It is not uncommon for interior sliding barn doors to be specified as metal barn doors, such as steel sliding barn doors and aluminum interior barn doors.

Natural wood species top the requests for interior sliding barn doors, by far. While contemporary architectural design fashion shifts dramatically, the most common natural wood grains specified for natural wood architectural doors are:

Top 10 Wood Interior Sliding Barn Doors

1. Pine Barn Door

2. Cedar Barn Door

3. Walnut Barn Door

4. Knotty Pine Barn Door

5. White Oak Barn Door

6. Alder Barn Door

7. Maple Barn Door

8. Hickory Barn Door

9. Mahogany Barn Door

10. Cherry Barn Door

And just in case you were wondering these other natural wood interior sliding barn doors follow the Top 10 in their order of popularity: Red oak, red cedar, teak, birch, ash, white pine, fir, hemlock, beech, and rosewood wood species.

Even though these natural wood species are the most popular, doesn’t mean you are limited by any means. The more high-end the project is, whether it is an exclusive commercial or residential structure, the doors could be specified as very exotic wood.

By using veneer doors as your interior sliding barn doors, you honor and preserve the natural resources by using very thin layers of the natural wood on the surface, which can end up looking like a solid wood door, if you do it right.

Natural wood veneered interior sliding barn doors are a conscious use of natural materials, whereas natural wood veneer may not be recommended for exterior doors. Wood veneer is too thin to be used in an exterior application, as it cannot take much abuse when exposed to the elements. In the case of exterior doors, it is best to stick with wood stave doors, using natural wood planks of at least 1/8” thick.

The Best Interior Sliding Barn Doors

The best interior sliding doors have Sing Core inside. You might ask, “What is Sing Core?” Sing Core is a patented core material invented by inventor, Peter Sing, who is also the president of Sing Core. His experience and fascination with aeronautics led him to create a lightweight high strength building material which could be used in the aerospace industry.

Who knew he would invent the most exclusive sliding barn door substrate material that could be used to build enormous interior sliding barn doors up to 50 ft. that weight a fraction of the weight of other wood-based solid core doors and are stronger than steel pound of pound (independently rated at 660+ PSI).

But Sing’s invention doesn’t stop there, Sing also pre-insulates every one of his door blanks to further enhance its features, such as increased climate control and built-in sound proofing for increased energy savings, safety, and security.

And on top of that, there is the unheard of guarantee that cannot be touched by any other method of building doors, with Sing’s own,

50-year Warp-Free Guarantee

Sing’s invention has enabled the biggest and best door manufacturers in the United States to build these large oversized sliding barn doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail (including structure and lamination) for 50 years, for flawless customer satisfaction.

Proudly manufactured with locally sourced materials and made in the USA by highly skilled craftspeople and artisans, the art of building customized warp-free substrates which are perfectly matched for any surface material and it’s inherit reaction to changes in the environment and tendency to move.

As Sing’s clients have been saying for more than 20 years, now,

“There’s no other way to do it.”

There is no other way to build a large door of any type or style and guarantee that it will basically never warp, guaranteed.

Mr. Sing says, I could not say it, if it wasn’t true. And If it wasn’t true, if even one door warped, I’d be out of business.”

Sing Core is the only way to build a warp-free interior sliding barn door, period.