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8 x 8 Modular Trade Show Display Post and Beam System

Introducing the new post and beam 8×8 trade show booth lightweight, modular and stronger than steel pound for pound.

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Thanks to our patented post and beam system (based on insulated reinforced torsion box core) you can span long distances without the heavy weight of a traditional post and beam structure frame. The Sing Post and Beam Trade Show Display System is the strongest trade show display system ever invented.


No Tools Required for Assembly

This solid-as-a-rock trade show both unfolds and easily assembles with no special tools required. Easily erected by one person, and folding-up into a 4 ft. wide flat pack that can easily ride in the backseat of your car.

Set up your trade show booth in minutes

This unique 8×8 trade show booth structure frame is stronger than steel pound for pound and easily the most affordable reusable wood Eco-friendly composite structure.

The walls are 7 and-a-half feet tall, while the booth frame is 8 feet wide and 8 feet deep.

Easy Z Clip Assembly

The basic structure assembles quickly and easily (so easy a child could do it) by lining up the interlocking Z clips which holds the structure in place with gravity prior to dropping in the locking mechanisms. No construction experience or tools are required for the assembly of your Sing Post and Beam Trade Show Display.

Z clips (or French clips, as show above) can be preinstalled and sent to attach any Sing wall panels quickly and easily, or easily be retrofitted to any other material for hanging/attaching to your Sing Post and Beam trade show structure.

Lightweight High Strength Versatility

Once your post and beam frame is fully assembled, you may adorn your 8 x 8 trade show booth in any way you like.

Some people will hang solid Sing Panels for sturdy walls offering climate control, sound dampening (and wind restriction in outdoor applications), while others hang curtains for visual privacy indoors.

The trade show possibilities are nearly endless, limited only by your imagination.


The entire 8×8 post and beam trade show booth structure is the most affordable high performance 8×8 post and beam structure that doesn’t weigh a ton.

The Sing Post and Beam Trade Show Display System is the strongest most functional way to display your wares at your favorite trade show without the expense or heavy weight of building a structure with standard lumber, incurring labor, construction and production costs on site.

8×8 Post & Beam Booth

8×16 Post & Beam Booth

For up to 10×10 trade show space For up to 10×20 trade show space

Compare Sing Post and Beam Trade Show Display

Sing Post and Beam Booth Other Trade Show Booth
Expandable to Any Size Limited in Size
Light Weight Lightweight = Weak, Heavy = Stronger
Super Strong Not as Strong
Display Directly or Indirectly Display Indirectly
Support Anything (from mobiles to automobiles) Nominal Display Ability
Add Beams for Hanging Anything, Anywhere Unable to Support Cross Beams
Immense Structure Strength Very Little (if any) Structure Strength
Supports Addition of Display Walls Cannot Support Add on Walls
Easy to Change Design Limited and Fixed Original Design

Available in Any Size


Strong enough to park a Mercedes on top of this post and beam trade show display


Connection Strength

The versatility of the Sing Post and Beam Trade Show Display System allows you to display anything you want in any way that best suits your desires as the structure can support any type and/or style of display systems. You can determine how strong you want your structure to be. For instance, you can choose from structure supports in 8 inches, 6 inches or 4 inches (all three sizes represented in photo (above).

For instance, add-ons include:

  • Slatwall (accommodating any available slatwall display hardware)
  • Flat panel* (for displaying artwork, photos, paintings or applying vinyl graphic wrap)
  • Custom walls* (for displaying furnishings, or creating an “office” environment)
  • Hanging Items (for suspending art, clothing, sporting goods, etc…)
  • Hanging Curtains (can be hung for visual separation)

(*) Flat panels or custom walls could be provided by SingCore and manufactured to your specifications, or alternatively, you could use inexpensive materials available from lumber/hardware supplier.

Other Uses for Sing Post and Beam Structure

Double Deck Booth Electronic Enclosure Emergency Shelter
Equipment Enclosure Gantry Instant Loft
Kiosk Housing Laboratory Machine Tool Cabin
Mezzanine Outdoor Display Paint Finishing Booth
Portable Biotech Facility Portable Clean Room Portable Forensic Lab
Portable Garage Scaffolding Temporary Party Structure
Temporary Workshop Transient Structure Workstations

Custom Surface Materials

Other options for your Post and Beam Trade Show Display System include the ability to have your posts and beams made with any exterior finish (standard is natural birch finish) to add extraordinary visual impact of your presentation. For instance, a motorcycle distributor might like to hang a Harley Davidson motorcycle from a post and beam trade show display made of stainless steel for a breathtaking presentation.

sing-maple sing-cherry sing-oak sing-vg-fir sing-walnut

Your custom surface materials could include:


Sing Trackwall

  • Any available natural wood grain
  • Aluminum
  • Ceramic
  • Fiberglass/FRP
  • HPL, LVL, MDF, etc…
  • Metal
  • Sing Trackwall (lightweight high strength display panels w/preinstalled display hardware tacks)
  • Steel (cold-rolled, diamond plate, galvanized, hot-rolled, stainless, etc.)

