The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

Sing sliding doors make the best sliding wood doors in the United States and around the world. No other Eco-friendly lightweight sliding door core is stronger. Weighing in at a fraction of the weight of solid wood door core, patented Sing Core is stronger than steel pound for pound (660 PSI). This is the only way to make large oversized sliding wood doors that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Each professional sing sliding wood door can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years, including a full structure warranty. This is why Sing Core sliding wood doors are making such a huge impact on the door industry across the USA and abroad.


Any type or style of sliding wood doors can be made with Sing Core inside, such as exterior sliding doors, sliding barn doors, interior sliding doors, sliding patio doors, sliding room dividers, French sliding doors, stile and rail sliding doors, just to name a few.

Patented Eco-friendly Sing Core sliding wood doors are proudly made in the USA, using sustainable manufacturing methods using less energy, with responsible use of recycled and renewable resources, including natural wood fiber, producing little or no waste or loss of energy, leaving a negligible carbon footprint.

There is just no other way to make 20 ft. tall sliding wood doors that will not warp. Wood is a very difficult resource to use for anything over 7 ft. tall because of its tendency to move, especially in exterior sliding wood doors. For instance a sliding wood door that faces the elements on one side and the structure’s interior on the other is going to warp. That’s why no door company guarantees warp resistance of a wood door for more than one year, that is, unless it has patented Sing Core inside.

So, how can you get sliding wood doors with Sing Core inside? It’s easy, just go to your favorite architect, sliding door manufacturer, mill work, or sliding door company, and tell them what size door you want and be sure to ask for, “Sing Core inside.” We cannot sell or ship Sing Core doors directly to consumers or do it yourselfers, as we are the manufacturer supplying Sing Core sliding door core only to door manufacturers and builders of custom doors.

Large oversized wooden doors are the greatest hurdle facing architects and designers, because though there is little more impressive than a huge wooden door to catch your attention, so the bigger the better, but then there’s the issue with warping, which is a constant struggle for the owner to secure regular maintenance of such a beautiful door, likely at least seasonally.

Thanks to having Sing Core inside, you will never have to worry about warping doors again. While they are built to last for centuries, each professionally guaranteed Sing wooden sliding door can be non-warping and include a full structure warranty for 50 years. No other Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength can have such a guarantee in the world.

And what if you’re looking to build a large sliding door out of a material other than a natural wood grain? No problem, your sliding doors could be made out of any available flat building material, such as aluminium sliding doors, cement, concrete, fiberglass (FRP), glass, HPL, Kevlar, LVL, MDF, steel (cold rolled steel, steel diamond plate, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, etc.) as well as the only unbreakable mirror sliding doors, just to name a few.