What is Sing Timber?

Sing Timber is the eco-friendly technological breakthrough that is taking the building materials market by storm. Sing Timber is an eco-friendly solid wood composite material with a patented Sing Core interior that results in lumber that is straight and flat, unlike any other building material on the planet. Sing Timber is also available pre-cut, as Sing Hardwood.

Sing-Timber-made-in-the-USAAdvantages of Sing Timber

1. Hardwood On-demand
Sing Timber can be sawed to any thickness and/or width to build your own hardwood, the size that you need, whenever you need it. This includes any wood species, without having to inventory hundreds of hardwood planks, slabs, beams or boards. All you need is Sing Timber, a saw, sander and glue. No, you make your one hardwood plank, board, even post and beam.
2. User Friendly
Sing Timber is lightweight, strong, true flat, easy to machine into wood planks, wood beams, wood posts, shelving, stair treads, etc…
3. Stronger than Steel
Pound for pound Sing Timber is stronger than steel or wood. Sing Core has been tested at the University of Washington as reaching beyond 660 PSI. Comparitively, an average foam core or honeycomb core used in aircraft are approximately 100 PSI and cost 10 times the price of Sing Core. High strength, without high cost make Sing Timber is the only hardwood torsion structure to replace solid wood.


Sing Timber is the new eco-friendly, super-strong inexpensive alternative to traditional hardwood lumber.

Lumber costs our planet our increasingly sacred supply of trees. Yes, this is a renewable resource, but think of all the trees you will be saving by using eco-friendly Sing Timber.

And in the manufacturing process of Sing Timber, not only are fewer trees used, but Sing Timber is produced using less energy, less exuipment, less fuel ependiture and less environmental impact than traditional lumber with little or no waste.

Light Weight

For instance, standard lumber is so heavy that it takes men to transfer it from the stack to the actual installation site. An 8 foot length of 4×12 Sing Timber, on the other hand, can be easily transferred by one person single-handedly; resulting in huge reduction in labor costs, due to its lightweight characteristics.

New Patented Technology

Sing-Timber-is-not-your-grandparents-HardwoodSing Timber is based on patented Sing core technology, represented by the core material being sandwiched between any natural wood species surfaces in sandwich panel fashion. Sing Timber is also available in 8  or 10 foot lengths as a board plank featuring your choice of wood species on all six sides.

Sing Timber is Solid as a Rock

Sing Timber is stronger than steel pound for pound. No other building material compares when independently tested side-by-side in terms of lightweight, and superior strength. Nothing compares.

Sing Timber is True Flat

Sing Timber is extremely flat, with no twisting or cracking. Sing Timber can be used just likeany other conventional hardwood, or softwood to build furniture, used as building material for boats, signs, planks, trade show displays, etc…

Sing Timber requires no tongue-and-groove. Why? Because Sing Timber is straight and true, will not warp or twist over time. Therefore, assembling multiple lengths of Sing Timber over time is easy, painless and requires no tongue-and-groove to act as anti-warp control. Sing Timber leaves a perfect seam, every time.

Say Goodbye to Tongue and Groove

Tongue and groove joinery is designed to keep wood planks flat when attaching because wood moves. Natural wood (or most any wood product) tends to warp, bend or twist due to environmental changes. Not necessary when using Sing Hardwood that is created true flat and will stay flat indefinitely.

Sing Timber is Dimensionally Stable

Lumber is unstable. You know what it’s like to try to find a straight piece of lumber… Then, once you use that piece of standard lumber, who’s to say how straight it will be in a year, or ten years? Tounge-and-groove was invented in an attempt to try to deal with the instability of commercially available lumber.

Sing Timber Lasts Longer

Lumber deteriorates over time, once the structural integrity of the wood is compromised, you’re looking at constant and never-ending maintenance. Sing Timber requires very little maintenance, if at all, because the heart of Sing Timber, the actual sing Core, will not deteriorate over time.

Now you can proudly build things that will last for generations.

Sing Timber Applications

Sing Timber can be used in its original form without (or with very little) alteration for:

  • Stair Treads
  • Shelving
  • Crown Molding
  • Baseboard
  • The best decking material

Sing Timber is available in 8 foot stock lengths of:

  • 2×12
  • 4×12
  • 6×12
  • 12×12

Click Here for More Information on How to Use Sing Timber

Exciting Exteriors for Endless Applications

One of the most exciting features of Sing Timber, is that it can host nearly any exterior surface to be customized for your projects, clients and/or applications. Think of it, Sing Timber can have your choice of any of these exterior faces:

  • Any species of natural wood
  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Clay
  • Fiberglass
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized metal
  • Stainless steel
  • Fire-resistant Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Board
  • Bullet-proof Kevlar

Nearly any surface material imaginable is available. Note: all surface material subject to availability.

By adding hardwood wood staves on 6 sides, it miraculously replaces regular hardwood.

By wrapping with metal, then it is instantly transformed into beams, metal posts or metal planks.

You may treat it like a solid wood block but at a fraction of the weight of solid wood. It is easy to slice to any desired thickness to recreate new hardwood material at any desired width.

You can purchase Sing Timber pre-cut into Sing Hardwood, or buy Sing Timber ahd cut-to-size yourself. When slicing Sing Timber, Click Here to learn how to attach new skin to bare facing of newly sliced Sing Timber.

Click Here for tips on how to build using Sing Timber, including step-by-step details.

Contact your lumber yard and ask for Sing Timber or Sing Hardwood, and help do your part to make the world a better place by ensuring that your project is more sustainable for the benefit of all creatures.

Sing Timber could be used to replace:

  • 2×12 Lumber
  • 2×12 Composites
  • 2×12 Decking Boards
  • 2×12 Treated Lumber
  • Veranda Decking
  • Wood Deck
  • Landscape Timbers
  • Redwood Decking
  • Composite Wood Decking
  • Wooden Fence
  • Wood fence Posts
  • Wooden Fence Panels
  • Tongue and groove Decking
  • Wooden Planks
  • Pressure Treaded Lumber
  • Azek Decking
  • PVC Decking
  • Plastic Decking
  • IPE Wood
  • Plastic Wood
  • Recycled Plastic Lumber
  • Wolmanized Wood
  • Cedar Lumber
  • Kiln Dried Lumber
  • Cheap Wood