… Just to name a few. Enjoy any exterior surface material available without having to compromise strength or deal with heavy weight (so much better than solid wood, oak, steel, etc…).

galvanized-steel copper-metal hot-rolled-steel color-treated-aluminum diamond-plate-steel

Other Wall Options

gridwall handiwall pegboard slatwall slotted-toolboard

(see vendor)

Any Size Post and Beam Trade Show Display System

While our entry point is our modular 8×8 Post and Beam Trade Show Display System, you may expand your trade show display at any time by adding the Sing beam components you need. So, whatever your trade show display space needs to accommodate, whether your trade show booth needs to be an 8×8 booth, or a 10×40 booth display, we can supply you with the components you need to get the job done in high performance style.

Outdoor Post and Beam Trade Show Display System

Add a Roof

You can use your Sing Post and Beam Trade Show Display System indoors or outdoors. If your intention is use your Sing Post and Beam Trade Show Display System outside, you can add-on a peaked (triangle-shaped) beam truss structure, to cover with your choice of material, i.e., canvas or tarp for weather protection or sun blocking.

Display Options: Hardware and Shelves

Your Sing Post and Beam Trade Show Display can host a variety of trade show wall panels and display options.

This is an example of Sing Trackwall Panels featuring a combination of Sing Trackwall, hanging hardware and Lightweight Sing Trade Show Display Shelving:


Other Hardware Options Include:

slatwall-trade-show-display-hardware museum-cable-display-shelves pegboard-hardware trade-show-display-floating-shelves-shelving trade-show-display-slotted-toolboard-hardware

Though many retail and trade show display options are available to meet any functionality, design, desire or requirement. (See individual vendors for hardware accessories.)

See Also: Affordable Lightweight Slatwall Trade Show Displays

Evolution of the Sing Trade Show Revolution

No other tradeshow display offers so much flexibility. Your Sing Post and Beam Trade Show Display system is as strong as (or stronger than) displaying within a fully framed room or office, yet more lightweight than any other traditional lumber (approximately 1/3 the weight) and stronger than any non-structural wood (which may contain knots, cracks and likely to warp, bend or twist) plus, it will not warp. Sing beams are stronger than any conventional lumber.

Sing Trade Show Display System is  a revolution of the future in the development of trade show displays due to patented homogeneous composition.

Custom sizes are unlimited in height, width and can be so strong as to support the full weight of a Mercedes displayed on its top.

Why Sing Post and Beam Trade Show Display?

No other trade show system has unlimited versatility, allowing vendors to modify their design at any time, add beams to expand and/or to suspend or hang heavy equipment, add and hang display walls, slat wall, track wall, trade show display shelving system, Sing lightweight shelves, display and museum hardware, etc…

Meet the Inventor

The ultimate post and beam trade show display is a product of inventor, Peter Sing, who invented SingCore. The design is based on his own experience exhibiting at trade shows for over thirty years. Continually frustrated with the cost of high quality display solutions that were cumbersome and expensive, he sought to invent an affordable and practical solution that would enable anyone to make an effective presentation at any trade show without having to spend an arm and a leg every time.

SingCore is effective in creating high end lightweight high-strength trade show displays, like this one.

Trade Show Displays

The Post and Beam Trade Show Display Story

Though customers rave about the lightweight, modular design and versatility, inventor Peter Sing was not completely satisfied because he longed to find a solution that was affordable enough for a mom and pop or small business to participate in trade shows which can have a huge impact on business potential.

Driven to find a solution, Sing was able to conceive of the post and beam trade show display system using his lightweight high-strength Sing Post and Beams.

The design is based on his own frustrations trying to attend several trade shows, each one having its own set of requirements. Booth sizes could change, presentation styles could change, yet the trade show display was unchangeable and non-expandable. Given an opportunity to have a bigger display area, would present the need for a new, alternate display.

The solution works and is a fantastic innovation that offers the most versatility.

This modular post and beam system was developed to offer the utmost versatility; you can back it with real walls of any type or hang curtains if you want. If you display outdoors, you can get an optional roof attachment that you could attach and drape with a canvas or tarp to display your wares outside. If you get a chance to display in a bigger space, just add the beams that you need to expand your display. How easy is that?

It doesn’t get any more easy, affordable, expandable or portable.

Looks like inventor, Peter Sing, has changed the world of trade show displays, creating an affordable solution for anyone with a dream.

Add More Posts and Beams

There is virtually no limit to the uses of the Sing Post and Beam Structure, by integrating additional Sing Post and Beam options, you can create a gantry that can suspend or hoist thousands of pounds without compromising the modular structure which can be assembled by one person in minutes without the use of any tools, then disassembled and flat-packed for easy transport and storage.


Use Sing Post and Beam Structure as a Gantry

What could you do with your Sing Post and Beam Structure?

Sing Posts and Beams: