under his belt, Master Inventor, Peter Sing has put all of our products through rigorous testing to determine the absolute best materials possible for manufacturing, high end custom doors of all types and sizes, log homes, tiny houses, walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, Sing Post and Beam, all kinds of furniture, and now Designer Executive Tables.  Our materials ensure products that are not only incredibly strong, but also some of the lightest weight, most versatile, most visually appealing on the market.  Yet our products are forever evolving and improving.  Also, we are constantly finding new uses for our products.

The Sing Core Advantage

Sing Core has become a leader in the door industry by using the best materials and the best designs on the market to date.  Our doors are incredibly strong, tested in UW laboratories to withstand over 660 PSI.  Because of the rigorous use required for large sliding, pivot, and pocket doors, Sing Core has engineered the most structurally stable material on the market, our patented and patent pending Sing Core core.  Doors must be extremely light in weight, because heavy doors can wreak havoc on your hardware and your door jambs and framing around your doors.  Because of this, we have been able manufacture tables that are lighter than pretty much any other table on the market of a comparable size.

The detail on our Sing Panels are incomparable.  Here at Sing Core, we believe it is important to pay attention to the finer details.  When you order a Sing Core table, you can be sure that you’re getting a table made to the standards of the most expert craftsman.  This you receive a perfect table.

What Can Sing Designer Executive Tables do for You?

No other tables are like Sing Designer Executive Tables.  In terms of performance, price, light weight, versatility, style, and design, there’s nothing else on the market like Sing Core products.  We have ventured into the table market, because we know we have the best products out there.  When your friends and family, visitors, business associates, and customers see that you are the proud owner of a Sing Designer Executive Table, you will find it easier to get along with people, more visitors will find their way into your home or office.  You will become more persuasive in your business dealings.  Customers will buy more products.  That’s why buying our tables are far more valuable than just a number on a price tag.  Our furniture pays for itself more quickly than you can imagine!


The Sing Executive Board Room Conference Table

Feast your eyes on the beast!  The Sing Executive Board Room Conference Table, the most prestigious table on the market!  Win negotiations.  Ace your business presentations.  Rule over your board meetings.  Accelerate your company profits quicker than Ed Hardy on the blacktop.  All of this and more are possible with this table.  The vast expanse of our Executive Conference table allows you the space and the latitude to do it.


For this amazing specimen, we started with a huge base of our architectural grade Sing Professional Panels, next we applied a beautiful white oak wood stave to the face and back.  Then, we applied a beautiful walnut edge banding and made the stylish legs out of walnut.  We finished the door with several coats of the best quality varnish on the market to create a door that was not only durable and functional, but stronger and lighter than any comparable table on the market.  Our secret formula for success brings you tables that are in a class of their own.  Even better, the price is lower than any other table with similar features and quality.

Customized to Meet Your Every Need

Here at Sing Core, we use many different  types of wood and materials.  We can make you a table with a premium hardwood skin, like Walnut, Oak, Mahogany, Alder, or Cedar.  We can make you an aluminum or hot or cold rolled steel skin table.  We can also make you an HPL or other type of table.  We can also match your edge banding to the skin on your table or vary the edge banding to give you a stylistic flair.  We can make make you table with nearly any skin.  It’s as easy as telling us what you want!

There are so many options to choose from!  Some of our customers even like to collect one of every kind!


The Sing Core Commitment to Domestic Production

Our tables have so many qualities that it seems like we might just be grasping at straws at this point, but the benefits don’t stop there.  At Sing Core, we are proud to announce that all of our products are 100% right here in the USA.  We also use locally sourced materials.  Many companies order most of their parts from foreign countries and assemble them in USA, yet they call their products American made.  We manufacture everything right here in sunny McCleary, WA.  McCleary is becoming one of the most in demand rural areas in Washington State.  Sing Core has made McCleary to furniture what Silicone Valley is to software engineering.  Our philosophy is to help the local economy and contribute to the US economy.

The Sing Core Guarantee

No other panel products come with a 50 Year Guarantee.  Our panels are among the strongest, most versatile panels in the world.  Sing Core Professional Panels are guaranteed against skewing, twisting, cracking, breaking, and delamination.  No other panel can offer you such a robust guarantee.  Our panels are made to last a lifetime.  Contact us to find out which products are covered by our Signature 50 Year Guarantee!